APny 11/14 0745 Trump-Krishnas NEW YORK (AP) -- Mega-developer Donald Trump has built ever

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APny 11/14 0745 Trump-Krishnas NEW YORK (AP) -- Mega-developer Donald Trump has built everything from skyscrapers to casinos, but a request from Hare Krishna spiritual leader Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipaba could be his greatest challenge yet. The swami wants Trump's help in turning a 300-acre site near Trenton, N.J. into a "City of God," according to Sanatha Dasi, 33, a former Manhattan resident who is serving as the project's architect. "The swami is big enough to talk to Donald Trump," Dasi told the New York Post. "The question is: `Is Donald Trump big enough to talk to Swami?"' The Post said a Trump representative could not be reached for comment Friday night. The Krishna plan includes a huge temple and 16 satellite temples on the site in Lawrenceville, N.J., the Post said. The "City of God" would be home to 12,000 devotees. A Krishna spokesman, William Henry, said the site was chosen for its historical significance. "We figure what's better to build on that where George Washington helped lead the colonists to victory over the British," he told the newspaper. APnj 11/14 1907 Krishna Home By The Associated Press A West Virginia-based Hare Krishna sect is focusing on a tract of land in central New Jersey for a walled "City of God" that could become home to 12,000 followers, a group spokesman said Saturday. The project architect walked the parcel of more than 200 acres in Lawrenceville on Saturday with agents from the Coldwell Banker real estate agency, said William Henry, spokesman for the sect, which now makes its home in Moundsville, W. Va. Henry would not confirm a published report that developer Donald Trump had been asked to help turn the site into a "City of God." The New York Post reported in Saturday's editions that the sect's spiritual leader, Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada, wants Trump's help. A Trump spokesman could not be reached for comment Saturday. The "City of God" would include a temple big enough for 6,000 worshippers and 16 satellite temples. The city would be comprised of eight residential communities where elephants would provide transportation, Henry said. He said the New Jersey property is attractive partly because of its proximity to New York City and Philadelphia. Henry said the architect will submit a recommendation to the sect's council of elders, who then will make a recommendation to the swami. He expects the swami to look at the site in late November, but added the sect will continue to look at other properties. Henry said the sect needs at least 280 acres and that the site reviewed Saturday was somewhat smaller. However, the real estate agents assured the group that neighboring properties may become available, Henry said.


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