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Radionics Discussion #4 Topics: The Use of a Witness in Radionics/Psychotronics Use of Color, Herbs,and Gem Stones In Radionics Applications T H E L - F I E L D As professor Harold Saxton Burr* once stated, "So far as our present information goes, there is unequivocal evidence that wherever there is life, there are electrical properties." (*Professor @ Yale University) That is the topic I want to start off with right now, L-Fields. Measurement by modern electric instruments developed in the last few years has "revealed that man - and, in fact, all life forms - are ordered and controlled by electro-dynamic fields which can be measured and mapped with precision." And as Burr proposed as early as 1935, in his electrodynamic theory of life, -- that all living organisms have electric fields which govern their growth and decay. As as example, Burr points to the human body. Its molecules and cells are allways being torn apart and rebuilt with fresh material from the food we eat. But thanks to the controlling L-Fields, the new molecules and cells are rebuilt as before and arrange themselves as the old ones. The bodys L-Fields "serves as a matrix or mould which preserves the 'shape' or arrangement of any material poured into it." What we are interested in here is "How can we use the knowledge of the L-Field to improve the quality of our lives?" I am going to discuss that here by explaining how the L-Field can be influenced, and what that influence can 'cause' in us humans. I'm not going to go to great lengths to 'prove' that the L-Fields exist, if you want 'proof' then read a good book on the topic. What I am going to discuss is "Applications" and not "Descriptions". Burr proved that the L-Field can be influenced directly by external phenomena by measuring the voltage gradients of a number of trees over a period of 30 years. He found that the L-Fields of the Trees fluctuated with sunlight,darkness, sunspots, magnetic storms and moon cycles. From this we can extrapolate that human L-Fields are similarly affected. "Since the field of a living system is an ordered pattern which represents the universe. It can be argued therefore, that the universe is an electrical field and that everything that exists in it is a subsidary or component part of the total field." Thus it is "That we are fully justified in regarding the fields of life as the instruments of physical evolution, of which, on this planet at least, the human nervous system is the masterpiece." Radionics embraces some of the very same principles upon which Dr. Burr's theory is founded. The late George De La Warr, radionics pioneer, explained that "a basic idea in radionics is that each individual, organism, or material, radiates and absorbs energy via an energy field peculiar unto itself. The more complex the material, the more complex the waveform. Living things like humans, emit a very complex wave spectrum of which parts are associated with the various organs and systems of the body." Radionics uses electronic equipment that is used by the human 'operator' to detect the particular radiation under consideration. And in most of all the cases the radiation under consideration is the human waveform.Radionic energies are subtle energies that the operator of the device detects by using the nerves of their hands to detect these energies which have been 'tuned in' by the Radionic device. Establishing the necessary 'sensitivity' to detect these energies is a requirement to competently use any Radionics device. Establishing 'resonance' with the radiations of the individual, measuring their amplitude and then finding the remedy which best resonates with a particular malady. Thus the organ or system is returned to its healty rate of vibration. The great benefit of Radionics is that it goes BEYOND the EFFECT and finds the CAUSE of complaints....ei, psychological conditions (Psychosomatic ills).Radionics treats the aura of man as part of his physical body, since all the inner organs of man are affected by this L-field. It is assumed that you understand that all matter has a rate of vibration which is peculiar to itself. To have a rate of vibration is to have a rhythmical pattern of recurring periods wherein the energy of the vibration changes from one value to another. In such a situation, the frequency of a system is said to oscillate between certain maximum values. R E S O N A N C E Resonance is said to occur when the respective periods of free oscillation of two or more different systems coincide with each other. Two systems having the same natural frequency, when joined together in phase, resonance occurs with the result that the minimum and maximum values are reached simultaneously. As an example the fact that a vibrating tuning fork will set into sympathetic vibration, or resonance, another tuning fork of the same frequency. Resonance involves an exchange between systems, a kind of mutual 'sensing'. H A R M O N I C S Every vibration has what is known as a fundamental frequency, plus its accompanying harmonics. The 'Fundamental' (Sometimes referred to as the First Harmonic) is