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REF FILE ======== Listing of the files in this directory =================================================== Table of Contents Introduction to Manual of Clinical Pharmacology Drugs Used in Angina Pectoris Drugs Used in Cardiac Arrhythmias Drugs used in congestive heart failure Drugs used in hypertension Diuretic drugs Index of drug names with links to tables Calculator for drug dosage Window-menu program for calculations Listing of the files on the disk (called by REF command) Table 1-1. Controlled substances Table 1-2. FDA Pregnancy Safety Rankings Table 2-1. Nitrates Table 2-2. Calcium channel blockers and beta blockers HYPER.EXE Main PC-Hypertext program HELP.HYP PC-Hypertext help file MESSAGES.HYP PC-Hypertext messages file CONFIG.HYP PC-Hypertext option setting CTRL.COM PC-Hypertext batch file program FILELIST.HYP List of files for this knowledgebase HYPER.NET Network for this knowledgebase Description of the MAIN screen of PC-Hypertext How do you command PC-Hypertext How to browse a knowledge system How to modify hypertext networks and ASCII files Non-obvious capabilities of PC-Hypertext ==================== Neil Larson 1/26/88 REF


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