By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Army of God? [19] The Army of God: Overview For several years, peo

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By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Army of God? [1/9] The Army of God: Overview For several years, people in the pro-choice community have heard rumors of the existence of a manual of anti-abortion terrorism, which circulates through a loose network of people who believe in - and practice - violence against abortion providers. In the fall of 1994, the National Abortion Federation announced that it had received a copy of the manual. Titled When Life Hurts, We Can Help... THE ARMY OF GOD, the manual details "99 Covert Ways to Stop Abortion," including arson, bombing, use of butyric acid and other toxic chemicals, and numerous methods of vandalism. Detailed instructions for making explosives are also included. A copy of this manual was found in Shelley Shannon's backyard after she attempted to kill Dr. George Tiller in 1993. The manual opens by offering thanks to long lists of people, all identified by pseudonyms, and provides strong evidence that a network of anti-choice terrorists does, in fact, exist. The "99 Covert Ways ..." and the appendices, which include the instructions for making explosives, make up the bulk of the book. It also includes an interview with a leader in the Army of God; an epilogue ends the book with a declaration of "war" that calls for the killing of abortion providers. The information contained in the Army of God manual is far too dangerous to be reproduced here. I will, however, present the introductory sections, excerpts from the "99 Covert Ways ...," the interview, and the epilogue. No changes have been made to this material. The few editorial comments I have included take this form [NOTE: ...]. What follows are excerpts from the manual: The Army of God: Some Introductory Notes This is a manual for those who have come to understand that the battle against abortion is a battle not against flesh and blood, but against the devil and all the evil he can muster among flesh and blood to fight at his side. It is a How-To Manual of means to disrupt and ultimately destroy Satan's power to kill our children, God's Children. The text that follows is a greatly-expanded upon version of a document originally edited from many sources by our warrior, the Mad Gluer. The Dedication and Special Thanks are exclusively his, as are most of the edited texts as far as and including the exposition of Bristar. Only some enhancements and expansions have been added. The remainder of the text has een added by another warrior in the war to save the Innocents. This manual is not for sale, and cannot be purchased at any price. However, a donation to the person from whom you have received it may make it possible for others to receive it also. The information herein is hard currency in itself, currency to buy time for the babies, currency to ransom them from physical death with the consent and active participation of a system which claims to be "... one Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all," - but which in actuality is a nation under the power of Evil - Satan, who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of the souls of mankind.... A nation ruled by a godless civil authority that is dominated by humanism, moral nihilism, and new-age perversion of the high standards upon which a Godly society must be founded, if it is to endure. The Editors of this manual hope and pray that the information contained herein will be useful to those who are committed to pro-life activism, and may perhaps provide the catalyst to inspire others to such a commitment. Let those who would argue and attempt to persuade continue to do so, and may God bless their efforts, just as in any war the diplomats seek their solutions by words and persuasion, while in the trenches the stink of death rises to heaven with the cry of the blood of the innocent victims who perish while words are exchanged. The Army of God: 99 Covert Ways to Stop Abortion This section, by far the largest portion of the Army of God manual, will not be reproduced here completely. These "99 Covert Ways" and the accompanying appendices are an extremely detailed guide to specific tactics designed to destroy clinics and terrorize doctors, clinic staff and patients. For sheer ingenuity, it's quite impressive. Publishing it in its entirety would be an extremely irresponsible act. I will, however, give a few selected passages - eliminating all instructional material. 