R00639199 big2C32012 BACK PAIN text2026 +quot;Correct+quot; posture is very important as a

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R0/0/639/199 big2C/320/12/ BACK PAIN text/20/26 "Correct" posture is very important as a low-back pain preventive, especially while walking and sitting. Poor posture may place extra strain on the vertebrae and disks, especially if there is disc damage. It would be wise to invest in a pair of top quality shoes before starting a walking program. Ask your practitioner about nutritional support for your spine (especially for women). ~ text/55/84 AT THE FIRST ONSET OF PAIN ~ text/5/95 Lie on your back and carefully put ankles on top of a chair back. Breathe deeply through your nose and sigh long and slowly while exhaling. Do the above for 5-15 minutes. This usually lessens pain within the first few minutes. ~ L548/105/560/133 L560/133/599/133 L568/134/560/153 L589/133/600/152 L543/92/553/99 L553/99/554/98 L554/98/559/102 L559/102/555/104 L555/104/550/104 L550/104/547/106 L547/106/541/112 L541/112/532/116 L532/116/527/118 L527/118/521/119 L521/119/509/128 L509/128/500/138 L500/138/495/141 L495/141/486/144 L486/144/474/143 L474/143/466/143 L466/143/459/144 L459/144/441/144 L441/144/416/143 L416/143/412/140 L412/140/411/140 L411/140/407/141 L407/141/401/143 L401/143/395/143 L395/143/385/142 L385/142/382/140 L382/140/381/137 L380/137/383/134 L383/134/386/132 L386/132/390/132 L391/132/389/133 L389/133/390/134 L390/134/389/136 L389/136/390/137 L390/137/392/137 L392/137/392/138 L392/138/389/139 L389/139/394/139 L394/139/399/139 L399/139/406/139 L406/139/407/141 L390/132/392/131 L392/131/395/131 L395/131/396/133 L396/133/397/132 L397/132/403/131 L403/131/404/132 L404/132/407/132 L407/132/409/132 L409/132/410/133 L410/133/410/135 L410/135/410/133 L410/133/417/133 L417/133/419/132 L419/132/430/131 L430/131/438/130 L438/130/455/130 L455/130/467/132 L467/132/476/127 L476/127/487/122 L487/122/497/118 L497/118/501/115 L501/115/505/115 L505/115/512/111 L512/111/529/104 L529/104/538/101 L539/101/539/97 L539/97/536/91 L536/91/537/89 L537/89/539/90 L539/90/543/93 L539/100/549/104 L514/118/520/120 L520/120/510/120 L467/132/469/142 L416/133/415/141 L424/137/438/142 L438/142/456/144 L456/144/504/143 L504/143/514/142 L514/142/504/142 L504/142/516/140 L516/140/501/140 L501/140/515/139 L515/139/506/137 L506/137/499/138 L499/138/491/140 L491/140/476/139 L476/139/464/139 L464/139/451/137 L451/137/435/134 L435/134/427/135 P469/140/0 P469/141/0 P469/142/0 P492/142/0 P492/141/15 P493/141/15 P490/142/15 P495/141/0 P494/141/0 P493/141/0 P492/141/0 P490/142/0 P491/142/0 P493/142/0 P496/140/0 P497/140/0 P498/139/0 P499/139/0 P484/139/15 P485/139/15 P486/139/15 P487/139/15 P488/139/15 P489/139/15 P490/139/15 P491/139/15 P492/139/15 P492/140/0 P491/140/0 P490/140/0 P489/140/0 P488/140/0 P487/140/0 P486/140/0 P485/140/0 P484/139/0 P484/140/0 P483/139/0 P482/139/0 P483/139/15 P484/139/15 P482/139/15 L552/105/565/133 L565/133/564/132 L565/132/561/131 L561/131/598/131 L598/131/598/132 text/32/161 HINT: If you do a lot of standing, put your bent leg on a chair or your foot on a short stool to take pressure off the back. ~ KB/170/147/193/152 KY R23/158/611/180 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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