4 05-09-88 08:27 ped Krishnas to vote, and say prayer for Earth MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (UPI) _

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4 05-09-88 08:27 ped Krishnas to vote, and say prayer for Earth MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (UPI) _ The devotees at the Hare Krishna commune are taking a two-pronged approach to protecting their community: voting and praying. While casting ballots in West Virginia's primary election today, the residents of the New Vrindaban commune in Marshall County also are to hold a "day of prayer for the Earth," Gadadhar Das, spokesman for the commune, said Monday. Gadadhar said community has about 600 residents, half of which are eligible voters. "We are voting in the local elections for the people we feel who have been more fair to us than others," Gadadhar said. "It is hard to say whether there are more Democrats or Republicans here. We are interested in people who have a Godly idea of life." "All of our people are encouraged to vote," he said. Gadadhar said many of his sect's own teachings coincide with the predictions of Dark Ages' seer Nostradamus, who told of massive earthquakes and other natural disasters. Nostradamus, Gadadhar said, selected May 10, 1988, as a pivotal date for the disasters. The Hare Krishna religion, an offshoot of Hinduism, sets no such date, but shares many of the same signs that are to pre-date the disasters: "a general trend of Godlessness," wholesale sin and environmental changes. To mark the day _ Tuesday and West Virginia's primary election day _ the Krishnas have scheduled a "day of prayer for the Earth" at the New Vrindaban commune, Gadadhar said. The event is to begin at 11 a.m. at the Temple of Understanding and is to include remarks by a Krishna seer and a fire sacrifice of grains and butter. "We feel that something could happen," Gadadhar said. "Scientists have noticed trends of radical changes in our environment. The Krishnas have planned a series of towns _ called "Cities of God" _ that would be nuclear-war proof and would house the teachings of all the major religions. The sect also has mapped out plans for disaster relief and food distribution programs. While not directly connected to the disaster theories, Gadadhar said the plans could play a role in the aftermath of such natural disasters.


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