The following is a excerpt from a lecture that was documented in a book that I own. It was

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The following is a excerpt from a lecture that was documented in a book that I own. It was a lecture given by professional radionics researchers. I do not know all the details of the device discussed, and I am forwarding this information just for comparative purposes. Just to show you how complicated this whole area can get!!!Enjoy! R E S E A R C H W O R K O N T H E H U M A N E L E C T R O M A G N E T I C F I E L D By Dr. E.A. Maury and Marguerite Maury (THE AURA IN OTHER WORDS!) It is admitted today (particularly through the work of the American Scientist Dr, H. G. Burr, and his collaborators of the University of Yale) that every living thing is surrounded by an electric aura produced by its own organism. The aura consists of an electric, dynamic field, an it plays an important part in determining the volume, the form and the biological behaviour of every plant and animal. It is influenced by cosmic rays and by sun spots. Life on the earth can thus be said to be electrically connected with the entire dynamic system of the universe. In just a few words I shall recall the experiments of Burr and his collaborators: by putting a salamander into a salt solution connected to a registering apparatus by means of two electrodes, and then revolving the receptacle containing the animal, the existance of an electrical field flowing through the electrodes can be established and registered. The same experiment has been made on human beings by placing each index finger of a healthy person in a small bowl containing a salt solution; in which case the galvanometer indicates a value of 1.5 millivolts. If however one of the index fingers has an open cut, the galvanometer will indicate a value of 12 millivolts. Thanks to our new apparatus of electrical measures, we too have been able to register the differences in voltage of healthy and sick organisms. I shall dispense with a detailed description of our apparatus so as not unduly to complicate our subject. I shall only recall that it contains an amplifier having a sufficiently high gain to permit the obervation of something intangible. The first thing then that the engineer who constructed the apparatus did, was to perfect an amplifier to make it provide a multiplication of approximately 10,000, the reception of the amplifier being insured by an ultra-sensitive detector, constructed like a microphone, capable of serving also as a cardiphone. The outgoing terminal of the amplifier is connected to a cathode ray oscillograph with a loud speaker recorder. This apparatus functions when connected to the main electric supply after the tubes of the amplifier have warmed up for a few seconds before a test is made.Technically, to perfect the apparatus and to obtain clear-cut responses, anti-parasite filters have been added. Later on we intend to undertake our experiments in a lead screened room isolating us from the outside, for this should allow us to record the electric field of a human being in all its purity, establishing its exact numerical value. The subject examined is made to stand on an insulating mat in front of the apparatus. It is important that the subject should remain as silent and motionless as possible to avoid vibrations caused by currents of air or sound, which can interfere.The operator then takes into his right hand the microphone connected to the amplifying apparatus, and he holds it with its lower surface parallel to the subject examined, and with distances from the subjects body varied. (We shall later appreciate the importance that can be attributed to the respective values corresponding to the distances between the emitting subjetc and the reciving microphone.) When the current flowing through the amplifier is increased to a certain critical maximum, a characteristic whistling noise is heard in the loudspeaker and a certain sine wave image is produced as the oscillograph records the screen picture. There the curves are rather close together or the curves rather long. More-over there is a strict parallelism between the intensity and the modulation of the sound signal and, on the other hand, the rapidity and density of the wave picture on the oscillators screen. At first we thought this might have been due to a Larsen Effect or phenomenon related to the reflection of waves but succesive experiments have proved that this phenomena plays only a very minor part in the production of these wave forms. We have noticed, for instance, that the visual and sound reactions recorded are not corresponding ones over all parts of the body. For example, near the plexuses of the sympathetic nervous system of certain subjects (cardiac plexus, solar plexus, lumbar plexus) the sound modulations are very high and sharp (that is, of a very high frequency), whilst the waves shown on the screen are very close to each other, this meaning, most probably, that the individuals in question possess a strong magnetism. The reactions can be noted at a distance of 15 feet and more. We have also noticed that the strongest reaction can be obtained near the regions of the body where the Hindu chakras are situated. It seems, thenm, that these precise points are indeed the pionts where vital energy is emitted. I have described in as few words as possible our experimental technique and operational methods employed to examine, as exteriorized phenomena of physical apparatus, these fields of human radiations which have been the object of so much controversy. Thanks to the same method it has been possible for us besides to determine the presence of fields of radiation which are exterior to an object. As an interesting illustration of this, moving the microphone around a bust in terra cotta we were able to observe the difference in the wave modulations near the lower part of the face of the sculptured head and near the eyes. Is this due to a phenomenon caused by the influence of form? It is possible. Similiarly we have also been able to record the field of radiations due to an oil painting representing a little fishing port. It should be observed that there the modulations were entirley different according to whether the microphone was placed near the part representing the sea, or the part representing the earth and the low houses of the fishermen of Brittany. Should this phenomenon be attributed to an influence due to the chemical composition of the colours used? It is probably due to an influence of color refraction, this much depending upon the objects painted by the artist. It seems to have been now well established that by means of this apparatus incontestably corresponding visible and audible reactions are obtained as soon as the microphone is placed more or less close to an animate or inanimate body, the degree of reation seeming to be in accordance with the form and intensity of the radiating field. These experiments have convinced us of the physical reality of an external field produced by living beings and dead objects. This is only a small step forwards, as we all very well know; for we now have to determine the exact wavelenghts of these radiations which should vary according to the degree of health of the individual examined. We have allready observed that each person has his own oscillograph waveform, and that certain diseases such a cancer, for example, produce the same general change in the appearance of the personal waveform. Certainly it is as yet too soon to draw any definite conclusions from these experiments. I think that this method of examination should be continued in order to try to establish the nature of signs conforming to or giving indications of certain serious diseases before their full development, the information being derived from modifications of the oscillographic curves testifying to specific modifications of the human wavelenghts, these modifications being observable from a variation in the field of external radiations. D I S C U S S I O N Mr. Eagerton Sykes asked if the use of the word microphone was a mistake in Dr. Maurys paper. Mr. Macbeth (who has seen the Maury appliance) explained that microphone was the name given to the collector which was applied to the affected area of a patient by being held a few inches off the skin. This collector conveys the detected influences to the thermionic valve amplifier which finally produces a corresponding oscillogram or else a musical note on a connected loud speaker. Mr. de la Warr explained that the sound was a heterodyne effect derived from an oscillating diaphragm. Downloaded From P-80 Systems 304-744-2253


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