big2C32013 SPRAINED ANKLE text1228 For immediate relief, soak in bucket or shallow pan of

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big2C/320/13/ SPRAINED ANKLE text/12/28 For immediate relief, soak in bucket or shallow pan of cold water with ice cubes in it for around 15 minutes or for as long as is comfortable. Do this several times. Keep your feet elevated. Wrapping lightly with an ace bandage has been known to help. If it isn't too tender, press points all around the ankle bone for 3 seconds each. Gently stroke the area away from the swelling.You can do this for yourself, but it works better to have a friend do it. ~ text/328/29 Have someone gently stretch your leg while you are laying down; being careful not to grasp the swollen or painful area. Run your shower water (5 min. hot as you can stand and 5 min. cold alternately) over the sprain. These seem to increase circulation and to decrease swelling. An inflatable cast, called the Air Stirrip might work for you. Ask your doctor. ~ text/342/154 If you think the damage is more than a simple sprain, consult with a professional first. ~ R329/148/625/185 S1000/80 S2000/80 S4000/80


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