R00639199 text1718 Used bikes are a great investment for the small investor. Even big inve

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R0/0/639/199 text/17/18 Used bikes are a great investment for the small investor. Even big investors can make a good profit with used bikes. We heard about a man who makes a good living buying and selling real estate. Part-time, on the side, he also buys, repairs, and consigns used bikes to two bike shops and makes an additional $7,000.00 per year after expenses. Why does he do it? He doesn't need the money. But, just like you, he can al- ways use more money. His main reason however, is that he likes the bikes more than the real estate business. ~ text/335/18 THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE HOME-OPERATED BICYCLE BUSINESS starts with the basic information to get you started (without making mistakes) and takes you right through to your potential expansion into a real glass-front retail store. It covers wise buying, effective selling techniques, and plans to make even more money. Learn the professional ins and outs of this business. It also expounds on partnerships, the instant way to acquire tools, repair or sales enthusiasm, work space, or whatever you might not have in sufficient quantity by yourself. ~ S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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