big2C32011 TEN STEPS TO REDUCE COMMON COLD SYMPTOMS text11626 STEP 1 text335 With the thum

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big2C/320/11/ TEN STEPS TO REDUCE COMMON COLD SYMPTOMS text/116/26 STEP 1 ~ text/3/35 With the thumb, press the low spots in between each verte- bra, starting at the skull and ending at spinal base. Press the points you can reach for three seconds using moderate pressure. Do this twice. ~ text/115/101 STEP 2 ~ text/3/112 Massage each side of the Adam's apple, beginning near the collarbone and ending near the chin. ~ text/110/143 STEP 3 ~ text/1/154 Rub the neck deeply with firm kneading motions for 3 minutes, twice daily. ~ text/442/27 STEP 4 ~ text/326/37 Put four fingers in hollow at base of skull. Firmly massage in small, slow clockwise circles for three minutes. Do this several times a day. ~ note: little person in rt corner E554/152/0/359/24/15 L568/163/573/173 L573/173/578/176 L578/176/589/177 L589/177/606/178 L606/178/616/180 L616/180/623/186 L623/186/626/191 L536/163/530/173 L530/173/525/176 L525/176/514/176 L514/176/495/178 L495/178/486/180 L486/180/481/185 L481/185/478/192 style3 C554/167/3 style1 note : end little person KV/463/133/639/197/386/78 text/440/152 STEP 5 ~ text/325/161 Rub underside of knees for two minutes. Then massage kneecaps for two minutes. ~ L449/84/450/92 L450/92/450/92 L505/84/504/92 KV/319/149/622/189/323/130 text/396/72 ~ text/397/73 day. ~ L499/91/501/90 L505/93/504/99 L449/91/450/99 P500/90/0 P501/90/0 P505/93/0 P449/91/0 P505/93/1 KV/0/32/292/191/0/25 KV/318/150/630/188/320/142 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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