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R0/0/639/199 big2C/317/10/ SOME TECHNIQUES FOR GENERAL RELAXATION text/7/28 THE FOLLOWING MASSAGE TECHNIQUE WILL LOOSEN TIGHT MUSCLES: ~ text/7/50 Using a kneading motion, massage the face, then the scalp, working down to the neck, shoulders, arms, lower back, legs, and feet. Work grad- ually from lighter to deeper pressure in the direction of the blood flow to remove lactic acid and toxins. Massage each area for two minutes. Always use oil or cream to avoid skin irri- tation. ~ text/395/23 FOR FURTHER RELAXATION: PRESS THESE POINTS FOR ONE MIN. EACH, UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. ~ text/464/59 STEP 1 ~ text/343/68 Press the point in the center of skull base (medulla oblongata). ~ KV/80/152/299/189/34/147 E478/97/0/359/16/9 L468/104/468/110 L468/110/465/113 L465/113/455/114 L455/114/441/115 L441/115/434/119 L487/104/488/111 L488/111/490/113 L490/113/493/113 L493/113/508/114 L508/114/512/115 L512/115/517/117 style3 C477/106/3 style1 L433/119/429/125 L429/125/425/141 L517/117/521/126 L521/126/525/139 L449/123/451/141 L451/141/451/147 L451/147/448/153 L448/153/444/160 L444/160/446/168 L446/168/447/186 L447/186/446/194 L498/123/499/148 L499/148/502/153 L502/154/504/160 L504/160/502/167 L502/167/498/182 L498/182/496/195 L499/123/510/139 L447/123/439/141 L467/194/473/173 L473/173/479/195 P484/105/0 P485/105/0 P486/105/0 P469/103/15 P469/104/0 P469/103/0 P468/104/0 P487/104/0 P488/104/0 P472/105/0 P471/105/0 P470/105/0 style3 P483/106/0 P482/106/0 C476/148/3 style1 C476/141/0 KV/350/87/535/198/450/86 text/390/116 STEP 2 ~ text/330/130 Press the point on your stomach one and one-half in. below the navel. ~ text/573/91 1 ~ text/574/154 2 ~ text/491/90 (back of head) ~ L459/180/566/143 text/402/174 Navel ~ S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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