Table 1-1. Classification of controlled substances. Based on estimated ad- diction liabili

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Table 1-1. Classification of controlled substances. Based on estimated ad- diction liability. Modified and reproduced, with permission, from Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, 3rd ed, 1987. ______________________________________________________________________ Class Potential Rationale Examples for abuse for category ______________________and Rx rules__________________________________ C-I High No accepted Heroin, LSD, medical use. mescaline, MDA All nonresearch use forbidden. ___________________________________________________________________________ C-II High Medical use Morphine and most accepted but of the strong abuse may lead opioids, amphetamines, to severe dependence. short-acting barbitur- urates, eg, pento- barbital. No telephone pre- scriptions, no re- fills. Many states require special forms. __________________________________________________________________________ C-III Less than Medical use Weaker opioids such class II accepted, moderate as codeine, some or low potential amphetamine-like for physical and drugs, intermediate- high potential for duration barbiturates, psychologic depen- dence. No refills, prescrip- tions must be rewritten after 6 months. __________________________________________________________________________ C-IV Less than Medical use Antagonist-agonist class III accepted, limited opioids (pentazocine), potential for weaker stimulants, dependence. benzodiazepines,pheno- barbital. Prescribing rules the same as for Class III but penal- ties for illegal use differ. ___________________________________________________________________________ C-V Less than Limited dependence Weak combinations of class IV possible. weak opioids, eg codeine in cough Prescribing syrups, diphenoxylate rules the same as for with antimuscarinic uncontrolled drugs. agents. =========================================================================== Back to Table of Contents


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