By: Shelby Sherman Re: CDA bans bible! - SPREAD THE WORD!!! THE BIBLE CHRISTIAN VS THE COM

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By: Shelby Sherman Re: CDA bans bible! - SPREAD THE WORD!!! THE BIBLE CHRISTIAN VS THE COMMUNICATIONS DECENCY ACT (c)1996 by A.Lizard Non-commmercial use of this document INCLUDING THIS COPYRIGHT NOTICE via reposting or printing in non-commercial paper media is encouraged. For commercial use, please contact the author at . I'd like to congratulate the Christian community for its success in making the Bible and discussion of many portions thereof illegal in cyberspace via the "Communications Decency Act"(CDA) amendment to the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1995. Whatever was intended with respect to "porn" simply doesn't matter. The Bible (and everything else) ban is what we got, the CDA IS that badly conceived and drawn. Any system administrator or sysop in the "free" US who has the full text of the Bible available for download on their systems can look forward to a knock on the door from the Feds, to having their systems confiscated, and to 2 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. Due to the CDA as just passed by the House (Senate passed it 89-11 several months ago) parts of the Bible are I-L-L-E-G-A-L if transmitted or made available via the Internet or hobbyist BBS or networked computer system. That makes THE BIBLE AS A WHOLE illegal to e-mail or upload or knowingly keep on a BBS or Internet site available for download by children. Any "offensive" portion posted to Usenet will be treated the same way by the Feds they will treat excerpts from most other works of great literature or discussions using adult language or topics. By arresting the person posting or e-mailing. This means Y-O-U. BANNED TOPICS QUIZ: Which of these items are illegal under the CDA? a) A .GIF of necrophilia involving a child and a wildebeest. b) The full text of the Bible. c) Ulysses by James Joyce. d) The collected works of Shakespeare. e) An e-mail discussion between doctors regarding venereal disease. f) A frank discussion between 2 angry co-workers at different company sites of an annoying boss. g) An explicit e-mail discussion of last night's date between a teenage couple. h) The traditional kind of e-mail sent between soldiers in wartime and their wives discussing. . . homecoming plans. i) A file transmission of a segment of an average movie between a Hollywood studio and a digital computer graphics special effects company. j) All of the above. J is correct. They are ALL illegal. E,F and I just hint at how the CDA will interfere with the ability of high-tech industries to do business over the Net. Speaking as a person who has worked at quite a few high-tech companies, I can state that competing with foriegn competitors who don't have the CDA to deal with will be nearly impossible. Censorship is dangerous to a country's economic health. It killed the Soviet Union. Even police states like Singapore and China on the Net are trying to avoid it. G would simply put a couple of children in jail behind a felony rap. Very possibly yours. Of course, it's equally possible that they might go to jail over discussing the Bible, too. I'm not a Christian, but I'll be damned if I will let a Bill Clinton or Newt Gingrich, or a Senator Exon who doesn't know how to use a computer tell ME that I can't read one online if I feel like it. Any of you feel the same way? Giving a kid a print Bible is either spiritually uplifting or exposing her to great literature, depending on viewpoint. Give the same kid an electronic version with the same text and you're a dangerous criminal. Why? Ask almost any Congressmoron. Or Pat Robertson. While the CDA interferes with America's ability to do business as well, banning the Bible on the Net is a subject that doesn't require detailed explanation to people who aren't online. EVERYONE will get it. Here is something you can do about the CDA RIGHT NOW! Here's the part of my .sig file you need: ********************* COPY THIS SIG!!! ************************* Tbe Communications Decency Act: "ANY comment, request, suggestion, proposal, image or other communication in terms patently offensive as measured by community standards, sexual or excretory activities or organs..." From the Bible: Rabshakeh asks: "Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? Hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?" II Kings 18:27 AND Isaiah 36:12 IF THIS BE PORNOGRAPHY, MAKE THE MOST OF IT! ***************************************************************** If you want to tell the Feds that they can't tell YOU what portion of the Bible or ANY other book you can post and discuss on line, copy THIS into your .sig file and start posting to Usenet. Or write the President (, the Attorney General, and your Congressidiot with that .sig attached. (get that address, if there is one, at There may not be, while ALL Congressjerks have e-mail addresses, some don't know it and others don't think they are any of their constituent's business.) Feel free to send your Congressthing a copy of this post as well. Get EVERYONE you know to start using this sig. If you are under 18, get your parent's permission before using it, in the unlikely event the Feds come for you, you want your parents to know who to contact. Can they jail 20,000,000 of us? If YOU want to use the Internet as YOU will, instead of how a Congress of technophobes PERMITS you to use it, start using my sig file and get your friends to use it, too. EVERY