Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 7-23-87 One of the most important things that's hap

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Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 7-23-87 One of the most important things that's happening to religion today is not happening inside the churches and temples around the world but may be happening inside the scientific research laboratories. The rapid advances of science are continuing to convince people that science may one day have an answer for everything--including the ability to create life. It's not easy for the common person to keep up on the different discoveries and breakthroughs due to scientific research. Now there are superconductors and supercolliders, artificial intelligence and genetic manipulation. At the heart of all this scientific endeavor is the attempt to try and find out the secret of life. Science is trying hard to unlock all the mysteries of life. What scientists do not know is that they will never be able to create life in their laboratories. That is the limitation of science. They may make progress for many hundreds and thousands of years, but their limitation will always be the same: they will not be able to create life. But their scientific propaganda suggests that life is only a complex arrangement of chemicals. They have come up with many theories about the origin of life: all of them suggesting that the origin of life began with an arrangement of chemicals which evolved over the years into complex life forms. Any current atheistic scientist cannot offer any good idea about the idea of life. After searching for years and years the simplest one-celled forms of life, still, they cannot understand what causes that one-celled living being to grow and multiply. However, they are claiming that they are very close to creating life in the laboratories. This has gotten many people to believe that the creation of life in the laboratories is simply a matter of years away. But in the meantime, this idea that we are only a complex combination of chemicals has zapped the enthusiasm and vitality of the human being. This athiestic view that human beings are nothing but chemicals is opposite in view to the idea that God and God alone can create life. Admittedly, science can sometimes take the eggs or seeds from the living beings and combine them in an artificial environment, but they cannot create any living beings by chemical combinations as they theorize life had begun. Life is eternal. Life is not the material body but life is the driver of the body. What we know as death is when the living element, the soul, takes leave of the particular body and goes on to another destination. As God is eternal, then His created parts and parcels, His children are also eternal. Unfortunately, the scientific theory accepts the phenomenal living body to be the all-in-all, whereas, the person who has some transcendental knowledge knows that the material body is only a covering for the eternal soul. So scientists and the scientific advocates one day look to the glorious future where science has one day conquered the problem of mortality and such research will provide anyone who's around the facility to live immortally here on the earth. You'll be surprised to know that some scientists and worshipers of science are actually having their dead bodies frozen so that when science does actually find a cure for death the dead bodies will be unfrozen and they will be able to bring the dead back to life. That deep freezing process is now going on. So that's the mentality of the scientists as well as their fantasy: they want to live in a place where God does not exist and live there forever. God allows them to believe in this fantasy until they understand that this world is actually not a nice place to live in for eternity. --Vaishnava dasa


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