99 Covert Ways to Stop Abortion By Margaret Sanger and Faye Wattleton Introduction Are you shy about meeting women in front of abortion mills? Does direct contact with babies of the species leave you feeling awkward? But does the Lord keep stomping on your aorta with a burden for the babies? Well, my brother or sister, cheer up! You could be a Termite-for-Life (Some early manuscripts read "Terrorist for Life"). Just remember two things as you read the following pages: Sabotage without dovetailing with sidewalk counselors is marginally useful, and non-violence is important. [NOTE: See the Epilogue, in which the Army of God declares its change of opinion concerning violence.] Sections called "Background" tell you what you need to know about the basic construction of modern buildings to carry out the sabotage in the following sections. Also be sure to consult the Appendix for useful (even vital) information. Krypto Park-Ins The most beautiful Krypto [NOTE: Kryptonite bicycle locks] park-ins to date are where rescuers lock their ankles to the axle or feather springs of a junked car which they have towed to the doorway of the mill. Remember, the general principle of daylight krypto usage is to attach a human being as closely as possible to the place where the fire department must cut to remove the rescuer - so that the fire department will hesitate to risk injury to the rescuer in a clearly non-emergency situation... Background: Essence of Vomit Any college organic chemistry student will recall with distaste his or her acquaintance with the uncontrolled substance called butyric acid. It is the compound that gives vomit its smell. Five tons of vomit would smell no different from tofu if it did not have one drop of this stuff in it. The beauty of butyric acid is that since it is a natural compound, and that it can introduce itself into a building without the aid of a Pro lifer (clients - victims - do barf occasionally), the abortionist does not instantly think of you as the culprit. For the same reason, it cannot hurt anyone, and we know good Pro-lifers are always non-violent Pro-lifers. [NOTE: This is untrue. In the spring of 1994, a butyric acid attack on a doctor's office in New York state sent seven people to the hospital.] They See Through Shattered Glass Darkly Which is what they will be saying when you've put holes through all their windows. There are several methods... The problem with .22's is the noise. Making a silencer is easy (check the Appendix for directions for making a disposable model), but carry a felony charge for possession. So the disposable model is a must! ... [Deleted] Busting This is a covert method that requires a lot of hardware. This method is probably only useful to southern conservatives who were stockpiling weaponry for the coming of a "Red Dawn" style Soviet invasion. Nevertheless, if you have a good, high powered rifle, silencer, and armor piercing bullets you're all set... New Kids on the Block(Avon Calling Children Grow Up) The requests keep coming in. This is not a Termite Tactic. This is nothing short of chemical warfare. This is toxic. This is [deleted]. More common than Avon [NOTE: butyric acid], but deadly if exposed to it for long periods of time.... Terminal Courage This is a once in a lifetime tactic. Not everyone will be blessed with this opportunity. With family ties it would be most difficult. The scenario: You find out that you have a very short time to live due to a terminal illness. You may have been involved in many types of resistance. However, you have stopped short of performing certain activities out of fear of consequences... Scenario: you are given three months to live. You commit to torching 2 killing chambers every other day in different (random) cities for eleven weeks. That's 77 destroyed death camps! Do you think the A.T.F. would be hot on your trail by then? 77! That's not bad. That would be almost twice the destruction in an entire year (1983). You get the idea... Newspeak and Inertia ... The facts are that more than 250 killing centers have been destroyed (most by torching, some by bombing, and a few by other means). Once you have really studied the history of this resistance and have convinced your own heart and mind, inertia is easier to overcome. Instead of your chances of apprehension being 50/50 like some would love for you to believe, reality would indicate somewhere on the order of 1/100 odds. And remember, this is referring only to "Big Rescue." Termite stuff goes almost unnoticed, like the local whorehouse. As long as it does not become too highly visible, what is illegal is ignored in this instance.... Appendix A: [Deleted] - Non-Explosive Demolition Agent [Deleted] is, as mentioned in the text, a non-explosive demolition agent. It can very effectively destroy a building by making it unusable due to structural damage ... Appendix B: Compromising Alarm Systems Fundamentals & More A basic, yet thorough understanding of burglar alarm systems is essential for the dedicated Pro-life activist if he is to be successful and not unduly limited in the scope of his activities. Almost every abortuary has an alarm system. Not because they have anything to steal, except perhaps IV Valium, that a druggie might want, but because they want to protect themselves against the sort of covert activism this manual discusses.... Appendix C: Improvised Explosives Introduction and Fundamentals Anyone contemplating making improvised explosives ought to understand the principles which govern the operations of the various devices as well as the compositions of the chemicals used for their construction. That is, if they want to keep all of their body parts intact.... ... It would seem that the times are ahead, if not already here, that it would be convenient for the dedicated Pro-life activist to have an explosive equivalent of military C-4, or plastique... Appendix D: Making Your Own Detonators for Explosives Detonators similar to blasting caps can be