The Bork Nomination: What It Says About the Rest of Us One of the items on President Reaga

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The Bork Nomination: What It Says About the Rest of Us One of the items on President Reagan's agenda for this, his final term in office, was to put an end to legalized abortion. He made no secret of this fact when he went on to endorse Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court. With Bork sitting on the Supreme Court, there would be a good chance that an anti-abortion majority would be created to overturn the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision which legalized abortion. However, upon learning of these anti-abortion tactics earlier this year, pro-choice forces such as Planned Parenthood and various women's groups nationwide immediately countered with a vow to fight to the bitter end. Bork became a symbol of a return to a more conservative era where women did not have what they call "reproductive freedom" and which freedom women now hold very dear. It is a mistaken idea--according to the Vedic philosophy which is followed by the Hare Krishna movement--that women today in America are fighting traditional attitudes which they feel places them in a second-class citizen category. This idea has gone as far as to claim that women should have the right to reproductive freedom--or, the right to an abortion. While it is not a surprise that such a view is held by a good number of leaders of women who think that this is far beyond the power of the government to stop abortion, especially when the government has already given them the right to an abortion, it is a surprise to know that abortion has already found a great deal of sympathetic followers. Among those sympathizers are priests and nuns who have risked their position in the church even to come out and be counted as clergy for a new morality. Chastity in the service of the Supreme Lord has been topic of many new TV dramas which portray the anguished priest in a passionate quest to find peace with himself and his vow of nonsexuality, yet ultimately gives in to a relationship which he takes as equally, if not more, spiritually rewarding. End of movie. Yet in real life, this drama is going on and there is a great deal of behind-the-pulpit sex going on as the public has just seen with Jim Bakker and Jessica Hawn. And so the saying goes that the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing (?) But the spirit should be willing to obey the orders of the Supreme Lord Krishna who wants that everyone use his sexuality in a constructive sense, and not to engage without care. Therefore, a compromise has to be agreed to. That compromise means to use the sexual functions to produce a God centered family. Today, however, nobody is agreeable to this proposal. There is a great deal of contrary forces which argue for abortion. (1) The scientific theory that man should continue on to enjoy life without care for the consequences is very widespread. There is no question of immorality as far as science is concerned. As long as there is ample opportunity to enjoy and seek fulfillment through the body: that is the service that science provides man. Since there is no life after death as we are all combination of chemicals, there is no question of impending judgement. (2) The question that the fetus is only dead tissue until a certain stage of life had been started by Dr. Bernard Nathanson and his colleagues back in 1968. That motivated "scientific" theory, along with other false propaganda--once fed to the media--fueled the pro-abortion movement and eventually led to the legalization of abortion. Although Dr. Nathanson today has requested an end to abortion having had a change of heart, the theories he set into motion have found others to breath newer life into them. (3) The philosophy of the "equal rights" movement has given the irresponsible class of men a basis on which to exploit the woman. Such irresponsible men are very comfortable when there are a great deal of sexually liberated women to take advantage of. Once the woman is taken advantage of, the exploiter of women goes away to leave the woman to kill the child or to beg assistance from the government. It is not surprising to note that in such a sexually liberated society in America that such sexual scandals have occurred to Gary Hart and late President John F. Kennedy among other big leaders in important places. (4) American leaders of the traditional Catholic Church have been rallying sympathizers for dialog and compromise with the Pope for allowing some relaxation of sexual restraints given by the Vatican. Sexual reality has changed so much in recent years in the West that there is practically no question of sexual obedience to spouse or the church--even among the clergy, what to speak of the laity. (5) Ever-growing business of pornography and the cultural acceptance of sexual liberation gives mass-media full freedom to stimulate the imaginations of the consumer. Hard core pornography is readily available anywhere and everywhere. Keeping the fire of uncontrolled sex desire burning literally forces one into a passionate mode and he acts helplessly under the control of the senses. The false argument that pornography has no provable effect upon a persons desire for sex has no meaning. (6) Other ideologies such as abortion is a violation of women's freedom to control her body, abortion is a solution to overpopulation, abortion is hope for teenage pregnancy, abortion is etc., etc.,--the pro- abortion