Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 9-3-87 It has been suggested that during the Pope's

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Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 9-3-87 It has been suggested that during the Pope's upcoming visit to America, he will tell Americans how far they have strayed from the values taught by Jesus Christ. The current trend among American followers of Jesus Christ is to call themselves as loyal followers of Christ and at the same time these followers want to engage in activities not sanctioned by the Pope and traditional Catholic practices. One of the practices that runs contrary to traditional Christian values is abortion. Another practice that these liberal Christians want to engage in with the official sanction of the Church is to have women act as priests and to have marriage between homosexual members of the same sex. There is no such liberalism in the Hare Krishna movement concerning these issues. Concerning abortion, it is the fashion that people in America want to engage in sex without taking any responsibility. This was the fault of the liberal attitude of the 60's sexual revolution. In today's era of sexual therapists, sex is natural and should be engaged and indulged in--without guilt. The result is that when one engages in this type of casual sex, abortion becomes necessary. The Krishna consciousness science says, "Yes, if you want to have sex, then that is good, but do it according to some practical restrictions." After all, it is admitted that sex is the number one pleasure in this material life. But the human being should be intelligent enough to know that sex is something that should be avoided unless one is after creating nice Krishna conscious children. Unfortunately today, especially in America where abortion is legal and the number of unwed mothers is constantly growing, the emphasis is on making women independent of men and stressing the importance of satisfying ones sexual inclinations without any restriction. This has resulted in the growing rift between the 2000 year old philosophy of the Catholic Church and the current trend in America toward liberalized religion. According to the Vedic perspective, it is another example of how people want to have the Kingdom of God here on earth, without God consciousness. Somehow or other, people today have lost the science of how to use ones sexuality and advance in God consciousness simultaneously. No, they think that by engaging in unrestricted sex, they'll be happy. However, no amount of unlimited sex has ever satisfied anyone and when it is encouraged by sex therapists and others, it is irresponsible encouragement. So today people are holding their sexual liberties like casual sex and homosexual habits as very important. At the same time they want an official approval from the Church to do so. It would be a mistake for the Church to give any approval for these activities. On the contrary, it is a good time for such Church officials to explain how sex is allowed only for making babies who will be given a chance to understand what his relationship with God is. Otherwise, sex life and its relationship to civilized life, what to speak of religious life, has no meaning. --Vaishnava Dasa


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