Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 4-30-87 A lot of attention nowadays is given to TV

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Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 4-30-87 A lot of attention nowadays is given to TV evangelist Jim Bakker and his fall down on account of his sexual misconduct. Still, we are, glad to know, that when a teacher of religion does something against the principles of religion, people become upset so much so, that they will reject such a faker. We're living in a world today that everyone and anyone wants to become a big religious leader and exploit the innocent public. Because this is going on everywhere, the people in general are confused about the aim of religion. It is stated in the Vedic literatures, specifically in the Shrimad Bhagavatam, that in this age of Kali-yuga, or the age of quarrel and hypocrisy, what will pass for religion will actually be irreligious and that which will actually be religious, will be considered irreligion. In the case of Jim Bakker and even Oral Roberts, they have been living quite comfortably at the expense of the general public. Bakker would come on TV and request donations in the name of the Lord, and then pay off the woman that he had an affair with so that she would keep quiet. And, Oral Roberts claimed that Jesus would take his life if he couldn't come up with $8 million in funds for medical missionary work. So until such abuse by these rich and famous religious characters became so obvious that it couldn't be hidden anymore, they were going on happily collecting their money in the name of God and Jesus. So this is going on the Kali-yuga, but collecting money in the name of God and becoming a businessman; that's not religion but an abuse of the public trust. We have personally seen this type of abuse going on everywhere practically without exception so we are giving some ample warning to those people who are interested in understanding spiritual life: You can get God, there is no doubt about it, but if you're not careful, you'll only get cheated. When we see these things going on in the name of religion, we need not at all become disappointed. After all, there is practically no place where someone is not selling out. Corruption is everywhere. Look at Graylord, aldermen going to jail, and a principal, who wasn't exactly a "pal", going to jail for child abuse. This corruption is not new. It's simply one of those cold, hard facts of life that wolves really do live in sheep's clothing. The Supreme Lord, Lord Shri Krishna, has not abandoned the earth. That fact you must know. As the Supreme Lord, Krishna never abandons a person who is trying to know Him. Now we are all living in this crazy material world and there are dangerous and crazy men all around us who are completely atheistic and wild. Such crazy men can even talk about God for hours and hours but be completely insane. So if you are serious about knowing God, then you must be able to know how to find God. If you are serious about knowing God, you must go to a person who knows who God is. People need God and they are searching for God. This is natural. The need to know God is not artificial but it is the most important endeavor for a person who wants to go home, back to Godhead, having been convinced that life in this material world is dangerous. So in order to find out about God, one must be completely sincere. Then one can find about God very easily. To know God is not a cheap thing. But if you want to be cheated, there are hundreds and millions of bogus religious teachers who take your money and cheat you, but you'll never be satisfied neither will you find salvation. --Vaishnava dasa


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