'He who knows the Law of Vibrations knows all.' Hermes Trismegistus Discussion #3 on Radio

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'He who knows the Law of Vibrations knows all.' Hermes Trismegistus Discussion #3 on Radionics/Psychotronics: I now will discuss the central theme of radionics as it is practised by myself and others. First, I will quote literary examples of radionic experimentation. (From 'The Rainbows of Life') "Leaves kept in an orgone box (Riechs Orgone Accumulator--a metal container consisting of layered steel, wool, and cotton) had fuller Kirlian Energy Patterns than control leaves kept in similiar boxes without the Accumulator Apparatus". (They used Kirlian Photography in their research). (Another quote from 'Rainbows of Life') "Healthy subjects exhibit a corona delineated in bluish-white with a deep hue band -- from 1/16" to more than 1/4" wide -- just beyond the boundary of the figertip. She found too that states of relaxation also lend themselves to blue-white corona. However, in states of arousal, tension, anxiety, or emotional excitement, a red blotch consistently appears super imposed on the fingertips and may dissolve the coronal boundary somewhat." (Kissing, Loving thoughts -- the auras blended together, fingertip boundaries dissolved.Hate -- the aura corona did not merge.) A S P E C T S O F R A D I O N I C R E S E A R C H (The following are excerpts from various publications, I am not their original author.) As early as 1935 we find H.S. Burr and F.S.C Northrop proposing the existence of a regulating field in a paper titled "The Electrodynamic Theory of Life". The proposals offered in this paper have been followed up during the past forty years by a number of scientists and have culminated in a work by Dr. Harold Saxton Burr that proves the existence of what Burr calls L-fields, "fields of life". "The pattern or organization of any biological system is established by a complex electro-dynamic field which is in part determined by its atomic physiochemical components and which in part determines the behavior and orientation of those components. This field is electrical in the physical sense and by its properties relates the entities of the biological system in a characteristic pattern and is itself, in part, a result of the existence of those entities. It determines and is determined by the components." Backster discovered that this energy field, which serves as a communication link between plants and other animate things, is not within the different known frequencies AM,FM, or any form of signal which we can shield by ordinary means...and distance doesnt seem to impose any limitation. I've tried shielding the plants with a Faraday screen cage (which prevents electrical penetration), even lead lined containers. It seems the signal may not fall within any known portion of our electrodynamic spectrum. T H E M E Here are some guesses that physicists think fit best into the present aggregate of experience: 1. All matter, even the living human body, is composed of molecules, and molecules are aggregates of atoms. 2. Atoms are aggregates of electrical particles called electrons, protons, neutrons,etc. 3. All these: molecules, atoms, and their constituent electrical particles are in continual motion. 4. The rate of this motion is influenced by temperature, mass, dimensions and the electromagnetic field in which the body is moving. 5. An electrical particle in motion is surrounded by a magnetic field, so it is not surprising that these particles show both electrical and magnetic properties. 6. Now if any material oscillates in a magnetic field, it sets up an electrical disturbance that alternates to and fro. This is called an alternating current. 7. Combining 5 and 6, we expect that all matter is continually generating alternating currents. 8. The intensity and frequency of these electrical disturbances is influenced by the conductivity of the body, the intensity of the magnetic field, and the speed with which the body moves in the magnetic field. 9. Combining 7 and 8, we should expect each body of matter to have a characteristic alternating current. 1 0. Household current is generated by a body oscillating through a magnetic field 60 times per second. 11. Radio waves are current alternating millions of times per second. 12. Light waves are currents alternating trillions of times per second. 13. All the various frequencies of alternating currents add up to the electromagnetic spectrum. 