text1230 STEP 3 text010 Press the points below and on the inside corner of the fingernails

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text/123/0 STEP 3 ~ text/0/10 Press the points below and on the inside corner of the fingernails of the middle fingers with your thumbs for two seconds. ~ L31/85/103/54 L103/54/111/53 L111/53/116/54 L116/54/118/56 L118/56/115/59 L115/59/92/72 L92/72/48/93 L49/93/45/96 L45/96/47/96 L47/96/95/75 L95/75/129/60 L129/60/149/51 L149/51/156/49 L156/49/164/50 L164/50/166/52 L166/52/165/56 L165/56/155/62 L155/62/135/72 L135/73/115/85 L115/85/70/106 L70/106/69/107 L69/107/73/109 L73/109/79/108 L79/107/153/74 L153/74/184/60 L184/60/201/53 L201/53/208/54 L208/54/214/55 L214/55/216/58 L216/58/215/61 L215/61/209/64 L209/64/196/69 L196/69/173/82 L173/82/143/98 L143/98/119/112 L119/112/111/117 L111/117/111/119 L111/119/117/118 L117/118/130/112 L130/112/187/84 L187/84/204/74 L204/74/208/74 L208/74/212/74 L212/74/218/77 L218/77/217/81 L217/81/214/84 L214/84/206/88 L206/88/189/99 L189/99/156/120 L156/120/139/132 L139/132/108/152 L105/54/96/59 L96/59/104/62 L104/62/115/58 L153/50/139/57 L139/57/151/61 L151/61/162/56 L200/54/186/61 L186/61/198/65 L198/65/213/60 L203/76/194/82 L194/82/204/85 L204/85/214/81 style3 C195/67/3 style1 L155/166/155/171 L151/169/154/171 L161/169/157/171 L156/172/156/172 L184/167/184/172 L155/165/155/166 L183/167/179/169 L185/167/188/169 L189/169/189/169 L184/173/184/174 KV/82/155/285/183/1/170 L277/67/217/67 L217/67/233/61 L218/67/231/73 text/431/109 STEP 4 ~ text/324/119 Press three fingers into the middle hollow of the skull base and rub clockwise for three mins. ~ L479/12/502/12 L502/12/512/14 L512/14/523/17 L523/17/530/24 L530/24/535/31 L535/31/534/42 L534/42/527/53 L527/53/515/62 L515/62/507/67 L507/67/508/77 L507/77/515/90 L515/90/532/96 L476/12/452/14 L452/14/436/20 L436/20/427/26 L427/26/424/34 L424/34/422/40 L423/40/425/49 L425/49/430/56 L430/56/440/61 L439/61/445/67 L446/67/444/74 L444/74/438/85 L438/85/428/92 L427/92/416/96 style3 C476/62/3 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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