text79-1 For text910 FOR THE ANKLES text2610 Press the points in the hollows on both sides

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text/79/-1 For ~ text/91/0 FOR THE ANKLES ~ text/26/10 Press the points in the hollows on both sides of the ankles, behind and a little below the anklebones. ~ L37/53/41/68 L41/68/38/74 L38/74/34/77 L34/77/33/81 L33/81/40/82 L40/82/56/82 L56/82/70/80 L70/80/92/80 L92/80/116/81 L116/81/133/82 L133/82/145/81 L145/81/149/79 L149/79/148/77 L148/77/142/76 L142/76/135/75 L135/75/126/74 L126/74/106/72 L106/72/88/69 L88/69/81/68 L81/67/77/63 L77/63/79/57 L79/57/79/49 L57/64/61/66 L61/66/64/64 style3 C54/70/3 text/92/92 FOR THE KNEES ~ text/26/102 Press and massage in a circle around the kneecap. ~ KV/73/154/290/188/207/165 L43/126/49/154 L49/154/47/160 L47/160/47/167 L48/167/47/190 L103/126/97/153 L98/153/99/164 L99/164/96/169 L97/169/98/186 style3 C75/150/3 C61/153/3 C88/152/3 C54/172/3 C66/176/3 C79/176/3 C90/172/3 style1 text/423/2 FOR THE FEET ~ text/452/14 STEP 1 ~ text/334/24 Work all the reflexology points to the spine (ones along arch- edges). Press each point firmly with your thumbs for 2 seconds. ~ L356/95/362/108 L362/108/365/117 L365/118/358/129 L359/129/356/138 L356/138/359/141 L359/141/364/142 L364/142/376/143 L376/143/403/142 L403/142/424/140 L424/140/467/138 L467/138/490/140 L490/140/533/143 L533/143/567/143 L567/143/585/141 L585/141/601/140 L601/140/603/138 L603/138/603/135 L603/135/598/133 L598/133/581/134 L581/134/574/133 L574/133/563/132 L563/132/545/130 L545/130/514/125 L514/125/483/118 L483/118/463/112 L464/112/450/109 L450/109/441/100 L441/100/433/74 L330/72/356/96 style3 C401/130/3 C414/128/3 C427/127/3 C438/128/3 C450/130/3 C460/132/3 C471/133/3 C479/136/3 style1 L383/103/388/105 L388/105/392/106 L392/106/397/107 L397/107/401/105 L401/105/405/103 KV/409/103/419/108/608/133 KV/318/71/613/153/344/96 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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