APn 04/11 1510 Krishna Body Copyright, 1988. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. MO

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APn 04/11 1510 Krishna Body Copyright, 1988. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (AP) -- A man whose charred body was found near a Hare Krishna commune was shot in the head by a small-caliber gun, authorities said Monday, but they do not know if the death was a suicide or homicide. State Medical Examiner Irvin Sopher said in an autopsy report that he found a .22-caliber slug in the man's brain. "He determined the bullet entered through the right temple area," Marshall County Prosecutor Thomas White said. Parts of a burned .22-caliber pistol were found near the body, believed to be that of Todd Schenker, the prosecutor said. Authorities found ammunition for the gun inside Schenker's nearby house. Marshall County Sheriff Donald Bordenkircher said a lack of dental records has stymied attempts to identify the remains positively. However, the sheriff said all evidence gathered so far points to Schenker, a former member of the Hare Krishna community at New Vrindaban. "We're not making any judgments at this time between homicide and suicide. The medical evidence can't tell us that," White said. Schenker's wife, Judith, was taken to the Ohio Valley Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation after members of the New Vrindaban community told county mental health authorities that she had "made suicidal comments," the prosecutor said. "It was for her own protection," he said. Gadadhar Das, a spokesman for New Vrindaban, said Mrs. Schenker had mentioned suicide to several members of the community after the body was found. "We brought her in to the local authorities," Gadadhar said. "Whether it be suicide or foul play, we would like to see the whole thing straightened out. We've cooperated fully with the sheriff's department on this."


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