R A D I O N I C S Radionics Definition: Radionics is the utilization of an unusual energy

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* R A D I O N I C S * ----------------- Radionics Definition: Radionics is the utilization of an unusual energy or energies in devices to produce natural phenomenon or effects. J.G. Gallimore Radionics: System of alternative medicine developed by Dr. Albert Abrams, who belived that diseased body tissue affected the nervous system and gave forth, 'dull emanations'. Abrams believed electronic phenomena were involved with this, and he invented a variable resistance intrument called a 'black box' to measure the ohm resistance of different diseases on an electronic circuit. He found for example, that cancer produced a 50 ohm resistance, while syphilis had a 55 ohm resistance. Abrams later modified his technique so he could take readings from a drop of blood. In 1924, a committee established by the Royal Society of Medicine investigated Abrams techniques and were favorably impressed. Today Radionics and its cousin Radiesthesia (medical dowsing) are recognized in Europe as legitimate medical procedures. This is the beginning of Forum type articles that will be covering all aspects of the 'Ether'. Which includes 'orgone energy', 'pyramid energy', 'tantric energy' 'kundalini energy' and all other forms of 'unusual' energies that modern day science is still trying to understand. It is simply an attempt to inform others that these energies exist and that they can be made available for your own use as well becoming more comprehensible to the layman. This is NOT a technically oriented forum, so should someone attempt and try to use technical terms...it will just make things that much harder on others who have no formal training in Physics, chemistry, etc., this forum is for the LAYMAN! But any and all persons 'of the scientific persuasion' are ENCOURAGED to join in, just keep things 'simple'. Thank You! Though I am starting this communication I do not feel that I am required to allways contribute to it...whereas all persons have knowledge, ideas and opinions, I feel that this discussion be 'open' and may accept input from all persons. I will expect others to send questions & answers also. I will monitor the communications and answer the questions to the best of my knowledge and to the limits of my resources. This is a discussion for 'unusual energies', so I will expect some unusual questions and answers! B A S I C S O F R A D I O N I C S ------------------------------------ Radionics has as its basis the following: There is an energy pervading the universe that has unusual properties and may be used for the betterment of mankind. Under certain conditions, this energy has been found to affect man or his enviroment and can be controlled under conditions imposed by the characteristics of that energy. As in all sciences, development of that science is made through observation of properties or characteristics of that which is studied. Experimentation follows observations in order to control or induce the phenomenon itself in a controlled manner. W H Y There are two reasons 'why' this country (USA) has made 'laws' against Radionics. 1. It works, but not in a way totally understood, not by the academic community and not by the practitioners themselves. 2. It works and produces miracle cures in man, plants, animals, and outdates existing sciences if it is understood. Therefore, the 'lobbies' in Washington representing the commercial applications of existing sciences force laws against Radionics to preserve existing sciences and the large sums of money invested in them to create our present technology and preserve the jobs of millions which might be lost if indeed Radionics was used to achieve the same results. E T H E R The 'Ether' as it is often called is the carrier of Radionic and PSI energies. To demonstrate that the 'Ether' actually exists it is necessary to demonstrate it scientifically. Here follows some very simple experiments to prove the existance of etheric forces, or 'bio plasmic energy' as it is called in Russia. 1. ETHER ABSORPTION TEST IN SPROUTING: Take a clear test tube and insert a piece of sterilized cotton saturated with distilled water. Put a bean or pea in the initial stage of germination inside the tube and seal it carefully with a glass stopper and wax, making it absolutely air tight and moistureproof. If we compare the weight of the test tube after this initial preparation with the weight in a few weeks hence (after the seed inside has sprouted), we will find a considerable GAIN OF WEIGHT, which simply cannot be explained by contemporary physical laws or theories. The gain in weight can be demonstrated with even a small letterscale, no laboratory precision scale is needed. 2. ETHER TRANSMUTATION TEST IN SPROUTS: But a follow-on test is even more revealing. A carefull chemical analysis of the seed which has sprouted in the sterile enviroment of the sealed test tube as compared with an identical seed will prove the sudden appearance of NEW CHEMICAL ELEMENTS IN THE SPROUT, which also cannot be logically explained by contemporary textbook science. The mineral substances found in the sprouting seed will show a gain of 20 to 100% over the identical seed BEFORE the test. We know the tube was sterile, the water was distilled and contained no minerals, and no mineral substance can penetrate the glass wall of the test tube. E X P L A N A T I O N The only logical explanation for these surprising results is of course the assumption of the existance of 'formative' or 'etheric forces' which are able to penetrate the 'finer media' postulated by the esteemed Mr. Hieronymus. Around 1879 a German scientist named Von Herzeele had proved in more than 500 analysis that the mineral substances thus found in organic substances originate in a way comparably to alchemistic procedures. His published claims so outraged the scientific, materialistic oligarchy of his day that his writings vanished from the libraries -- (shades of Dr. Wilhelm Reich!)-- it took a student of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a medical doctor named Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, many years of intensive efforts to locate the writings of Von Herzeele in an obscure small library in Berlin. After WWII Dr. Hauschka proceed to publish his own findings. Since then the postulate of 'aetheric space', of a 'dynamic space fluidum' has since spead on the continent and is gaining recognition. Althought the terminology in the field is still somewhat confused, the Russians for instance decided to call it 'bio plasmic energy', and other nations coined still different terms---the basic facts remain the same. E X A M P L E S As an example, there is the case of Theresa von Konnersreuth, a German peasant girl who astonished people for decades in our century, not by speaking Aramaic when in a state of ecstasy, but by her demonstrated and verified ability to survive for many years without the intake of food! Although she had a glass of water per day, most people were ready to discount the reports as 'hoaxes', disregarding, as usual, the sworn statements of her physicians! G E N E R A L I N F O R M A T I O N It is generally accepted that the body has an energy field around it. This belief is held even without the proof of science, although VAST research is being conducted. A small group of people beleive that this energy can be conducted along a wire or conductor into a device which will allow measurement in a subjective manner, that is by using the human body response to this energy to determine a result. Generally without indication of the intensity of energy, information is determined by 'frequency' changes of this energy. Radionics is the utilization of an unusual energy or form of energy to produce desired effects. I N C L O S I N G The energy is PRE PHYSICAL in that it is the force field around matter, thus detection, tuning, and transmission comprise the art of radionics. The energy itself has two polarities which are spiral twined together, or may exist seperate. These energies may divide into two more which are generally locked into matter. MAGIC, ALCHEMY, ASTROLOGY ALL USE THIS FORM OF ENERGY. (That is all for now......until later.....Live and Learn!) ! P E A C E ! This article was written by: 'Archon' (NOT his real name!) Archon lives in St Louis and is just a curious fellow, with a desire to learn things in the 'Borderline Sciences'. Enquiring minds (ha ha ha) can reach Archon through the 'Weirdbase' BBS in St Louis, MO. *----------> FIDONet 100/ Node 523.<----------* __________________________________________________*ARCHON*______________ Downloaded From P-80 Systems 304-744-2253


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