argument goes on and on. It is ironic to note that under good intentions everyone is coming up with various angles to support the virtues of killing unborn babies. According to the science of Krishna consciousness, the consequences of choosing sex pleasures over sex restraint according to religious principles ultimately take their toll individually and collectively. Individually, one will have to suffer a similar fate as the fetus undergoes. Why are abortions going on and God is watching from Heaven, some may consider? It is a proof of divine justice that the karmic cycle of kill and be killed in the womb is going on. Now, it is practically unavoidable to stop this killing. Because violence breeds violence is going on, the baby killing society must also experience the same fate, despite their scientific disbelief. Science or no science, the laws of nature known as karma, must go on full force. One can foolishly say there is no consequence to ones actions and deny all sober evidence presented. That does not exempt anyone from the irresistible laws that force one into old age, disease and death without exception. Collectively, society suffers the present dilemma, that is, a growing population of unwanted children without two parents who enter a world of sensual hedonism. The convenience of abortion is not without its price. Despite the advancement of technological achievements, the human being can find some peace of mind and sanity by the process of chanting the holy name of Krishna. Technology is a product of the utopian ideas of mankind as he strives with all good intentions toward that day when there is no more death, no more old age, no more disease within the boundaries of this universe. The abortion idea is simply a convenience for man and women to go on conquering more territories of enjoyment, but such distractions lead away from the primary goal of life which is to find out a way out of the world of constant sufferings. It is an incompatible situation that the man finds himself desirous of happiness and eternality, yet, due to his present circumstances, he cannot avoid suffering and death. Therefore, the Vedic philosophy urges one to wake up and become eternal by the process of engaging in the devotional service of the Supreme Lord. That process for the present age of quarrel, deceit, hypocrisy, turmoil, irreligion, emotional upheaval and emphasis on temporary solutions--known as the age of Kali-yuga--is called the process of sankirtana or the congregational chanting of the holy names of God. That process of sankirtana is authorized by the ancient Vedic literatures as the most effective means to conquer practically the forces of the Kali- yuga age. It is known that in this present age, Kali-yuga acts to deteriorate all the good qualities of a man beginning with cleanliness, austerity, mercy and truthfulness. And it is noted therein that as the age progresses, the attack of the Kali-yuga becomes more intense until that time when the so-called human being will live simply like cannibals. Already, that is going on in some demonic cults in the west coast. But by the saving grace of the hari-nama sankirtana, anyone who is interested in conquering the oppressive and degrading forces of the Kali-yuga can easily take protective shelter underneath the lotus feet of the holy names of God and chant with all humility and sincerity the Hare Krishna maha-mantra: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna, whose mercy becomes evoked by the chanting of His names, becomes inclined to award all the necessary benedictions to that sincere chanter. By His grace alone, one can easily traverse the dangerous and inauspicious atmosphere of material life and find himself within the protection of the power of the Lord, even though he is seen to be performing the daily activities of one of those who are completely bound up hand and foot by the forces of material nature. That confidential relationship is the goal of life for the human being although generally everyone is enamored by the comforts and facilities awarded by the illusory power of nature called maya, which convinces the living beings that life--with all of its concommittant sufferings--is enjoyable and relishable (?) But the chanting of the holy names of Krishna are so powerful, that the successful chanter can feel a return of consciousness so that the illusion of happiness has no more influence on him. It is inevitable that the forces of darkness and unconsciousness will infiltrate the world society more and more as time goes on. That is the law of the Kali-yuga. If not now, then soon, abortion will become an irrevocable fact despite the attempts of the anti-abortion Reagans and Borks of the world. Family life will no longer exist. Religious culture will gradually diminish from the face of the Earth. By the mentally speculative ideas and best godless intentions, civilization will become simply imagination. It is almost already there now at present, even at this, the beginning of the Kali-yuga. What will happen when the Kali-yuga is at its full blossoming condition, just consider the horror available. The Hare Krishna movement is simply requesting that everyone take immediate shelter under the process of chanting Hare Krishna for the protection of their spiritual identity. This chanting will liberate anyone from the so-called good intentions of man's fight against nature and elevate him to complete harmony with nature and its Creator, Lord Shri Krishna.


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