made from small arms cartridge cases. Detonators are used to initiate secondary high explosives - plastic, dynamite, etc., using the following instructions.... The Army of God: Operation B.R.I.C.K. Operation B.R.I.C.K. Babies Rescued Through Increased Cost Of Killing The Beginnings C.S. Lewis once remarked that there were two equal but opposite errors one could fall into regarding the devils. One was to disbelieve in their existence and the other was to believe and have an unhealthy interest in them. ikewise there are two opposite (not to say, equal) errors into which one can all regarding the origin of this manuscript. One is to believe that it riginated in the mind of the Mad Gluer. The other is to believe it as the death bed nightmare of Margaret Sanger spoken to Faye Waddleton in her dying breaths. The fact of the matter is that these ideas originated in the minds of the small but precious victims of the New Holocaust. It was their delicate frames that floated down the sewer drains of Amerika. It was the fuel from their mutilated corpses that produced the smoke from the abortion clinic ovens. And why shouldn't these Holy Innocents, deprived of love and life on this planet, but nevertheless created in the very image of God almighty, be full to overflowing with joyous creativity when that creativity might in fact save some of their fellow playmates? It is not the author's intent, and indeed no moral obligation is perceived to reveal the method whereby these following pages were collected. No one would believe it anyway! The language and tone of the following pages is reflective of the diverse personalities and styles of the children who conceived the thoughts therein. Possibly some were closer to Jesus than others, although this is just the opinion of a sinful grownup. Although we have all been taught that a good pro-lifer is a peaceful pro-lifer, there exists the account of a debate between a small group of the little ones concerning the removal of abortionists' thumbs as an act of mercy toward all concerned (not the least of those being the abortionist). There have never been any reports of thoughts of killing. That idea would seem to be totally outside of their reality, even though all of them had experienced violent deaths. Perhaps the children have a clearer understanding of the reality of the situation at hand. Maybe it was simply a case of "If thine hand offend thee..." or " is better to enter life maimed..." [NOTE: See the Epilogue, in which the Army of God declares its change of opinion on the subject of killing doctors.] For the most part at least, these ideas - although creative - are nonetheless obviously the ideas of little babies. Their ideas are much like the ideas we would expect from our own offspring if they were asked how to deal with such an enormously unthinkable problem of evil as baby killing! As you engage in covert activism, remember the glorious vision of the joy of a particular Rescuer as she was being sent to literal torture and prison by the God-hating, mother-molesting, baby-killing Amerikan system. She saw multitudes of little babies jammed into the courtroom, floating up around the ceiling laughing and giggling and marvelling at their protector on trial - "Oh, how she loves us!" - they said among themselves. Amen. The Remnant The covert activist must always remember that he or she is a part of a special group most often referred to in Scripture as a "remnant." One can rarely find support for pro-life work of a serious nature in the local Church. After all these years of bloodshed, the Rescue Movement is still only barely "mentionable" - and then only in some quarters. Do not be so naive as to think your Church community is going to have ears to hear this stuff! The covert activist (oftentimes hereinafter referred to as a termite) will make no friends with mentions or confessions of covert activity, but will rather be cast off as an untouchable by many. Besides, there is no faster way to blow one's cover than around the average Church body. Many Church folks are good at gossip because so many of them don't do much else. Then there are the ones who have lots of meetings to discuss "issues" - as if killing babies and molesting women could be called something so degrading as an issue! Many of these folks mean well, but the theology their pastors have given to them is still on the order of "it's a sin to tell a lie." Loose Lips Sink Ships ... or ... Don't Trust Anybody One Termite blew an abortuary to kingdom come and didn't hurt a fly in the process. However, his well-meaning roommate (who had been a confidant of the Termite in the beginning of the Termite's covert struggles) squealed like a stuck pig after the fact. Did it matter one straw if the judge was a dope sucking, child molesting, homosexual atheist? Sorry, no! "Goodbye, brother, see you in twenty. Sorry, I just had to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ... so help me God, I don't know the truth." Our Lord Jesus Christ loves His children and the Church is truly His Body, and we all need His mercy every moment of our lives. Nevertheless it must be admitted with sadness that the average so-called Christian, and the Amerikan Church in general, have become so fragmented and compromised that one will