APwv 11/30 1201 Krishnas-Klan JIM THORPE, Pa. (AP) -- Ku Klux Klan members holding a rally

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APwv 11/30 1201 Krishnas-Klan JIM THORPE, Pa. (AP) -- Ku Klux Klan members holding a rally threatened "trouble" if a West Virginia-based Hare Krishna sect attempts to build a walled city in Carbon County. "We're here to let the people know in this white, Christian town that we don't want the cow worshipers up on that mountain," a hooded organizer said. The rally Saturday drew five robed Klansmen and several others in street clothes. Hare Krishna members from New Vrindaban in Marshall County, W.Va., recently said they were considering purchasing the 400-acre Flagstaff Mountain Park in Jim Thorpe for a walled city for 12,000 people. The Klansmen, from neighboring Schuylkill County, said they came to Jim Thorpe to show their support for local efforts to stop the Krishnas from buying the property. "If the cow worshipers get that mountain, all hell could break loose," the Klansman said. Some protesters without robes wore "Swami Buster" T-shirts, which have become a popular item in Jim Thorpe. The Klan organizer said his group was encouraged to rally in Jim Thorpe after hearing a speech by Republican state Sen. James Rhoades at a public meeting last week. At the meeting, Rhoades said, "I only live 15 to 20 miles away. Believe me, I don't want somebody knocking on my door trying to corrupt the minds of my kids. "My attitude is: If they want to see how a redneck fights, watch me," he said. Rhoades said Saturday he never meant to encourage the Klan. "I have not invited any Klan group to help us fight our battle," he said. "This is our battle."


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