07 May 88 14:43 Saturday Krishnas, Sect: Raze Jail, Raise Animals MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (AP)

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07 May 88 14:43 Saturday Krishnas, Sect: Raze Jail, Raise Animals MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (AP) _ If the 120-year-old West Virginia Penitentiary is ever put up for sale, the Hare Krishna community might want to buy it, raze it and then raise elephants, the sect's newsletter says. The Krishnas also could use the prison kitchen to feed the homeless and take blocks from its sandstone walls for new buildings, according to the April issue of New Vrindaban Worldwide. The state Supreme Court has found conditions at the prison unconstitutional and appointed a special master to make periodic reports. One of the special master's suggestions was that the prison be sold and another one built. The prison was the scene of a New Year's Day 1986 riot in which three convicts were killed. Three other inmates also were killed later during 1986. "If the Penitentiary did go up for sale, what do the devotees propose to do with it? Well, it has a modern kitchen. It could be turned into a center for the homeless to expand our Food for Life program," said the Krishna newsletter, portions of which appeared in the Moundsville Daily Echo last week. "Maybe we'll tear down the walls to use for building, keep the kitchen for the homeless and use the land for an elephant reserve. If you have any ideas, we'd be glad to hear them. How about the Moundsville Castle of Understanding?" The Krishnas are based in nearby New Vrindaban. The newspaper noted that their presence has caused some distress among other Marshall County residents, and a sale of the prison might draw opposition from those who oppose expanded Krishna holdings.


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