big2C31611 Dental Pain text9510 STEP 1 L178134210124 L230114211123 L237111231113 L23710723

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big2C/316/11/ Dental Pain text/95/10 STEP 1 ~ L178/134/210/124 L230/114/211/123 L237/111/231/113 L237/107/238/109 L233/104/237/105 L221/104/230/103 L209/108/218/105 L181/118/208/109 L174/119/178/119 L166/115/171/119 L165/108/166/114 L165/75/166/107 L139/77/137/90 L133/76/135/91 L113/77/113/91 L96/77/97/94 L79/77/78/96 L78/96/77/99 L76/100/75/103 L73/104/83/130 L178/134/174/138 L83/131/88/134 L175/125/210/132 L163/132/209/143 L169/124/172/124 L162/130/162/131 L162/127/160/130 L162/126/166/125 L214/133/227/134 KV/232/141/246/146/180/130 KV/178/131/182/135/317/96 note: sideface.2 style1line L227/113/238/109 L218/110/224/112 L170/125/179/127 L163/130/174/132 L177/129/175/131 L218/108/231/104 note: sideface.2 style3 L331/97/370/95 L370/95/386/96 L381/96/426/101 L426/102/454/115 L451/114/460/136 L459/137/470/149 L453/134/458/137 L324/100/336/97 L321/101/326/104 L323/106/333/109 L333/111/364/110 L363/111/391/125 L391/127/420/131 L422/131/436/138 L422/129/427/132 L431/137/455/144 L450/143/473/146 changepattern1 L421/130/426/133 F408/130 style1 L334/110/327/113 L326/113/322/117 L318/122/320/118 L318/122/323/124 L326/125/317/134 L318/135/327/136 L328/137/327/140 L329/141/341/142 L332/142/330/143 L330/144/332/146 L319/121/329/122 L333/122/342/123 L330/124/339/125 L326/127/335/126 L332/146/331/148 L331/148/329/149 L330/149/333/150 L334/151/338/152 L341/153/356/152 L356/152/377/150 L379/150/386/146 L370/152/384/165 L429/139/442/150 L383/123/379/124 L409/132/408/133 L407/134/405/135 L391/135/400/136 L393/131/396/132 L345/141/342/141 L389/142/388/144 L336/122/345/123 L333/141/339/141 KV/306/87/490/180/390/26 text/374/110 STEP 2 ~ text/319/122 If the pain is in the upper jaw, press thumb into the area near where the jaw hinges, under the cheekbone. Explore with your thumb for the place that brings the most immediate relief. ~ style3 C448/74/3 KB/303/95/316/99 style1 KB/-9/62/292/72 KY KV/63/72/243/145/92/84 text/3/31 Place the thumb of one hand where the thumb bone of the other hand meets the index finger bone. Rub in small circles for one minute, do as many times as needed on both hands. ~ text/96/165 Press ~ F478/48 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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