14. Due to their small intensity physicists have not been able to detect alternating currents from living bodies in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, but these currents have been detected in the ultraviolet,visible,infrared, and electrical region. It is possible that as detectors become more sensitive and selective, we shall find that radio-frequency alternating currents are associated with living processes.HENCE THE STUDY OF RADIONICS! M A G I C A L D I A R Y (Research Notes) The importance of maintaining a 'Magical Diary' or 'Lab Results' have often been expounded upon in great detail. It is here that I wish to reaffirm the importance of making a detailed analysis of all the experiments that you undertake in radionics, along with the results that you may achieve. Knowing what you did, how you did it and where is very important. So when you want to duplicate the results....you can do so without having a nervous breakdown because 'I forgot what I did.....'. So PLEASE document your results and experiments very CAREFULLY!!! For example, I keep my records with the Time, Date, Location, AND my STATE OF MIND in all reports. Please do the same if you are serious about learning radionics. It will reward you with success, self confidence, and the respect of your associates! C O L O R The useage of color in radionics is not new, many people will accuse me of using Colortherapy, but I do not place a distinction between the two. All are a part of the whole, so lets not quibble over 'what system of thought I use'. I will be covering a lot of ground in this series, so I may not elaborate as much as you would like me to on certain subjects or topics. Thats the way things will have to be if I am to get anything done without elaborating on what each specific item or idealogy signifys. All I can say is if you want to know more on what a chakra is or some other such thing, get a good book on the subject and READ IT! So much for my lecture, lets get busy! Color as we all know is a section of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is the visible part of that spectrum that our eyes see. I dont want you to underestimate the importance of color, and thats why I am covering it first. All things in the universe that we percieve are COLORS! Nothing but COLOR! Without color, our eyes could not percieve it. Colors are nothing but vibrations that are vibrating at different frequencies. Color is a frequency just like your shirt is, like your food is, and like your vitamins. So we are dealing with VIBRATIONS here, not 'things'! We all use vibrations to treat ourselves whether we realize it or not. So when you eat that salad for lunch, you are ingesting vibrations that are used for your survival, not a 'thing'. I want to clear up that misconception that the universe is full of things, it is full of vibrations, and nothing else. Got that? Good! How do you use color as a form of 'medicine'? Thats what I am going to talk about now. There is a simple way to use color as a form of supplementing your diet, so you can recieve the beneficial affects of the good vibes very easily. One way is to get 7 bottles or glasses that are the same color as your chakras. The colors are, from bottom chakra to top, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet at the Crown Chakra. Then all you do is fill the bottles with ordinary tap water, and let sunlight 'charge' the water with the color of the bottle. Let the water charge for at least 1 day. Then when you feel that the water is 'ready' you drink it! You dont have to drink it hot, you can get some ice cubes and then let the water cool, then drink it. (I hate to drink warm water!) Another way to use color is to purchase some form of container, such as a plastic box, or cellophane, that is the 7 colors of your chakras. Then put the color box over the light bulb in the room you are in and just watch TV, read, listen to the radio, or whatever.... (Just make sure you dont melt the boxes by putting them too close to the light bulb!) Even color light bulbs can be purchased nowadays...to make it even easier. I will tell you how to choose the particular color that you need later on in this document. First things first! I allways say! W H Y C O L O R ? WHY should I use color you ask? Good question! I will give you the answer! Not only does the human being respond to color emotionally, such like the bull does in the bullfight, but we humans also respond to color on a more subconsious level also. Each Chakra, as hinted at above, operates on a specific level or 'frequency', and has a specific function in our perception of the world we know. The 'seven suns' and their physical counterpart is here detailed below: No. Gland Location Nerve Plexus Color ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Pineal Top of Head Dendrites in Brain Violet 6. Pituitary Mid Brow Medulla Oblongata Indigo 5. Thyroid Throat Pharyngeal Blue 4. Thymus Mid Chest Cardiac Green 3. Adrenals Navel Coeliac,Solar Yellow 2. Spleen Lower Abdomen Splenic Orange 1. Gonads Base of Spine Sacral Red As you will remember from my first article, The 'Ether' or 'dynamic space fluidum' or 'bioplasmic energy', whatever you want to call it, permeates the universe, and it plays a key role in the funtions of the human body as well as plants and animals. The yoga tradition sometimes describes the chakras as lotuses and assigns a certain number of petals to each one. This is simply a way of describing