text112 STEP 6 Rub top of big toe for about 1 min. STEP 7 Massage fleshy part of thumb for

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text/11/2 STEP 6 Rub top of big toe for about 1 min. STEP 7 Massage fleshy part of thumb for one and a half minutes. ~ text/10/71 STEP 8 Rub top two inches of thumb. STEP 9 Massage the temples, forehead, and spot where jaw hinges in a cir- cular motion firmly for 3 mins. ~ style1 style3 L331/97/370/95 L370/95/386/96 L381/96/426/101 L426/102/454/115 L451/114/460/136 L459/137/470/149 L453/134/458/137 L324/100/336/97 L321/101/326/104 L323/106/333/109 L333/111/364/110 L363/111/391/125 L391/127/420/131 L422/131/436/138 L422/129/427/132 L431/137/455/144 L450/143/473/146 changepattern1 L421/130/426/133 F408/130 style1 L334/110/327/113 L326/113/322/117 L318/122/320/118 L318/122/323/124 L326/125/317/134 L318/135/327/136 L328/137/327/140 L329/141/341/142 L332/142/330/143 L330/144/332/146 L319/121/329/122 L333/122/342/123 L330/124/339/125 L326/127/335/126 L332/146/331/148 L331/148/329/149 L330/149/333/150 L334/151/338/152 L341/153/356/152 L356/152/377/150 L379/150/386/146 L370/152/384/165 L429/139/442/150 L383/123/379/124 L409/132/408/133 L407/134/405/135 L391/135/400/136 L393/131/396/132 L345/141/342/141 L389/142/388/144 L336/122/345/123 L333/141/339/141 KV/315/91/492/176/386/57 KB/369/89/392/94 KY text/473/142 Step 9 ~ C446/103/8 C430/86/9 C391/83/8 F441/83 F431/83 F395/83 text/401/161 Massage at circles ~ KB/380/91/390/96 KY text/314/123 ~ F454/75 F444/102 F428/84 F389/80 F389/82 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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