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From: Madoc To: Janardana Dasa Re: reply >At ANY Hare Krishna temple, anyone can receive without charge >sumptuous vegetarian feasts, and it doesn't matter that they accept >our philosophy or reject it completely. Hi Janardana! Just a quick note on some of your interesting comments. You are quite correct about the free meals. My father-in-law is a Priest of Kriyra Yoga, and he eats at the Boulder Hare Krishna house every couple of weeks. Vegetarian fare is not my taste, but he says it's excellent, and they've never tried to convert him. I've noticed that some of his religious insignias and emblems are the same as the ones I've seen on Hare Krishna documents. I have a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind my asking. Is it the "official" Hare Krishnas who solicit money in airports? I always thought so, but I was not sure... If so, what is the reason? I try not to be prejudiced against any religion, but, having been a serviceman, I always noticed that the servicemen got "picked on" quite a bit in airports, mostly by Hare Krishnas. I was actually robbed by a Hare Krishna in Washington DC a few years back. I was sightseeing in uniform at the Capitol Building, and a lady asked if I would make a donation to "Krishna Consciousness." I said no, so she asked if I would mind breaking a five for her so she could ride the bus. Without thinking much about it, I gave her five ones, expecting her to give me the fiver she held in her hands. Instead, she handed me a book and started walking away. I followed her, loudly demanding my money. She said, "Do you know how much that book costs to print?" I told her I didn't want her book and tried to give it back, but she would not take it. I was persistant (I tend to like to keep my money!), and finally she stopped and asked me if I knew what would happen to her if she went back to her people without having made any money all day. She was pretty attractive and well-dressed, and she gave me quite the come-hither look. I refused to be put off and demanded my money again. Then she said, "Call a cop and I'll tell him you tried to feel me up." I was stunned, imagining the implications. She just ran off, and I let her, having no idea what to do next. If it happened now, I'd tackle her and let the chips fall where they may. What are your opinions on this? I don't, of course, hold you or your religion responsible for that situation, but I'd like to know what you think of it. Is soliciting money a part of your "official" or required duties as a devotee? If so, how does your religion teach that such solicitation be done? >Finally, Hare Krishna's have no problem with accepting the position >of Christ as the Son of God. Why not? He certainly proved through >his works, through his teachings, and through his ascension that he >was just who he says he was. We accept Jesus Christ as such. It is >YOU who places limitations on HIM. Well have at it.... Interesting. I never knew that. Were you aware that the Theosophists also integrate the Christian pantheon (hehehe) with Eastern religions like Hinduism? They are headquartered in Wheaton, Il, so perhaps you have had some contact with them? Have you ever heard of a "Lord Matreiya?" Pax, Madoc


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