R00639199 big2C32010 STIFF SORE NECK text1225 Apply cream or oil, then, using a firm, knea

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R0/0/639/199 big2C/320/10/ STIFF / SORE NECK text/12/25 Apply cream or oil, then, using a firm, kneading motion simi- lar to a contented kitten's front paws, massage back and sides of neck with both hands. Begin at the base of the skull, working slowly to the shoulders, and back a few times while stay- ing off the vertebrae. Do this for 5 minutes. ~ L538/86/584/89 L584/89/588/90 L588/90/592/94 L592/94/590/96 L590/96/587/99 L587/99/581/99 L581/100/550/99 L550/99/533/97 L533/97/530/94 L530/94/530/97 L530/97/481/100 L481/100/474/99 L475/99/477/101 L477/101/426/104 L536/85/524/85 L524/85/501/86 L501/86/476/87 L476/87/416/100 L569/87/598/89 L598/89/598/89 L598/89/585/92 L585/92/561/90 L558/98/568/100 L568/100/571/101 L571/101/570/103 L570/104/566/108 L566/108/548/109 L548/109/523/108 L523/108/521/104 L521/104/521/107 L521/107/513/109 L513/109/482/112 L482/112/474/112 L474/112/464/109 L464/109/467/111 L467/111/465/112 L465/112/449/116 L449/116/433/119 L433/119/414/122 L414/122/401/119 L401/119/412/121 L412/121/411/122 L411/122/394/130 L412/99/387/106 KV/335/81/626/127/328/43 L392/90/401/113 L401/113/410/118 L410/118/407/127 L407/127/397/130 L397/130/392/128 L391/128/409/129 L409/129/439/126 L440/126/457/128 L457/128/460/130 L460/130/460/127 L460/127/480/125 L480/125/502/123 L502/123/509/124 L510/124/521/128 L521/128/521/131 L521/131/521/136 L521/136/515/138 L515/138/509/140 L509/140/483/143 L483/143/467/145 L467/145/458/146 L458/146/437/150 L437/150/413/152 L414/152/424/151 L424/151/413/158 L413/158/387/169 L387/169/370/176 L370/176/344/184 L344/184/323/186 L390/64/338/72 L338/72/336/74 L336/74/328/77 L328/77/317/89 L317/89/292/111 L292/111/281/124 L281/124/271/156 L271/156/245/171 L485/125/513/124 L513/124/518/125 L518/125/525/131 L525/131/523/134 L523/134/522/135 L522/135/501/138 L500/138/495/128 KV/402/74/463/84/245/73 KB/235/67/305/90 KY L463/73/454/77 L454/77/448/80 L448/80/431/83 L431/83/419/84 L419/84/406/85 L410/84/393/91 note: little person in rt corner E554/152/0/359/24/15 L568/163/573/173 L573/173/578/176 L578/176/589/177 L589/177/606/178 L606/178/616/180 L616/180/623/186 L623/186/626/191 L536/163/530/173 L530/173/525/176 L525/176/514/176 L514/176/495/178 L495/178/486/180 L486/180/481/185 L481/185/478/192 style3 C554/167/3 style1 text/245/27 For further tension release, press points every 1/2 inch down neck for 3 seconds each. ~ text/421/86 With the middle finger on top of the fore- finger, press hollow at base of the skull. ~ S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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