find almost no help there to save the babies. Thanks be to God for the few exceptions! Which brings us to covert activist method #1 of 99 covert ways to stop abortions. If a solid pro-life Church community can't be found in your neck of the woods, complete with its own crisis pregnancy center or near equivalent - stop tithing to the Church (quietly) and start pumping that ten-percent, at least ten-percent, toward saving your neighbors' lives. Listen! This is an idea that many (especially the pastor or church committee with a big mortgage and small values) would call heresy. But we are in a war. There are roughly 24 million dead from the fallout, and the Church in Amerika is still sleeping on (or sliding down toward Sheol). As a matter of fact, there is enough fornication and conception going on in many Churches that they could stand having their own C.P.C. or Birthright to deal with all the Church kids being aborted. And being aborted they are! Sadly, pro-lifers have combed the enemies' dumpster files and have gotten the message: most "church people" are dead set against abortion (really) until their fifteen-year-old daughter gets knocked up! Of all the 99 covert ways, this redirection of tithing could be one of the most dangerous (at least spiritually). Don't abuse that money that is sitting in your account instead of the offering plate. Whatever you do, make sure the money goes directly to purchasing covert materials or maternity assistance or both. It should go without saying that this in no way lessens the responsibility to open up one's home to those in need of a hospitable birthing environment. It's also very, very important to remember that Pro-Life is not a denomination - and it is not a religion! It is our positive response to Our Lord's call to action, drafting us into service against the enemy in this battle of his war against mankind, and against God as well. A Pro-Lifer who is not an active, although maybe troublesome, member of a Christian Faith Community has cut him or herself off from the Church, and therefore, from Christ. The Army of God: Long Term Covert Success Here we have a call for home schooling to ensure that children will become "real, godly, stout-hearted troops," and a suggestion that hard-core "covert activists" might be better off not having children at all. This reinforces the idea of devoting one's entire life to the "war." Long Term Covert Success Alpha Boycott Hell You're not getting any younger, are you? Hopefully the thoughtful covert activist has been contemplating a protracted, escalating conflict. So one must consider where all the new blood is going to come from to win this battle against the many headed Leviathan. If it is not your own offspring (assuming that you're married and are blessed with children, of course), then the war is as good as lost for another generation or more. To be sure of raising real, godly, stout-hearted troops you have to seriously consider, and then with finality boycott hell - that is, the public schools. Would you send your five year old into the jungles in order to bring the Gospel to savages? No? Then how about your eight or ten or thirteen year old? Not what you really had in mind? Well, that is exactly what you have in mind if you're packing your offspring up and shipping them down the street to school. The question here is one of geography. The public school system (read: government school system) is a jungle. The jungle is just down the street from you. And so are the pushers: drug pushers, values clarification pushers, contraception and abortion without parental notification pushers, man is a product of evolutionary chance pushers, anti-religion, anti-parent, anti- American pushers. What do you do with a young seedling plant that has just sprouted into the world? You take that tender plant to the greenhouse (artificial environment). There you grow it for a long time. You take great pains to care for and protect that young plant until it is strong and has deep roots, and then ... even when that young plant is ready to be transplanted into the "real environment," you don't forget it. You look after it until you are reasonably certain that it will survive and begin to reproduce. Nearly all of the godly, bright, committee pro-life covert activist teens this author has met have been home schooled. Thanks be to God for all of the notable exceptions, however. For all you working mothers who don't have many options open to you: double prayer duty each day. And P.S. - Single parents probably shouldn't be doing covert anyway. Their little ones can't afford to have them in jail even for a few days! Beta Celibacy: The Final Solution (For Life) Extreme situations require drastic measures. Celibacy has rarely been discussed in Protestant circles. Catholics don't talk about the subject like they once did. All Christian folks know that God sometimes calls individuals to a life of "single-mindedness." The words of St. Paul come to mind: I would that you were even as I am. His explanation is quite thorough. Some single covert activists will be counted as wise for at least considering, prayerfully, the possibility of a life of single-minded covert activism. Practically speaking, a covert activist with no ties could save thousands of children and their mothers in a lifetime. Once an activist is married, and especially after having children, the constraints of parenthood are profound. Compassion for one's own brood will curtail the level of covert activity (and a lot of other activity, as well). Most termites are going to be busy making the next generation of warriors. But for those few exceptions - carry on proudly with unbridled and righteous fury. Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus! The Army of God Speaks Out One of the final items in the Army of God manual is this interview with a leader of the AOG, conducted by the Mad Gluer, the editor of the original document on which the Army of God manual was based. The Army of God Speaks Out An interview with an underground leader of the American Holocaust Resistance Movement - also known as the A.O.G. "Only he who cries out for the Jews can sing Gregorian Chants." - Deitrich Bonnhoeffer "Annihilating abortuaries is our purest form of worship." - Freedom Fox, A.O.G. The interview on the following pages is not for everyone. Only those who are Pro-Life, as opposed to those who talk or, maybe think, Pro-Life, need bother turning another page. Those individuals who have not been able to sit silently while the carnage continues may profit from this interview. Those who have yet to fight in the streets for the lives of the little ones will be even less likely to help after reading an interview like this. Why? Simply stated, the answers and tactics discussed in the following pages will sound terrifying at best, and demonic at worst, to anyone who has not been in great agony of soul over the past years regarding the slaughter of the children - enough agony to council women out of committing abortion; enough agony to lose jobs, homes, families, and freedom. This is how it is: if you are not already a street fighting activist, do not waste your time on the interview because you are not ready to read what is written there. The Mad Gluer Interviews The ARMY OF GOD M.G.: Why an interview, and why now? A.O.G.: You asked for one, I know I can trust you, and I can't do it alone. M.G.: Can't do what alone? A.O.G.: Drive the abortion industry underground with or without the sanction of government law. M.G.: By what method? A.O.G.: Explosives, predominantly. M.G.: Would you care to elaborate? A.O.G.: Certainly. First by disarming the murder weapons. That is, by destroying the structures where the actual crimes are being committed. Second, by disarming the persons perpetrating the crimes by removing their hands, or at least their thumbs below the second digit. M.G. What about non-violence? The Rescuers, most of them anyway, would say ... A.O.G. I love the Rescuers. I am not truly violent by causing my neighbor no longer to be able to murder innocent citizens. M.G.: What about the image this type of activity would portray to the world through the eyes of the media? A.O.G.: The image that the world entertains at this moment is that there are no Christians in America whatsoever. With the exception, maybe, of Joan Andrews and a few others. No, don't misunderstand me! The only rational way to respond to the knowledge of an imminent and brutal murder is direct action. M.G.: Is a Rescue Mission (a sit-in) direct action? A.O.G.: Most definitely. M.G.: Then, why bombs and shears? A.O.G.: If the child scheduled for execution was your very own, would you feel that you had responded adequately by merely sitting in front of the doors? No! Don't misunderstand me. Rescue is a very powerful thing - becoming vulnerable, totally; taking on the life of the pre-born in all his weakness. Nevertheless, I ask you what would you do if your very own child was scheduled for execution in the morning? One - blow the place to kingdom come (or burn it to the ground) tonight, and be there with all the guns and ammunition in the morning just in case they might plan on taking your baby to some other location to commit the abortion. M.G.: I understand what you are saying, but nobody can live like that. A.O.G.: That's the point. We must die in order that others might live. M.G.: But why don't you believe that non-violence, on the order of - say - Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr., or the ultimate example of Our Lord, might not be the key to winning the war? A.O.G.: Jesus Christ was never a pacifist except in His role as the Suffering Servant. As for Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., non-violence was only a tactic. King stated publicly on several occasions that they would resolve the "conflict" with non-violence or with violence. But, let me say something about your use of that extremely loaded word, "non-violence." M.G.: Please do. A.O.G.: An officer of the law, commonly referred to as a "cop" or "policeman is in traditional society known as a "peace officer," correct? M.G.: Yes. A.O.G.: By what means does the Peace Officer keep the peace? By means of minimum force. And in some situations, minimum force can go so far as to require that a person be shot: no trial, no jury, no stay of execution. In most cases this is not true - in many cases a billy club followed by a little jail time might do. The Peace Officer did not cease to be a defender of the peace by doing these things - on the contrary! Oh, by