USER GUIDE - How to browse PC-Hypertext networks The networks in PC-Hypertext appear to us

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USER GUIDE -- How to browse PC-Hypertext networks ================================================= The networks in PC-Hypertext appear to users as hierarchies consisting only of topics and subtopics. The current topic appears on the left side of the screen and the subtopics on the right. When pressed, the arrow keys give the impression that you are moving through a hierarchy of subtopics. However, the underlying links are a full network. I've just suppressed some of the links to keep the format simple. Here's how it works: As users move down the network, PC-Hypertext shows the possible paths (output links) to subtopics of each topic. But the display shows only one of the many possible ways to reach that topic (because I suppressed all the other input links). As users move up the network (Left arrow), PC-Hypertext backsteps to topics previously selected on the downward path (limit of 100 backsteps) On a downward path through the network, PC-Hypertext can loop back to topics previously selected. If the loop contains only one repeated topic, the Left arrow backsteps through the full loop. However, if the loop contains a sequence of two or more repeated topics, PC-Hypertext automatically avoids the loop in the backstep process. Philosophy -- PC-Hypertext networks provide many paths to the same information in order to serve the understandings and capabilities of a variety of users. However, the networks are displayed in hierarchical formats which better serve the browsing needs of each user. Users want to quickly find a path leading to their desired information instead of seeing all possible ways to the information (as displayed in HOUDINI). Footnote =============================================== Networks, Description of screen Networks, Hierarchical appearance of Networks, How to build Neil Larson 1/10/87 File0b


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