the rate of vibration or frequency at a particular center. The numbers of petals in each lotus can be likened to the lines of force that each center radiates. The colors the chakras emit, absorb and resonate with depend upon their speed of revolution, which varies with each of us.Colors are just energy vibrating at differing frequencies, some visible, some not. Therefore, looking at a color will tend to produce a corresponding vibration to that color in us. A modern test of human psychological and physiological reactions to color, The Luscher Color Test (The book is at Waldenbook Stores!), is proving very helpfull in pinpointing psychological causes of functional disturbances -- disease. This is also true of sound. Each chakra has an octave of sound connected with it and will be affected by it. Chanting resonates the chakras, rythmically harmonizing them with the cosmic sound current or AUM. This brings experience of altered states of consciousness...more on that at another time!! A U R A The aura, as we all know, surrounds the human body from birth to death, and is the part of the human body that is traditionally treated by radionics professionals. The 'Kirlian Aura' is found to extend only a few inches from the surface of living things. The 'Etheric' Aura however, is reported to be composed of layers of subtle, normally invisible colored light, and to extend for several feet. This aura encases us in a sort of energy bubble. Clairovoyants such as the late Edgar Cayce have long used disturbances in a persons aura to diagnose disease. They also reportedly see indications of which psychological drives and biological energies are deficient and which are in excess. The color of the persons aura depends upon which chakra is most active. If the person has a predominance of 'red' in their aura, then that person is a materialistic person. A person with a 'violet' or 'purple' color aura is operating more on the crown chakra, and is an imaginative person, they think 'etherial' thoughts, etc. We have all met people with very materialistic attitudes...and we say,'boy what a close minded person', or something like that. Actually, these people are not close minded, but they appear to be, because they are functioning on a different level than you are. The color of the chakras, and the role they play in determining our 'attitudes' or 'behaviour' are detailed here: Number Color Gland Consciousness Level ----------------------------------------------------- 7. Violet Pineal Imaginative Level 6. Indigo Pituitary Intuitive Level 5. Blue Thyroid Conceptual Level 4. Green Thymus Security Level 3. Yellow Adrenals Intellectual Level 2. Orange Spleen Social Level 1. Red Gonads Physical Level As you can see above, the chakras are each responsible for a segment of our behavior, psychologically and physiologically. The glands or nerve plexus of each chakra plays an important role in our health and our attitudes. A person who was very materialistic in their attitude would benefit from getting the violet frequencies to counteract the lower chakra, by activating the crown chakra. The same can be done for someone who has a lack of creative instincts. If a person is too intellectual, then the proper color to use to balance their attitude would be Red, Orange or Indigo. So you can see that treating the personality of a person through his aura is easy and practical. It does take time to make a transition from materialistic to spiritually minded person, but by using colors in this way, the person can effectively influence the operation of his chakras. Colors are frquencies, just like sound, and they have just as much effect upon you as sound does. DONT underestimate these powerfull frequencies. Use them, and you will discover the truth of these words. In the next section of this series I will discuss the use of a 'witness' for application in Radionics and Psychotronics, as well as how to use colors, gem stones, and herbs to psionically treat yourself, your friends, and even get rid of the pests that eat your tomatoes! For a MUCH more indepth look at chakras, the aura, and psychotronics, I suggest these two VERY VERY well written books on the subject. Supersensonics--The Science of Radiational Paraphysics $15.00 Nuclear Evolution--The Discovery of The Rainbow Body $12.95 Both of these books were written by Dr. Christopher Hills, and are the Best books on the subject of auras, chakras, dowsing, radionics, etc. that I have ever come accross. Both of these books can be ordered from: The University Of The Trees Press P.O. Box 644, Boulder Creek, CA. 95006. Dont forget to include money for postage and handling. And I would write them first to make sure that these prices are still in effect, because I purchased these books 5 years ago....So the prices may have risen some. Thats all for now... Take care of yourself, and have lots of fun! ARCHON Downloaded From P-80 Systems 304-744-2253


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