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Reply to message 448 By: Fredric Rice To: Doug Lee Re: Josh McDowell St: Local ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @MSGID: 1:102/890.666@FidoNet 7b8c5016 @REPLY: 1:134/67.0 30394feb @PID: FM 2.02 SM> Bullshit. This is more regurgitated Josh McDowell BULLSHIT. dl> Ok. Who's this Josh McDowell guy? I know Sean will probably answer but... Josh McDowell is believed by Creationists to be the best 'scientist' ever to come along to defend their occult beliefs. The fact that McDowell doesn't employ science is besides the point: McDowell tells them it's science and, like good slaves to men, they believe it, every word. McDowell sells himself across the country talking to his wind-up slaves yet never once making the mistake of actually debating his occultism with scientists on scientific grounds and merits. He has published mythology books to support the Christanic mythologies dear to Creationists and has engaged in conspiracy mongering (though without the black helicopters so beloved by most conspiracy mongers of late) to explain-away the lack of scientific evidence. REAL scientific evidence, I mean. "Noah's" magic boat has been found, you see, but Evil Atheistic Communist Cabals of Scientists are covering-up the fact. He was once as ignored as all the other Creationist cult masters who came down the pike until Christanics started to actually express their beliefs that the bill of goods he was selling them is actually science. Since he was becoming responsible for rapeing children's minds in schools to the point where the child was left with incorrect beliefs about science, the better educated grudgingly started to debunk some of his biggest woppers. Eventually scientists decided that they had best make a concerted effort to squelch the unscientific and occult nonsense he was spewing - even though it is known that no person so unfortunate as to be brought up to believe in the Creationist occultism would never bother with the truth. McDowell's ocultism was published in several conspiracy books purporting to be science and they have all been soundly debunked by many scientists. The arguments McDowell made have all been seen before in the past 200 years and there was nothing new; nothing that needed debunking which hadn't already been soundly debunked a million times before by real scientists. His worse bit of occultism was "Evolution: Evidence that demands a verdict." The book is a monumental fabrication and collection of all the grandly debunked occult beliefs and superstitious dreds Creationists can muster. Several books written by real scientists have simply addressed each outrageous claim one by one and shown McDowell to be a liar and a dishonest ignorant.


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