R A D I O N I C S O U R C E S After following the previous column of mine introducing you

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R A D I O N I C S O U R C E S After following the previous column of mine introducing you to 'Radionics' I am sure many of you who completed the experiments in that column have many questions about Radionics. I order to establish an operating basis for discussion and experimentation, I feel it is necessary to include a list of retailers that can furnish you with the materials that will enable you to discover for yourself the 'miracles' of Radionics. So I have compiled a list of retailers for you below. This is a small list of merchants that carry materials and books on Radionics. This list is by no means complete...there are undoubtedly other places where you can recieve these materials. I am not affiliated with any of these merchants, so I am not recieving any financial 'Kickbacks' from them... These are just sources that I have uncovered in the past year or so that have proven to be 'reliable'. I have tried to include all the essential information on each supplier. T H E L I S T HEALTH RESEARCH Box 70, Mokelumne Hill, California.95245 This is a fine source to find books that are no longer in print. They sell BY MAIL ONLY, they DO NOT have a walk in store. Their catalogs were once free but they now charge for them (refundable upon purchase). Catalogue 1-A is for Health Books & Associated Subjects. It's price is $2.00. Catalogue 2-A is for Occult, Metaphysical & Religous. It also is $2.00. Each catalogue is approximately 100-200 pages. It is well worth the $2.00. Many other fine features from the business make it a worthwhile experince..Highly reccomended. Both catalogues together costs $4.00....(refundable on purchase). (Catalogue 1-A is the catalogue for books on Radionics etc.) You may also just request a flyer on their Radionics books (free of charge), just include a SASE* and tell them you would like more information about radionics. *(Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) SUPERSENSONIC ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES Box 66, Boulder Creek, CA. 95006 This is a source for Radionics devices that are simple to use, and inexpensive. They are actively researching all areas of 'Psychotronics' devices including 'Radiesthesia', 'Radionics', 'Psionics', along with other more 'traditional' methods of healing. A high level of Professionalism is displayed by this group. They also have very Fast and Friendly service......... Order their 'Supersensonic Energy Technologies Catalog', item number S2175, the cost is $1.00. Complete with diagrams and pictures of their instruments. Highly recommended. ------------------ ACTIVE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Box 323, CD'A, ID. 83814 Active R & D has many of the more 'time honored' radionics devices for sale, along with several 'new' devices that are superior to the 'older generation' models. They sell Plans for the devices as well as the allready assembled 'black boxes'. Newsletters are also available to stay 'up to date' on the latest discoveries and develpoments. Their catalog is $1.00, complete with diagrams and descriptions of the devices for sale. They also sell the AMAZING Thought Camera...its really a mind blower! -- Literally! ------- LOR'D INDUSTRIES LTD. Box 14511, West Allis, WI. 53214-0511 This is a mail order book store for books on the 'unusual' as well as an outlet for Radionics devices. They sell many of the 'traditional' radionics devices as well as the ELF (Extra Low Freqency) Generators. Service through this outlet was rather slow and tedious, but this supplier explained to me that they assemble the devices themselves and sometimes that have a 'back log' of orders on hand, so please be patient with this supplier. Send $1.00 for their 'Alpha....and beyond' catalog. It has most of their books as well as their devices listed inside it. LIFE UNDERSTANDING FOUNDATION. Box 30305, Santa Barbra, CA. 93015 This is a outlet that deals exclusively with Pyramids and Pyramid energies. If have have been curious about the aspects of pyramid energies... this supplier has all that you need to perform experiments with pyramids. This is a simple and easy way to get yourself oriented in the use of pyramids. They also sell books on the subject. As far as I know, the catalogue is free. But postage isn't.... so send a SASE to them, or send 50 cents to cover postage and handling. !B Y E B Y E! As more supplier/retailers of Radionic and Psychotronic devices become know to me I will update this list from time to time. But for now, these retailers have all that is needed to explore the 'new'(?) science of Radionics. Hope this list is helpful for you. *ARCHON* *-------------->FIDONET 100 / NODE 523<----------------* Downloaded From P-80 Systems 304-744-2253


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