use of my sig online is a violation of the CDA. If Janet Reno prosecutes, she's busting you and me for QUOTING THE BIBLE. If she doesn't, the CDA is dead no matter WHAT the courts do. A law has to be either enforced all the time or none of it. If the Feds come for you, have your friends let the people at , ,,, the news media, and Usenet know. Somehow, I don't think help will be long in coming. "Computer User Arrested For Quoting the Bible on Internet" is a news story that any Congressperson who voted for CDA will be seeing in their nightmares for years to come. By the way, there are references to oral sex, hemmorhoids, and quite a few other "offensive" things in the Bible, some of which aren't all that clear in the King James, others of which are explicitly obvious. Find them yourself. Let's see ALL of them on the Net, in whatever translation will do the most good, with copies sent to the President and the Attorney General. If you come up with a better sig than mine for this purpose, let me know so I can use it. Our allegedly "Christian" Congress doesn't know that the Bible is NOT a G-rated book. If it were, it wouldn't be of any use to anybody for spiritual guidance. There are reasons why editing the "offensive" portions out of it is literally grounds for eternal damnnation. (Revelations 22:19) Using the CDA to get rid of porn is like blowing up the Interstate Highway system to keep US Mail trucks carrying porn from getting to its customers. Let's put an end to it and to the careers of the people who voted for it. I predict that this Congress will be known as the ***THE CONGRESS THAT BANNED THE BIBLE FROM THE INTERNET*** You want to clean the dead wood out of Congress from BOTH PARTIES? ****************************************************************** SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT CONGRESS BANNING THE BIBLE FROM THE NET EVERYWHERE! ****************************************************************** Tell everyone you know who IS NOT ONLINE as well. A vote for the Telecommunications Reform Act is a vote to ban the Bible from cyberspace. (And ANY discussion that can be considered adult by either topic or language in either e-mail or in public posts.) Anybody who denies this knows neither the bill nor the Bible. Your local newspapers, radio talk shows, television news are good places to start spreading the word. Ask your local media how they missed the fact that the Telecommunications Reform Act bans the Bible from the Internet! If you get your Congresscreature live on a talk show, ask him why he voted 'YES' on a Communications Decency Act that bans the Bible from the Internet and if he tries to deny it, tell him "You didn't know? NEXT TIME, READ THE BILLS YOU VOTE ON, IDIOT!" and hang up. Any elected official who voted for the CDA has forfeited the right to be treated with public courtesy and respect. Or to his or her salary. Forget about waiting for term limits, it's time to throw out the garbage at the public trough NOW. They have endangered our freedom of speech, they've endangered the national economy. In short, they've through their own stupidity declared war on the Internet. You want to wait around to find out what they're planning NEXT? Vote for their major party opponents, work for them, send them money and let these challengers know WHY you're on their side. If these opponents don't have Web sites, offer to make them some, or if they're as bad as the average political Web site, offer to fix it free. Do this whether you agree with their other politics or not. Of course, if these opponents support CDA and won't listen to reason, contact the Libertarian candidate for Congress AT ONCE! Better a Libertarian who will vote to repeal CDA than the alternatives who won't, and most are technologically literate. Less than 1% of the House and Senate combined just said "NO!" Here's a list of the people who stuck their necks way out for us, standing against the President and the leadership of BOTH parties to vote NO on the Bible ban. House: Abercrombie, Conyers, DeFazio, Frank (MA), Hilliard, Hinchley, Johnson (SD), Nodler, Peterson (MN), Sanders, Shreder, Stark, Volkmer, Williams, Vieks. Senate: Leahy, Feingold, Simon, Wellstone. The others voted yes or abstained. The named list of people are OUR FRIENDS, regardless of their usual politics. Vote for them. Work for them. Send them money. Put up Web sites for them. Whether you like them or not, they voted right on the most important issue they will EVER vote on. If we want to keep America free, politics as usual must stop RIGHT NOW. Forget abortion, gun control, and welfare 'reform', this is a SERIOUS issue that threatens both our freedom AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR JOBS. You want to put an end to Clinton's career? Clinton went to a lot of trouble to get out the word that he banned the bill that banned the Bible from the Internet, though he called it a Telecommunications "Reform" Bill. Some reform! *** PUT OUT THE WORD THAT CLINTON SIGNED *** *** THE CYBERSPACE BIBLE BAN! *** When the word gets around that Congress banned the Bible from cyberspace because THE CHRISTIAN COALITION TOLD THEM TO. . . I'd REALLY like to know why an allegedly Christian organization did this. I guess I'll have to stand in line behind its membership on the Net for that answer. In the meantime, fire up your Web browser, go to the Christian Coalition site (, and look for their full-text copy of the Bible. You won't find one.


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