big2C3194 Computer Ergonomics text021 If you spend long hours working or playing at your c

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big2C/319/4/ Computer Ergonomics text/0/21 If you spend long hours working or playing at your computer, you may experience certain discomforts that are unnecessary. By simple adjustments of your position/posture, these dis- comforts can be reduced or eliminated. Sitting is one of the most stress- ful activities for your neck and lower back. Sit with your feet flat on the floor. Adjust your chair so that your knees are slightly higher than hips. Sit firmly against the back of your chair with your lower back supported. If you have lower back problems, ask a chiropractor about a lumbar support seat and car cushion. Correct posture prevents tension and fatigue. ~ text/358/21 Many people are needlessly suf- fering from incorrect monitor position. The monitor should be as low as possible, even reces- sed into the desk, not high up in the air. Try setting your monitor next to your computer rather than on top of it. The monitor should be directly in front of you, not to one side. ~ L511/134/607/134 L608/134/608/137 L608/137/511/137 L511/137/511/134 L524/136/524/167 L524/167/524/162 L524/162/600/162 L600/162/600/167 L600/167/600/137 L527/131/548/130 L566/130/580/118 L580/118/606/120 L606/120/605/129 L605/129/603/132 L603/132/603/133 L603/133/563/133 L563/133/565/131 L456/148/488/148 L488/148/489/150 L489/150/457/150 L457/150/454/149 L454/149/457/152 L457/152/473/152 L473/152/473/159 L473/159/486/162 L487/162/475/159 L475/159/462/162 L462/162/486/162 L449/147/448/135 L448/135/446/135 L446/135/447/147 L448/147/448/152 L448/152/456/152 L456/152/445/152 L445/152/445/146 L492/149/495/154 L495/154/496/159 L496/159/497/161 L497/161/498/162 L499/162/498/163 L498/163/497/165 L497/165/513/165 L513/165/516/165 L516/165/518/165 L518/165/516/164 L516/164/510/163 L510/163/507/162 L507/162/499/162 L499/162/507/162 L507/162/504/144 L504/144/500/143 L500/143/473/144 L473/144/473/142 L473/142/473/131 L473/131/470/124 L470/124/465/122 L465/122/456/122 L456/122/452/123 L452/123/451/130 L451/130/453/143 L454/143/459/147 L459/147/470/148 L456/128/499/134 L499/134/535/131 L535/131/535/128 L535/128/504/130 L504/130/471/125 L471/125/461/125 L461/125/458/126 L458/126/461/127 L451/117/450/124 L463/115/464/123 L462/117/471/116 L471/116/468/114 L468/114/469/112 L469/112/472/113 L472/112/469/110 L469/110/468/109 L468/109/473/107 L473/107/466/106 L466/106/459/107 L459/107/453/107 L453/107/451/109 L451/109/447/112 L447/112/447/114 L447/114/451/117 L451/117/453/121 L453/121/451/116 L451/116/453/116 L453/116/452/112 L452/112/454/111 L454/111/458/111 L458/111/458/112 L458/112/460/111 L460/110/461/110 L461/110/469/109 F458/110 P449/135/15 P450/135/15 P449/136/15 P450/136/15 P449/136/0 P450/136/0 P449/136/15 P450/136/15 P449/136/0 P450/136/0 P449/136/15 P450/136/15 P449/137/15 P450/137/15 P450/138/15 P449/138/15 P448/139/0 P449/139/15 P450/139/15 P448/139/15 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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