the way, don't construe this to mean I recommend executing abortionists. I do not. Although I think it easily justified from Holy Writ, the A.O.G. adheres to the principle of minimum force. Mercy, rather than justice is the driving force behind our actions. Or, to say it another way, we are merciful in our pursuit of justice, in our pursuit of peace. [NOTE: See the Epilogue, in which the Army of God declares its change of opinion on the subject of killing doctors.] M.G.: Wouldn't such actions against an abortionist harden their hearts toward God even more than it already is? A.O.G.: Quite the opposite. The average abortionist has become so used to the daily carnage he or she commits, it is on the order of flushing a commode. By permanently removing their ability to commit the crimes, one has given them a tremendous gift. Only by being forced to back away from the life that they now live can they ever begin to see themselves as they truly are. Thank God for the few brave ones that have repented of their crimes. For the rest, I think thumblessness a small price to pay. "...better to enter into life maimed..." (I finally found a present-day application for those words). M.G.: Do you think that these types of activities will have a negative effect on the other wings of the Pro-Life movement? A.O.G.: Activity that attempts to protect women and children is positive. Period. Inactivity is negative. To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure what the "Pro-Life Movement" is! If your question was in regard to public opinion as influenced by the media, I would have to say that, contrary to popular opinion, it is easy at this time for the media as a whole to hold the position that they do: they can comfortably be for death. Not so when the honorable citizens of any given community begin to rise up in righteous indignation and destroy these miniature Dachaus. All of a sudden, apathy is gone. The average reporter says to himself, "Wow! Maybe there are a few people that really believe all this jargon about abortion being murder." M.G.: What do you recommend that concerned citizens do at this time? A.O.G.: every Pro-Life person should commit to destroying at least one death camp, or disarming at least one baby killer. The former is a relatively easy task - the latter could be quite difficult to accomplish. The preferred method for the novice would be gasoline and matches. Straight and easy. No tracks. You've kind of got to pour and light and leave real fast because of the flammability factor. Kerosene is great, but a little more traceable, so you would not want to buy it and use it in the same day. M.G.: What about explosives? A.O.G.: With time delays, a most wondrous method, and my personal favorite. M.G.: For the average person? A.O.G.: Yes, assuming that a person is willing to do a little reading to understand the basics. A person should be careful about reading books from a public library, and then going out and doing major "good deeds." The Federal agents will be looking at fingerprints - there's no reason to put them on to the scent any faster than necessary. Then again, if a person is only going to take out a few mills on a one time basis, then there is really not much to worry about. M.G.: What about chemical warfare? A.O.G.: I think that should remain classified information at this time. M.G.: O.K. Do you have any special heroes who give you inspiration? A.O.G.: Well, there are many heroes of the Faith throughout history, but one of my personal favorites is Major Von Gersdorf. M.G.: Who worked with Bonhoeffer, right? A.O.G.: Yes. He was the guy who always wore a trenchcoat - a loaded trenchcoat. Once, when the Resistance was planning a Putsch, Von Gersdorf had bombs, one in each pocket, that he was going to detonate in Hitler's presence. There is one vivid scene I recall reading about, where Bonhoeffer and friends were all sitting around a room practicing the piano and singing, in preparation for Bonhoeffer's father's seventy-fifth birthday. Major Von Gersdorf was sitting around trying not to be nervous, but, well, they were all looking at the phone nervously, knowing that any second it would ring, and that he would have to drive to the munitions factory where Hitler was going to be doing an inspection, or something. Von Gersdorf was not going to take any chances of having a dud bomb, so he took two, one in each pocket - he was going to blow himself to kingdom come (and Hitler too, in the process). As it turned out, it never happened. But he had the heart at least to attempt it. M.G.: That's quite a story. I think that there must be some Army of God persons who have that kind of resolve and commitment. A.O.G.: There are some, most certainly. The babies are just so precious, I can't fathom any commitment less that "resistance unto death," to use the biblical imagery. M.G.: How many of the A.O.G. are currently in prison? Wait! I think I already know you will not be able to answer that question, right? A.O.G.: (Laughter) Sorry. I will say this, however. Most of the people who have or are now serving time for destroying abortuaries are not enlisted with the A.O.G., but in most cases that's only because they were never given an opportunity to do so (I wish some of them had - they might still