text1050 SOME FOOT REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE LOWER BACK L2591925729 L2572925529 L2552925337 L253

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text/105/0 SOME FOOT REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE LOWER BACK ~ L259/19/257/29 L257/29/255/29 L255/29/253/37 L253/37/254/46 L254/46/253/49 L253/49/248/52 L248/52/246/58 L246/58/247/62 L248/62/241/102 L241/102/231/116 L231/116/211/124 L211/124/162/129 L162/129/81/135 L106/195/214/188 L214/188/257/187 L257/187/292/196 L292/196/331/197 L331/197/348/187 L348/187/358/166 L358/166/353/147 L353/147/343/88 L343/88/334/50 L334/50/334/30 L334/30/328/27 L328/27/327/34 L327/34/324/25 L324/25/320/24 L320/24/313/24 L313/24/312/34 L312/34/311/25 L311/25/304/20 L304/20/302/20 L302/20/298/25 L298/25/297/32 L298/32/298/21 L298/21/296/18 L296/17/292/17 L292/17/293/31 L293/31/294/37 L294/37/289/18 L289/18/285/14 L285/14/276/12 L276/12/267/11 L256/42/283/77 L283/77/300/113 L300/113/297/160 L297/160/263/175 L263/175/253/183 L312/33/312/38 L325/32/326/41 L253/38/262/41 L276/38/294/37 L295/37/295/34 L295/34/301/34 L301/34/309/37 L309/37/323/40 L323/40/332/45 style3 C295/135/3 C297/128/3 style1 E226/148/0/359/19/9 C203/158/7 P300/112/0 P299/112/15 P220/138/15 P221/138/15 P222/138/15 P223/138/15 P224/138/15 P219/138/15 P220/138/0 P221/138/0 P222/138/0 P223/138/0 P224/138/0 P219/138/0 P220/138/15 P221/138/15 P222/138/15 P223/138/15 P220/138/0 P221/138/0 P222/138/0 P223/139/0 P223/138/0 P220/138/15 P220/139/0 P220/138/0 P220/139/15 P221/139/0 P220/139/0 P222/139/0 P224/139/0 P227/139/0 P229/139/0 P230/139/0 P231/139/0 P232/139/0 P234/140/0 P235/140/0 P240/142/0 P241/142/0 P242/142/15 P246/147/15 P246/148/15 P245/148/0 P245/149/15 P246/147/0 P246/148/0 P206/146/15 P207/146/0 P207/147/0 P207/148/0 P206/148/15 P206/149/15 P206/150/15 P207/150/0 P206/149/0 P208/151/0 P208/152/15 P212/154/0 P211/154/0 P217/155/15 P216/155/15 P215/155/0 P214/155/0 P213/155/0 P214/155/15 P215/155/15 P216/155/0 P217/155/0 P216/156/0 P217/156/0 P218/156/0 P219/156/0 P220/156/15 P221/156/15 P222/156/15 P220/156/0 P221/156/0 P222/156/0 P220/157/0 P221/157/0 P222/157/0 P223/157/0 P224/157/0 P225/157/0 P226/157/0 P227/156/15 P228/156/15 P228/157/0 P229/157/0 P230/157/0 P231/157/0 P235/156/0 P238/155/0 P239/155/0 P241/153/15 P242/153/0 P242/152/15 P243/152/0 P242/152/0 P245/150/0 P244/145/0 P243/145/15 P242/144/15 P241/144/15 P242/144/0 P243/144/0 P240/144/15 P241/144/0 P240/144/0 P214/141/0 P219/140/0 P218/140/0 P217/140/0 P216/140/0 P207/156/0 P206/156/0 P205/156/0 P204/156/0 P203/156/0 P202/156/0 P210/158/0 P209/157/0 P208/157/0 P209/158/15 P209/159/0 P208/159/0 P207/160/0 P206/160/0 P205/160/0 P204/160/0 P203/160/0 P202/160/0 P207/160/15 P217/159/15 P218/158/15 P219/158/15 P205/155/15 P206/155/15 P207/154/15 P208/154/15 P210/143/0 P209/143/15 P209/144/0 P208/144/15 P208/145/0 P207/145/15 P207/146/15 P207/144/15 P208/143/15 P209/143/0 P208/144/0 P207/143/15 P208/143/0 