text770 FOR THE ARMS text9417 STEP 1 text227 Massage across the underside of the wrists wi

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text/77/0 FOR THE ARMS ~ text/94/17 STEP 1 ~ text/2/27 Massage across the underside of the wrists with slow kneading motions, working from thumb side to little finger side as shown. ~ KV/82/142/285/183/0/158 L131/81/163/71 L163/71/169/69 L169/69/175/68 L175/68/178/69 L178/69/178/70 L178/70/161/77 L161/77/140/85 L140/85/143/85 L143/85/194/67 L194/67/202/66 L202/66/206/67 L206/67/203/69 L203/69/199/71 L199/71/153/89 L153/89/155/89 L155/89/182/80 L182/80/219/67 L219/67/223/67 L223/67/224/69 L224/69/226/69 L226/69/224/72 L224/72/212/77 L212/77/172/94 L172/94/219/77 L219/77/223/76 L223/76/227/77 L227/77/229/78 L229/78/228/80 L228/80/217/86 L217/86/173/105 L173/105/163/112 L163/112/160/118 L160/118/164/124 L164/124/175/125 L175/125/208/124 L208/124/232/123 L232/123/236/124 L236/124/243/126 L243/126/243/128 L243/128/225/132 L225/132/200/134 L200/134/162/136 L162/136/141/136 L141/136/124/137 L124/137/116/138 L116/138/106/138 L106/138/110/138 L110/138/77/147 L77/147/37/164 L173/94/159/99 L153/90/145/93 L139/86/129/89 L130/81/114/86 L114/86/98/92 L98/92/73/101 L73/101/61/108 L61/108/56/114 L56/114/0/138 L96/130/96/132 L96/132/99/135 L99/135/105/137 L57/113/61/117 L61/117/70/118 L88/102/114/105 L114/105/136/106 L148/114/114/115 L114/115/101/117 L124/84/134/86 L134/86/151/93 L151/93/164/99 L164/99/175/102 L142/78/148/81 L156/73/162/76 L160/80/165/83 L179/73/184/76 L175/83/184/88 L196/76/201/79 L184/90/193/94 L203/83/210/87 L203/125/201/127 L201/127/199/124 style3 D300 C95/139/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D300 C85/134/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D300 C73/129/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D300 C64/125/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 D300 C53/121/3 S1200/3 S2400/20 text/450/16 STEP 2 ~ style1 text/328/27 Press and massage around the bony part of the elbow. ~ text/451/46 STEP 3 ~ text/326/56 Press the point at the spot where the shoulderbone ends on each shoulder. ~ E472/102/0/359/20/13 L458/112/456/119 L456/119/452/123 L452/123/439/124 L439/124/411/126 L411/126/401/128 L401/128/398/131 L398/131/386/148 L484/112/486/121 L486/121/491/123 L491/123/501/124 L501/124/536/125 L536/125/540/126 L540/126/543/129 L543/129/553/145 L459/100/466/100 L478/100/484/100 L468/107/475/107 style3 L461/90/467/94 L467/94/483/95 L483/95/493/97 L493/97/495/104 L495/104/499/104 L499/104/497/98 L497/98/495/93 L495/93/490/90 L490/90/481/88 L481/88/460/88 L460/88/454/97 L454/97/449/99 L449/99/449/105 L449/105/444/104 L444/104/446/93 L447/93/453/90 L453/90/462/89 style1 L398/101/411/121 L411/121/418/115 L409/121/398/118 L546/100/533/121 L534/121/529/114 L534/120/546/117 L422/140/425/167 L425/167/428/177 L428/177/424/189 L522/137/520/167 L520/167/516/180 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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