Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 6-4-87 I think that by now everyone has had a good

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Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 6-4-87 I think that by now everyone has had a good laugh at the expense of television evangelists like Jim and Tammy Bakker and Oral Roberts. They may have made a lucrative business out of selling the kingdom of God, but both evangelists have committed errors in their efforts to serve God. Oral Roberts had never seen Jesus as he had claimed, rather he is simply bluffing the innocent public. Suppose you tell me that you had just met President Reagan and you had lunch together. Who would believe that? Rather people would think that you're crazy. But when someone says that they just talked with God, who is far superior that millions of Reagans, somehow everyone believes that. The Lord is in everybody's heart. He is accompanying you everywhere in His feature called the paramatma or supersoul. In ancient times, in an age called satya-yuga, when people lived for thousands of years, yogis and saints of India knew this and they went off into the forest, into seclusion, and meditated on God within the heart by the meditational process. When, after many years of purifying the heart by meditating on the lotus feet of Krishna, then it may have been possible for such yogis to become blessed by the Lord. The Supreme Personality of Godhead would reveal Himself to such a devoted yogi and thus the yogi's life would become perfect. But today, that meditational process is not at all practical. If one tried to sit in one place in quiet meditation, he'll simply think about sex- life or fall asleep, that's all. The easiest method and the recommended method in this age of constant disturbance and quarrel is to always remember the Lord by chanting His holy names. The Hare Krishna movement practices this by always chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. It is not brainwashing or mesmerizing as charged by critics, but it is the practical process of remembering and serving Lord Krishna always. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the father of the Krishna movement, recommended this process for cleansing the heart of all dirty things and removing the barrier that keeps us from remembering our relationship with Krishna. Only when becomes pure by serving Krishna always, Krishna gradually reveals Himself to such a sincere devotee. But there is a tendency for everyone who takes birth in this material world to exploit others. This tendency is also displayed by so-called religious men when they become very proud of their knowledge about God. As with little boys who brag about who they can beat up, or with women who brag by wearing the latest fashions, or with neighbors who brag by owning the newest cars; religious men brag by saying they just finished talking to God. On the contrary, in our Hare Krishna tradition, one devotee whose name was Sanatana Goswami, set the example by saying that he didn't have the least bit of knowledge about Krishna and that he was in great depths of spiritual ignorance. He was actually a perfect example of a truly religious personality. Although he had full knowledge about Krishna consciousness, he displayed himself as ignorant and most fallen. All that is necessary for religious preaching to go on is to repeat the words which are given in the bona fide scriptures like Bhagavad-gita and many other authorized religious books. Our Krishna movement follows that process. There is no necessity to place ones faith in the subjective experiences anyone and everyone. Because Oral Roberts has said that he talked to God, he is actually encouraging everyone to create their own form of religion based on their own mental concocted ideas. Now it has become quite the fashion to talk with God, but this happens to be the fantasy of so-called religious men. Another popular variation of the talking-to-God syndrome is the God-has forgiven-all-my-sins syndrome. This was displayed by Jim Bakker when he appeared on ABC's "Nightline". Mr. Bakker had admitted quite frankly that God has already forgiven him for his sins. This encourages everyone to do anything sinful and abominable and at the same time, because God is unlimitedly merciful they think, God will always forgive them. The Krishna philosophy teaches that although God is merciful undoubtedly, but the devotee strictly avoids all sinful behavior like meat eating, illicit sex, gambling and intoxication so that God may one day forgive him. He never feels that he already has the mercy of the Lord, but he avoids all types of sin in order to serve the Lord in hopes that someday, he may get the mercy of the Lord. That is the difference between the teachings of the Krishna consciousness science and the actions of televangelists like Jim and Tammy Bakker and Oral Roberts.--Vaishnava Dasa


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