By: Scott Laroche Re: Won't you be my psychic friend? (As recieved in the mail today, Dece

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By: Scott Laroche Re: Won't you be my psychic friend? (As recieved in the mail today, December 7, from "Astrology Society of America": CONFIDENTIAL OFFICIAL BUSINESS December 1, 1995 Dear Scott LaRoche, If you are Scott LaRoche of 12xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Dr., Houston, Texas (hey, I thought you morons were psychic. Don't you know for sure that's my address, you putzes?) it is important that you call immediately. I have extremely important confidential information about a situation in which money may be concerned. If you aren't aware of what I am talking about, it is most important that you call as all this information cannot be discussed except with you personally. Call my special 900 number 1-900-773-xxxx ($3.99 per minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) Please do not delay in calling: If you delay it may be too late. Because of the sensitivity of the information and for security reasons, please: 1) Do not divulge the number given to you to anyone else. 2) Do not discuss this matter with anyone until you have called. (Oops!) 3) Identify yourself by using these special codes when you call: Be sure to call from your home telephone to ensure confidentiality. Personal Astro Calling Card List I.D. Number 767 Activation PIN Nuber 619924467 Sincerely yours, Patricia Lyons (in small 7 point type:) For entertainment purposes only. Must be 18. Cust svc. #914-620-xxxx. Pre- recorded. Sponsored by Calling Card Co., P.O. Box 3021, ....


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