the FIRST and the LOWEST FREQUENCY and has the LONGEST WAVELENGTH. A HARMONIC is a Mirror Image of the Fundamental. Together with the fundamental frequency, there is an infinite series of harmonics, all vibrating at different Amplitudes, but all Reflections of the original Frequency. The frequncies of the Harmonics are all integral multiples of the fundamental frequency. The first Harmonic, following the fundamental, is double the fundamental, the next is treble the fundamental, and so on. It is generally known that that magnetic fields, and their harmonic vibrations, interact with each other in varying degrees of attraction and replusion, varying degrees of 'in-phaseness' or 'out-of-phaseness' with each other. The harmonic of a physical body is seen to be intermeshed with the body itself, but also extending beyond it... We concieve then, of each living organism as radiating out into space, a frequency indentifying other aspects of its physiological and psychological existence. As I mentioned previously, that if the oscillatory sequences of two or more systems coincide, producing a sympathetic vibratory unison, resonance is therby established. Given these conditions, it seems reasonable to expect that a human body, as an independently vibrating source, is capable of attaining a degree of resonance with other independently vibrating sources. Not only establishing resonance with other human bodies, but also with frequncies of sound, color, fragrance, etc. The human body has a magnetic force field around it, with a pattern of nodal points similar to that of a bar magnet. Each of these nodal points is in contact with the person to whom they belong. Therefore, to be in resonance with any one of these points is to be in resonance with the individual. Such people as Phil Allen, the author of "Energy, Matter and Form" suggest that these nodal points occur inside the body as the acupunture meridian systems. R A P P O R T In 1852 a Frenchman named M. Benoit used snails in his experiments, as he felt that a certain form of rapport was operative in the animal kingdom. First, he paired of 52 snails and allowed them to become well acquainted by living together in seperate pairs. Then on each pair, he wrote a letter of the alphabet, two A's, two B's, and so on. One set of alphabet labeled snails was sent to America, and the other retained in Paris. At a predetermined time, in Paris, an electric shock was applied to a snail, say snail E. Simultaneously snail E in America reacted in sympathy, exibiting a kind of erratic behavior. Several snails were shocked and it was possible to transmit a simple message by 'snail telegraph'! In 1965 George De La Warr conducted a experiment in his laboratory in Oxford, England. But the unique feature of his endeavor was to show that rapport exists between a physical object and a photograph of that object. A photo was taken of a snail and sent to the town of Evesham, 40 miles away. In Oxford the animal was placed in an apparatus wereby Histogram readings could be taken.(Histograms are basically Amplitude/Frequency graphs of energy transmission through body tissues.) In Evesham, which was linked to Oxford by telephone, the snails photograph was intermittently exposed to certain light energies which were successfull in producing responses registered by the Histogram in the Oxford Laboratory. Similair experiments were carried out with human subjects and their photographs; with several energy stimuli such as light, sound, color, ultrviolet, and infra-red radiations, and magnetism. In each instance Histigram readings indicated that a state of rapport existed between the subject and his photographic image. Other De La Warr research suggests that rapport holds, over great distances, between an individual and his blood or hair specimens, fingernails, and other bodily fluids. There is also much Magical Literature that will support these findings. Books by Aleister Crowley mention the 'Magical Link'. The book 'The Golden Bough' also has many references to natives utilizing the 'Magical Link' for their ceremonies in healing, crop growing, etc. ~ K A R M A ~ + A N D - K N O W L E D G E What I would like to do now is to begin talking on HOW to use the 'Magical Link' for our own BENEFICIAL purposes. I will NOT talk about putting a Hex on someone or some other devious purposes. This knowledge is presented to you for Enlightenment and not for Destruction. I know there are individuals who will try to Psychically Dominate someone etc with this data, but that is their CHOICE and they will have to live with the EFFECTS of their CHOICE to destroy. Heed this warning! Its the First One I have made about this subject, AND its the LAST ONE! Go ahead and say, "Listen to the Holiness and Light Bullshit..." or something to that effect. It is never the less a warning AND a wisdom. So if a your are the type of person who is a 'Men in Black' persuasion, or more to the point, a 'Satanist', you will probably go right ahead with your plans and ignore my warning...and 'kill that bastard' or whatever. Well.... with Knowledge comes Responsibility, that means you are now RESPONSIBLE for what