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R0/0/639/199 big2C/319/10/ S u c c e s s W i t h S h a r e w a r e text/16/28 If you can write programs in Basic, Pascal, C, Clipper, anything at all, even if you can only write text with a word processor, you can make money! The 'secret' is shareware. Does it work? You bet! You can easily have a small success, making some extra spending money each month, or with some practice, you can have a wild success, and make a fine living! ANOTHER COMPANY shows you everything. We show you how to write programs that capture the public's interest, how to make sure your customers 'register,' ~ text/331/28 and how to get money by other means through your shareware. We show you which types of programs sell best, and offer suggestions for programs as yet unwritten, we talk about your on-disk ins- truction manuals, we even show you how to write user friend- liness into your programs. Can you succeed without SUCCESS WITH SHAREWARE? Yes! But why do it the hard way? SUCCESS WITH SHAREWARE Price: $19.95 (Overseas: $24.95, US funds) (Not available as shareware) ~ L316/29/316/180 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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