Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 9-10-87 Today, there is simply too much talking and

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Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 9-10-87 Today, there is simply too much talking and expressing personal opinions among those people who are looking for the truth that there is little hope in finding out truth. People who are searching after truth are placed into two categories, namely, the scientists who think that they'll find the truth through laboratory experimentation and deduction and the religious men who think that they'll find the truth through Holy scriptures and sacred rituals. But today it seems that as many religious men and scientists are there, there are that many different opinions about the idea of truth. Nobody is actually agreeing but everyone has their own opinions about the idea of truth. Just like this visit from Pope John Paul, the pontiff of the Catholic Church. He has come to America according to all the reports, to dialog with American Catholics and to discuss about various issues that American Catholics see as truth and what the Pontiff sees as truth. This is actually a novel idea because in the past, there was no question of dialoging and discussing about the authority of the Pope. The Pope is supposed to be regarded as the direct representative of Jesus Christ and there is no question of trying to bargain and pressure the Church change the orders of Jesus Christ. But there are American Catholics who see the Church as outdated and should adjust its teachings to allow for the morality of America today. That morality concerns a more liberal attitude on sexual behavior. And in the scientific world, scientists are continuing on with their various scientific projects and experiments meant to make the world a better place to live. However their tendency is to accept scientific research as supreme. Being very proud of their past scientific achievements, they theorize falsely that there is no God, there is no eternal soul, that there is no life after death although they cannot understand what is the cause of life which they theorize as chemicals; and in this way they are creating many various theories that are no more valid than fantasies. Mostly atheists are very proud of the achievements of the scientific world. Somehow or other, I have had the opportunity to talk with some very staunch atheists--one MD and one author and lecturer from the west coast. I was very much surprised that the author and the MD atheist believes that very soon medical science will find a cure to death and make it possible, perhaps within a matter of years to become immortal. And both have proclaimed the glories of material life which include TV, computers, nuclear energy, sexual freedom and the abolishment of all religion which they claim is based totally on mythology. So everyone now considers himself as an authority on the subject matter of truth and talking simply nonsense. There is no agreement. So the Hare Krishna philosophy is against talking nonsense like this. In this Kali-yuga age that we are living in, it is practically impossible to get an understanding of the truth simply by arguing. Our Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the founder of this Hare Krishna movement and predicted incarnation of Godhead declared that He Himself was not even qualified to understand the Vedanta philosophy and so He was just simply instructed to chant the holy names of God. This is a very good instruction for everyone in this age who is simply after talking and talking but getting nowhere. If they use their tongue to vibrate the holy name of God, then by this talking, they can get some kind of understanding about what is the real truth. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu noted that since He had begun the chanting of God's names, He had begun to experience some wonderful change of mind so that His happiness and understanding about what is God and what is truth was always constantly increasing. So following in the footsteps of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, this Hare Krishna movement is requesting everyone to kindly stop all their unnecessary talks and arguments and chant the holy names of God like Krishna and Rama. Then as the mind becomes more and more fixed up on what is God and who I am then everyone can save themselves from all these unnecessary talks which ultimately are of no value. It is said that such unnecessary talks are just like the croaking of frogs. Frogs are croaking and croaking but ultimately the snake comes and finishes the croaking frogs. Similarly, for the person who indulges in unnecessary talks, ultimately death comes and to finish that person and he again must accept birth in this miserable material world. --Vaishnava Dasa


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