Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 10-22-87 When Prabhupada came to America in 1965 to

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Vedic Perspective Editorial Commentary 10-22-87 When Prabhupada came to America in 1965 to establish this Hare Krishna movement, his idea was to create and train up a class of men known as brahmanas. The idea is that in every civilization, there must be an intelligent class of men who are able to guide society toward the ultimate goal of advancing toward understanding who is God. Without that goal in mind, there is no possibility for peace and happiness. In India, that caste system is already there, but that caste system has also become corrupted. There are the first-class men known as brahmanas who are expert in religious ideas and they guide the whole society in understanding God. But today, there are no such brahmanas and no such caste system only a class of men known as dvija-bandhus. A dvija-bandhu is a person who should be a brahmana but he is not actually qualified to be a brahmana first-class man. The word "dvija" means twice- born. In the Christian faith this term is used, "born again" and the term "dvija" is similar. So what is meant by being "born again"? That means that a person takes his first birth from mother and father, but that second birth means somehow or other coming to the understanding that I am not really this body that comes from mother and father, but I am spirit soul, and that God is actually my real father. When one understands this, that is known as being "dvija" or being born again. That is the idea behind a brahmana. The brahmana is a dvija because he knows all about the idea that he is spirit and has nothing to do with this body made of flesh and bones. So the idea of "dvija-bandhu" means that a person should be a brahmana, but instead of being a brahmana, he is only a "bandhu" or a "friend" of a dvija. A "dvija-bandhu" means a person who is not qualified to be a brahmana or a first-class man. There are no brahmanas in these Western countries, only dvija-bandhus. That is what is lacking in the Western world, a class of men who are knowledgeable about how to understand God. But people are maintaining the civilization simply by economical factors and those people who should be brahmanas like highly intelligent persons, they are not interested in God, but they are interested in scientific theories. I got one letter from a college student yesterday. I was trying to advertise about this Hare Krishna movement which is opposed to the atheistic idea of life coming from chemicals. She wrote me one letter: "Dear Sir, I am a biology major in college and it is true that our bodies are made up of only chemicals. I know that it sounds terrible, but it is true. Our chemical balance is mainly composed of water, carbon monoxide, amino acids, carbohydrates, etc. So if you really think that it is so terrible then think about what we all turn into after death; gas, and such chemicals that either evaporate or just decay away. I personally had a very hard time believing that if you went to a store we're worth about $5 or $6 if you were to buy the major chemicals that make up our bodies." That is what is being taught today in schools that the human being is simply a chemical combination. There is no knowledge there but this is due to the lack of the brahmana who knows about the science of Krishna consciousness. The science wants to eliminate death ultimately and by so doing, make eternal life possible here on earth. I wondered if man could actually live in peace with his fellow man for eternity here on earth in my advertisement and so the student continued: "In answer to the question about curing man's inhumanity to each other there are two choices for you, alcohol and the female species which is the only cure for all man's problems." It seems that without a class of brahmanas, the only solution for society is alcohol and women, but those are the solutions for the shudra class of people only. But when people have no interest in the Vedic culture of Bhagavad-gita, then the culture of brahmanas is not possible. --Vaishnava dasa


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