The religion in which the founder proclaims +quot;I am the truth; surrender unto Me+quot;

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From: Shiv Jhawar on 1:129/34 The religion in which the founder proclaims "I am the truth; surrender unto Me" is, I think, the closest to the truth. Krishna has proclaimed "I am the truth". Jesus also has proclamed, "I am the truth". Buddha has also proclaimed, "I am the truth". You will also find others like mohammed, Mahavira also making the same ultimate statement. We human beings ordinarily get confused with these statements. To our mind, when one is right, another must be wrong. You see, spiritual science or religion is too subtle and complex understand. Compared to any knowledge available on this earth, the spiritual knowledge reqires the most intelligence and purification of heart to understand. Truly speaking, without the guidance and help of a great spiritual master (such as Lao-tse, Yogananda Paramhansa, Ramkrishna Paramhansa), a spiritual seeker cannot even make an inch of real spiritual progress. It might appear very astounding to the reader what I am stating. Just to make my point accross, I would like to mention about a small book titled "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones". The book is compiled by Paul Reps who is an American and who has spent a great deal of his lif in India, Norway, and Japan. He is a student of comparative religions. In the chapter "centering" of this book, he writes as follows after meeting the great Siddha Guru Lakshmanjoo, in Srinagar (Kashmir, India): "Here Lakshmanjoo-tall, full bodied, shining-welcomes me. He shares with me this ancient teaching from the VIGYAN BHAIRAVA and Sochanda Tantra, both written about four thousand years ago, and from Malini Vijaya Tantra, probably another thousand years older yet. It is an ancient teaching, copied and recopied countless times, and from it Lakshmanjoo has made the beginnings of an English version. I transcribe eleven more times to get it into the form given here. Shiva first chanted it to his consort Devi in a language of love we have yet to learn. It is about the immanent experience. It presents 112 ways to open the invisible door of consciousness. I see Lakshmanjoo gives his life to its practicing. Some of the ways may appear redundant, yet each differs from any other. Some may seem simple, yet any one requires constant dedication even to test it. Surely men as inspirators, known and unknown to the world, have shared a common uncommon discovery. The Tao of Lao-tse, Nirvana of Buddha, Jehovah of Moses, the Father of Jesus, the Allah of Mohammed - all point to the experience. No-thing-ness, spirit- once touched, the whole life clears." So, I trust you find the above helpful in getting your answer. I never say or believe that one religion is closer to truth compared to another. There is no point in considering one inferior or superior. What is important is that every great religion teaches LOVE. I recall "God is Love.", said Lord Jesus (He did not say God is loving). Actually, there is no difference in "God" and "Love". Lord Jesus also said, "Kingdo of God is within you." But, just many people understand Jesus, and also the ten commandments of Lord Moses (How many christians you find who really understand and practice the ten commandments). It is really unfortunate that Lord Jesus was misunderstood by those so called intelligent and high ranked human beings who decided to crucify Jesus. Sometimes I wonder if people even today will learn a lesson from history. You see, there has never been a time on this planet earth when God did not have His (call Her, It or whatever) messenger to teach human beings LOVE ...sometime the God's son appears from the East, sometimes, from the West, Sometimes fro North, sometimes the God's son comes with a beared on, sometimes without a beared, sometimes from a rich family, sometimes from a poor family. But we human beings always commit the same mistake. Whenever we meet a new one, immediately we want to compare Him/Her with the old one...and you know, there has never been a second Krishna, or second Jesus or second Buddha nor will there be. The greatest has always been unique. We must have missed Krishna, or Buddha, or Jesus otherwise we would not be here on this planet today to evolve spiritually. From: Shiv Jhawar To: Ray Osborne Re: CAN, SCP REFERENCES... > Our greatest presidents were men of the Christian faith. Our > founding fathers were Christians. We just celebrated Thanksgiving > because Christians came to this conuntry seeking religious > freedom. And that freedom is cherished to all no matter what > faith. Modern Christian countries have been very tolerant of other > faiths including yours. > You know the point I made in reply to somebody saying that poverty in India was due to Hinduism. Just as materalistic wealth of America was not due to christianty, the poverty of India was not due to Hinduism. James Watt, George Stephenson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison made great scientific research and discoveries which made America rich...go read to find if any of these great men were holding a Doctor of divinity, or ministership/priestship in a christian church. None of these great beings was a Bible preacher. Europe and America did not achieve the height of worldly wealth due to christian religion. This fact is really eye-opening. "Thou shalts," and "Though Shaltnots" did not help the above noted scientists, but in fact were an obstacle. Read history to find that after the spread of christianity in Europe, for one thousand years the Europe remained under indescribable darkness and superstition. Never before on this planet such a superstion and darkness for this much long time prevailed. The christian beliefs tortured/ burned the scientific thinkers. Burno was a great scientific thinker; he was burnt to death. Do you what kind of torturing great Carlyle, Johnson and others had to go through under christianity? Dark and middle ages were removed by Renaissance. Theosophy, christian science, and spiritualism...the prophet of new and modern thinking was Emerson who spread true spirituality. Henry D. Thoreau was the spiritual master of great Emerson. Another inspirer of Emerson was Carlyle. Kant and Schopenhauer inspired Carlyle and Walt Whitman. Read Kant, Schopenhauer, and Fitche before making childish comments on the religion of India. Schopenhauer in his book "The world is Will and Idea", writes," In the whole world there is no religion or philosophy so sublime and elevating as the Vedanta (Upanishads). This Vedanta (Upanishads) has been the solace of my life, and it will be the solace of my death." You want to read more...the famous historian and philosopher Victor Corsin of France writes, "When we read with attention the poetical and philosophical monuments of the East, above all, those of India which are beginning to spread in Europe, we discover there many a truth and truths, so profound, and which make such a contrast with the meanness of the result, at which the European genious has sometimes stopped and we are constrained to bend the knee before the philosophy of the East, and to see in this cradle of the human race the native land of the highest philosophy". The great Max Muller writes, "I am neither ashamed, nor afraid to say that I share his (Schopenhauer's) enthsiasm for the Vedants and feel indbted to it for much that has been helpful to me in my passage through life". In the books by Sir Edwin Arnold, namely "India Civilized his Song Celestial", " His light of Asia", and "His Song of Songs", you will found how much indebted the world is toward India. Did you know Columbus who discovered America was looking for India? India was not always poor. India was known at one time all over this world for materialistic wealth and civilization. During the time of Lord Buddha, India achived a great height of prosperity. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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