be free). M.G.: How does one become a member of the Army of God? A.O.G.: With great difficulty. M.G.: Would you care to elaborate? A.O.G.: No. Not in an interview. My main goal in this interview is to encourage others to take certain actions at certain times in solidarity with the resistance effort. In other words, when the mills begin to smoke, add some fuel to the fire. We desperately need single lone-rangers out there, who will commit to destroy one abortuary before they die. Most genuine Pro-Lifers praise and worship God when an abortuary is destroyed. It matters little about what stripe of activist you are talking about. Rescuers, political activists, or covert operators are all thankful. And it's common knowledge what the insurance costs are like after a good bombing. The Army of God: Epilogue This Epilogue was added to the Army of God manual after most of the rest of it was written. Throughout the main text of the Army of God, there are occasional references to "non-violence," which the authors seem to define as not causing personal injury or death (they obviously support destroying property). With this Epilogue, their views seem to have changed. The following epilogue was written in November of 1992. At that time, Douglas Karpan, a baby killer in Houston had been shot. Two accomplices in Springfield, Missouri, had also been shot. All three of the above survived, and no activists were credited for the shootings. David Gunn was the first "direct hit" attributed to us. Epilogue We are living during the rapid decline of western thought and culture. It is almost impossible for us to think logically and then act based on that logic. All of our education teaches us non-reason. All of our experience (in this dying culture) teaches us to sense and experience what is happening around us, but not to act based on that experience. Consider the following scenario: A psychopathic mass murderer is discovered in your neighborhood. He/she has a long history of torturing and then slaying people. You organize a group of sacrificial persons to go down to the known site where the executions take place, and you sit in front of the doors! How noble, how sacrificial, how very pathetic when you and everyone else know that the killer has been only temporarily delayed in his murderous plans. So after a few years of this sacrificial, sanctifying, passive resistance someone remembers that in the old days, people just went out and bombed or burned these places to the ground. Yeah! That would have worked if hundreds, instead of dozens, of these places had been destroyed. Wrong again! We continue to miss the mark. Passive resistance is woefully inadequate against mass murder. The use of force is also woefully inadequate against mass murder, unless that force is directed against the perpetrator of the crime. Imagine an investigator discovering a killer. He has found out who the killer is. He knows where the crimes are committed. He knows the building contains all the instruments of torture that this criminal will be using. So the investigator goes out in the middle of the night and destroys the murder weapons, and even the structure where the killer did his crimes. So the psychopathic mass murderer packs up, moves down the street, re-invests in more instruments of torture, and continues killing. One of the obvious reasons we fail to act is that we have never met the victim. We haven't even seen him or her. Furthermore, the harsh reality is we don't love our neighbor's child in any fashion whatsoever, in the way that we love our own child. Almost no one even has to pause to think before instinctively protecting their own family from a potential aggressor (murderer, rapist, whatever). Protection often means the use of force, even deadly force, against the criminal. No trial, no jury, no appeal, and no stay of execution. We hoped never actually to get to that moment in American history when the following essay would be deemed necessary. However, because this is, indeed, a life and death struggle, there is no alternative left to us. The Declaration Beginning officially with the passage of the Freedom of Choice Act [NOTE: The act was never passed.] - we, the remnant of God-fearing men and women of the United States of Amerika, do officially declare war on the entire child-killing industry. After praying, fasting, and making continual supplication to God for your pagan, heathen, infidel souls, we then peacefully, passively presented our bodies in front of your death camps, begging you to stop the mass murder of infants. Yet you hardened your already blackened, jaded hearts. We quietly accepted the resulting imprisonment and suffering of our passive-resistance. Yet you mocked God and continued the holocaust. No longer! All of the options have expired. Our Most Dread Sovereign Lord God requires that whosoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his lood be shed. Not out of hatred for you, but out of love for the persons you exterminate, we are forced to take arms against you. Our life for yours - a simple equation. Dreadful. Sad. Reality, nonetheless. You shall not be tortured at our hands. Vengeance belongs to God only. However, execution is rarely gentle. End Text


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