P207/143/0 P206/144/15 P206/145/15 P207/145/0 P206/145/0 P207/144/0 P207/146/0 P206/146/0 P209/152/0 P209/153/15 P210/153/0 P209/153/0 P208/154/0 P207/154/0 P206/155/0 P205/155/0 P330/27/15 P329/27/15 P330/27/0 P331/27/15 P331/28/15 P331/27/0 P332/28/15 P333/29/15 P331/29/0 P328/27/0 P329/27/0 P316/23/15 P318/23/15 P317/23/15 P314/24/0 P313/24/0 P314/24/15 text/110/71 ~ P259/46/0 P260/47/0 P260/48/15 P261/48/0 P260/48/0 P261/49/0 P262/50/0 P263/51/0 P264/52/0 P264/53/0 P265/54/0 P266/55/0 P268/57/0 P268/58/0 P269/58/15 P268/58/15 P269/58/0 P269/59/0 P270/60/0 P271/62/0 P273/64/0 P274/65/0 P271/63/15 P272/63/0 P271/63/0 P275/66/0 P275/67/0 P276/67/15 P276/68/0 P276/67/0 P275/67/15 P277/70/15 P278/70/0 P277/70/0 P278/70/15 P277/70/15 P278/70/0 P277/70/0 P278/70/15 P277/71/15 P278/70/0 P277/71/0 P278/71/0 P277/71/15 P278/71/15 P277/71/0 P278/71/0 P279/72/0 P280/73/0 P281/75/0 P282/76/0 P283/78/0 P284/80/0 P284/79/0 P285/82/0 P286/83/0 P286/84/0 P286/85/15 P287/85/0 P288/87/0 P289/89/0 P289/90/0 P290/92/0 P291/93/0 P291/94/0 P291/95/15 P292/95/0 P291/95/0 P291/96/15 P292/96/0 P292/97/0 P291/96/0 P292/99/15 P293/99/0 P292/99/0 P294/100/0 P294/101/0 P295/102/0 P296/104/0 P296/105/0 P297/106/0 P297/107/0 P298/108/0 P298/109/0 P298/110/15 P299/111/0 P298/110/0 P299/114/15 P300/114/0 P299/114/0 P299/116/15 P300/116/0 P299/116/0 P300/118/0 P300/117/0 P300/120/0 P299/122/0 P299/123/0 P299/124/0 P299/125/0 P299/131/0 P299/133/0 P298/138/0 P298/139/0 P298/141/0 P298/142/0 P298/143/0 P298/144/0 P298/146/0 P298/147/0 P298/150/0 P298/151/0 P298/152/0 P297/154/0 P297/155/0 P297/157/0 P296/158/15 P297/158/0 P297/159/0 P296/159/15 P297/160/0 P296/160/0 P296/159/0 P295/161/0 P294/161/0 P293/162/0 P291/163/0 P290/163/0 P289/164/0 P288/164/0 P287/164/0 P286/165/0 P284/166/0 P283/166/0 P282/167/0 P281/167/0 P280/167/0 P279/168/0 P278/168/0 P277/169/0 P275/170/0 P274/170/0 P253/183/0 P253/182/15 P254/182/0 P253/182/0 P256/181/0 P255/181/0 P257/180/0 P258/179/0 P258/178/15 P260/178/15 P259/178/0 P260/178/0 P259/178/15 P260/178/15 P259/178/0 P260/178/0 P259/178/15 P260/178/15 P258/178/0 P259/178/0 P260/178/0 P261/177/0 P260/177/0 P262/176/0 P264/175/0 P263/175/0 P265/174/0 P266/174/0 P268/173/0 P267/173/0 P270/172/0 P269/172/0 P273/171/0 P272/171/0 P271/171/0 text/38/30 Locate the tender spots on lower arch-edge of the foot (corresponds to lumbar region). ~ text/421/26 With one foot, then the other, massage these points with your thumb, working in a circular motion, probing deeply. Do each point for five seconds. ~ P240/141/15 P239/141/0 P238/141/0 P237/141/0 P242/142/0 P242/143/0 P245/146/0 P245/147/0 P245/149/0 P241/153/0 P241/154/0 P240/154/0 P239/154/15 P237/155/0 P234/156/0 P233/156/0 P236/156/0 P228/155/15 P227/156/0 P226/156/15 P229/156/15 P228/156/0 P229/156/0 P228/155/0 P226/155/15 P226/156/0 P226/155/0 P218/158/0 P215/155/0 P214/155/0 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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