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HYPERTEXT MANUAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY DEMONSTRATION "Hypertext" has become a fashionable word in the computer world. The word refers to a technique for accessing information in a nonlinear and highly efficient fashion. This is ac- complished by placing "hyperlink" keywords in the text and using the computer to jump, on command, to the information file de- scribed by the keyword. The files in this archive constitute a draft of the first 6 chapters from a proposed full hypertext manual (which will be produced if there is enough interest in it). Features included in this draft include: data useful for the selection and prescribing of drugs used in major cardiovascular diseases (angina, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, hyperten- sion, edema), and a calculator suitable for performing dose con- versions, surface area calculations, and creatinine clearance estimates. ********************************************************** NOTE: The purpose of this draft version is to test its functionality, not to provide clinical information. The pharmacologic accuracy of the data is NOT GUARANTEED ********************************************************* Hardware and software requirements: 1. Either: a hard disk (drive C) with at least 510 KB (half a megabyte) of space available, OR: a high-density floppy drive (720 KB, 1.2 MB, or 1.44 MB) as drive B. 2. MS-DOS or PC-DOS, version 2.1 or higher. Using the Hypertext Manual: Starting the program: Once the Manual has been un-arc'ed on your working disk, start it by typing "hy- per". Using the Help (F1) screen: To review the commands avail- able, press the F1 function key. When the help screen is dis- played, pressing any key will return to the file pre- viously displayed. Moving within a file: The files in the Manual vary from 20 lines (1 screen) to several hundred lines (many screens). Move around within a file by using the PgUp/PgDn keys. Make sure "Numlock" is off. If Numlock is on, "NUM" will be displayed near the left end of the status line at the bottom of the screen, and the ma- chine will beep (see errors, below) when you press the Enter key. Moving between hypertext links: 1.Use the up and down arrow keys. Make sure that "Num- lock" is off. The up/down arrows move the highlight area to previous/next link (angle bracket) words. When you first load a file, no angle bracket link will be highlighted. Pressing either the up or the down arrow key will highlight the first keyword. When a link is highlighted, pressing the Enter key will cause the program to load (jump to) the topic highlighted. 2. Use the Esc, left arrow, and right arrow keys (the arrow keys are part of the number pad at the right side of the keyboard). These moves do not depend on having an angle bracket word highlighted. Pressing Esc returns you to the main menu screen. Pressing the left arrow returns you to the preceding file. Errors: When the program cannot execute a requested move, an error is indicated by an audible "beep" from the ma- chine. The most common cause of a beep is a request to page down (PgDn key) when the last screen of a file is displayed, ie, it is not possible to scroll down fur- ther. The beep in this case reflects only a warning that the computer cannot proceed further in the file. A true error that may occur is a request to jump to a nonexistent file (there may be a file names in angle brackets in the text that I have not yet implemented). This type of error results in a beep and a message on the "status line" at the bottom of the screen. Exiting the program: Return to the main screen if you are not there already by pressing Esc. More than one press may be required. Then press "q" for quit (see menu at bottom of screen). The program will ask for confirma- tion of your intention to quit. Type "y" for yes if you wish to exit. NOTE: The hypertext utility that provides the "engine" for the Hypertext Manual is PC-Hypertext, a program written by MaxThink, Inc, Kensington, CA, (415) 428-0104. The Hypertext Manual of Clinical Pharmacology was written by B.G. Katzung, Department of Pharmacology, Box 0450, University of California, San Francisco, CA 94143. It is based on a hardcopy printed version called "Clinical Pharmacology '88/'89, ((c) Appleton & Lange, 1988). I would appreciate your comments and criticisms of this Manual. B.G. Katzung, 6 February 1989


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