R00639199 big2C31913 HAND + FOOT REFLEXOLOGY text4228 text2234 This system of healing orig

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R0/0/639/199 big2C/319/13/ HAND & FOOT REFLEXOLOGY text/42/28 ~ text/22/34 This system of healing originated in China. It was quite popular among holistic practitioners in 1930, had a falling-out; was then revived in the 1960's. The theory is that parts of the body, hands, face, and feet are connected to specific organs of the body by nerve currents. When reflexes are pressed, "crystals" of congestion are broken up and energizing nerve energy is sent to the corresponding organs. The beauty of reflexology is that it is easily self-administered. Before beginning a treatment, soak the feet in Epsom salts and water, or a half and half mixture of baking soda and sea salt (assists in release of toxins) and hot water. For neck/shoulder tension release and general body pain, work the corresponding area of the foot with a small circular motion. See reflexology chart. ~ S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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