you do with the information. And when you are held the saying goes....then you can 'get the axe' so to speak....and most of the times 'the axe' falls 'much too quickly'. NUF' SAID!.....ONWARD!!!! --------------------> It is now suggested that if you intend to pursue this study of Radionics and its cousins, Radiesthesia,and Psychotronics, that you purchase a device from one of the Suppliers that I listed in the previous disscusion, in the File titled RADION02.DOC. You can buy them from prices ranging from $35.00 to $300.00+. The only reason that I suggest you purchase a device is simply because it makes your job about 100% easier, faster, and more accurate. In my opinion, they are 'necessary' to get any 'real' work done. Of course if you talk to a native Shaman of Brazil, he would most likely tell you otherwise....until he used one of the devices himself, and he realizes that it does make things easier! I am going to use the Magnetron in the first few discussions, since it is the least expensive to purchase, easiest to operate, requires no electricity, and can be 'tuned' very quickly. Oh yes, by the way, the Magnetron is available from 'Supersensonic Energy Technologies', and their address is in the RADION02.DOC. Color is what I have used for many 'basic' applications where not much is known about the problem at hand. It is my 'old reliable' form of treating illness. First I acquire a 'witness' of the person, such as a fingernail, hair, or preferably a RECENT photograph. Then I determine what the persons problem is, for example a cold. Then I place the witness of the person on the Magnetron, (after I tune the Magnetron) and in this case for a cold, treat the witness of the person with Red and Green light, alternating the colors every two hours, then every four hours, then every two hours, and so on. In addition I also use Vitamin C with the light. So the person then recieves the positive vibrations from the light, and secondly, from the physical remedy itself. Vitamins can be administered to people in this fashion also. Herbal remedies work well also. Say a person is allways uptight, and they cant seem to ever relax. A witness of Marijuana, for example would aid the person to feel the soothing effects of the herb without having to physically consume it. A sleeping pill for the insomniac on the Magnetron along with his witness, will produce the same effect in him as if he physically consumed it, although it takes a much longer time to feel the effects. Because you are dealing with the suble energies of the persons L-Field. O V E R L O A D S & E T H I C S Too much of anything is bad for you, and radionic energies are no different. I myself on occasion have recieved too much energy, and the result was that I felt very 'stuffy', had hot flashes, and was VERY irritable...So make sure someone doesnt Overdose on the energies you are feeding them. I also made it my policy to ALLWAYS ask the person, if I have their PERMISSION to help them. I make NO exceptions to this rule. And I suggest you do the same. That is, unless you dont mind infringing on them and collecting their bad energies...since you took the RESPONSIBILITY to take care of them without their permission. And as I said before, when you accept Responsibilty for something, YOU are the one who gets in trouble when something goes wrong with the thing you are responsible for. And in this case, if you take Responsibility for the persons health then you are also going to feel the effects of your decisions. So the patient gets well and you get his 'old' illness..... It really happens! SO ALLWAYS ask for their permission to help them. It can be as simple as "Would you like me to try and make you well?" Nothing fancy or formal. Just a simple 'Can I...' is sufficient. Gem stones can be used as 'medicine' just like the Vitamin C, Herbs, Pills, and Colors. Get a book on the Healing Properties of Gemstones, and read it...then you will know if a particular gem stone frequency will aid a persons diminishing concentration, etc... A Herb book, detailing all the healing properties of the Herbs is all you need to form a conclusion as to what Herb will get rid of a specific condition. And so on and so forth....Its all VERY simple once you begin to understand the principles of Radionics. Radionics is a accepted form of medicine all over Europe and is gaining popularity in the USA, even though no 'medical claims' can be made for it here in the USA. Since the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesnt understand how Radionics works they wont accept it, and since the FDA will NOT allow a demonstration of the effectiveness of radionics as 'proof' of its effectiveness, the majority of the American public have remained ignorant of it. DONT allow the FDA's close mindedness, and backward acceptance procedures prevent you from enjoying the benefits of Radionics. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain. Give it a try, read about it, and discover for yourself its validity. ARCHON Node 100/Net 523 Weirdbase BBS St. Louis, MO. Downloaded From P-80 Systems 304-744-2253


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