text92 THE TENNIS BALL TECNNIQUE The following technique is useful in the relief of minor

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text/9/2 THE TENNIS BALL TECNNIQUE The following technique is useful in the relief of minor muscular pain and tension: While laying on your back, place one tennis ball on one side of base of your spine, and another ball on the other side. Roll over them as if they were ball bearings between you and the floor. "Roll" them slowly up your spine while breathing deeply. Be sure to pause on the tender, tight spots. ~ text/338/2 Pay special attention to the areas under the shoulder blades (Most people carry tons of ten- sion there.) Continue up to the shoulders. Then push a ball into the sore areas along the sides of the neck - up to the skull base (give extra attention to the indentations there). Move ball in a circle with as much pressure as comfortable. Next, massage the sciatic notches by placing a ball on both sides at once. Move around to be certain to reach all tender areas. ~ L261/197/292/197 L292/197/303/195 L303/195/317/193 L317/193/337/191 L337/191/383/193 L383/193/451/196 L451/196/476/196 L476/196/498/191 L498/191/505/191 L505/191/522/194 L522/194/533/198 L532/198/556/198 L556/198/572/193 L572/193/577/187 L576/187/578/183 L579/183/574/176 L574/176/565/171 L565/171/559/170 L556/170/553/170 L553/170/552/172 L552/172/540/170 L540/170/539/172 L539/172/535/173 L536/173/528/173 L528/173/525/174 L525/174/523/176 L524/176/526/181 L526/181/528/182 L528/182/531/184 L525/179/501/177 L501/177/496/177 L496/177/482/174 L482/174/443/168 L443/168/400/167 L400/167/334/165 L334/165/208/174 L208/174/153/176 L153/176/77/175 L78/175/72/169 L72/169/69/164 L69/164/67/161 L67/161/57/161 L57/161/57/173 L57/173/60/185 L60/185/55/185 L55/185/55/194 L55/194/71/193 L71/193/72/192 L72/192/118/192 L118/192/200/194 L200/194/262/196 L533/174/534/178 L534/178/534/178 L551/174/551/175 L557/169/562/176 L562/176/566/180 L566/180/561/186 L561/186/547/189 L548/189/525/194 L525/194/514/198 L514/198/538/199 L350/166/352/191 L356/166/359/192 L81/175/82/192 L478/180/481/183 L481/183/480/188 L480/188/471/189 L471/189/420/184 L420/184/369/170 L369/170/346/164 L347/164/335/162 L335/162/341/159 L341/159/350/161 L350/161/360/162 L360/162/366/162 L366/162/340/158 L340/158/337/159 L337/159/363/164 L363/164/367/162 L368/162/420/173 L420/173/475/179 style3 L559/170/566/171 L566/171/577/174 L577/175/581/179 L581/179/583/186 L583/186/582/191 L582/191/571/197 L571/197/561/198 L561/198/529/199 L529/199/519/198 L519/198/516/194 L516/194/522/192 L522/192/532/192 L532/192/546/190 L546/190/558/187 L558/187/564/182 L564/182/564/175 L564/175/562/173 L562/173/577/178 L577/178/580/183 L580/183/581/190 L581/190/577/191 L577/191/574/194 L573/194/569/194 C352/195/9 style1 L363/192/366/195 L366/195/364/199 L364/199/358/199 changepattern1 F351/199 F562/199 F523/199 L499/177/494/185 L494/185/498/190 F563/188 F551/198 KV/53/161/587/199/77/145 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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