R00639199 text1820 your eyes, especially if you have contacts), irritation, blurred vision

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R0/0/639/199 text/18/20 your eyes, especially if you have contacts), irritation, blurred vision, headaches and discomfort in your neck, back, shoulders and joint pain. Women are two to five times more at risk to suffer from CTS than men. "Cumulative Trauma Disorders have become the nation's leading cause of occupational illnesses." says Sharon Danann, research director of 9 to 5, the National Association of Working Women. And in the 1990's, they will account for one half of all job related disorders." Approx- ~ text/324/20 imately a fifth of the LA Times' editorial staff have had CTS symptoms. We aren't physically equipped to handle thousands of repetitive motions an hour. Not just computer-users are at risk. Anyone who uses their hands in the same way for a long time are. Retail and grocery clerks, mail workers, gardeners, musicians, and factory/assembly- line people have CTS complaints. These injuries often respond to heat and ice treatments, massage, physical therapy and rest if caught soon enough. ~ S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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