text2750 FEET text9617 STEP 2 text2531 text128 Rub the entire foot surface. text9038 STEP

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text/275/0 FEET ~ text/96/17 STEP 2 ~ text/25/31 ~ text/1/28 Rub the entire foot surface. ~ text/90/38 STEP 3 ~ text/0/47 Beginning at the base of the toes, press points on either side firmly, and rub in between the joints. ~ text/90/85 STEP 4 ~ text/1/96 Make a fist and rub the soles with a vigorous, kneading motion. ~ text/90/125 STEP 5 ~ text/2/135 Using the flat part of the thumbs, press firmly and glide from the Achilles ten- don, working the calves up to the knees. ~ KV/81/156/318/183/45/161 L398/36/404/48 L404/48/424/65 L424/65/446/76 L446/76/445/89 L445/89/434/110 L434/110/439/130 L439/130/448/146 L448/146/448/152 L448/152/443/159 L443/159/444/164 L444/164/457/165 L457/165/486/164 L486/164/507/166 L507/166/531/167 L531/167/541/166 L541/166/543/164 L543/164/535/162 L535/162/529/162 L529/162/527/161 L527/161/514/157 L514/157/495/153 L495/153/482/151 L482/151/479/147 L479/147/479/140 L479/140/486/92 L486/92/495/80 L495/80/500/70 L500/70/497/63 L495/62/473/39 L473/39/451/18 style3 D100 C453/151/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D100 C453/143/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D100 C449/134/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D100 C446/126/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D100 C445/117/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D100 C444/109/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D100 C447/100/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D100 C447/91/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D100 C447/82/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D1000 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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