07-02-88 12:52 ped Krishnas to begin work on 10-mile wall MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (UPI) _ Membe

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07-02-88 12:52 ped Krishnas to begin work on 10-mile wall MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (UPI) _ Members of the Hare Krishna community in Marshall County will begin work Monday on a 10-mile wall expected to surround the planned City of God. Gadadhar Das, director of public relations for the New Vrindaban community, said Saturday that a brick-making machine has been acquired and will make the wall a reality. "It can manufacture thousands of bricks daily out of ordinary earth, and it is diesel powered. We will finish the wall despite the state of the economy," Das said. A ceremony will be held Monday at the site of the main gate to the City of God, about one-quarter mile from New Vrindaban and the Krishna's Palace of Gold. Das said the first section of the wall should take about a year to complete. Included in the first section will be apartments, a convention center and a place for the Krishna's elephants to be kept, the spokesman said. Other sections of the wall will be worked on as the City of God takes shape inside, and the wall is expected to be completed in a decade's time. The wall will be 35 feet high. Das also said the celebration _ set for 11 a.m. Monday _ will mark the "de-motorization" of the people living at New Vrindaban. He said the faithful will be asked not to ride in motor vehicles within the community limits in the future. Once the City of God is completed, he said, motor vehicles will be banned from within the city walls. "This is to further simplify our lives," he said. Plans for the Hare Krishna's City of God say some 12,000 members will be able to live there with all necessities provided for them within the 300-acre community.


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