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Der Weltanschauung Magazine (The WorldView) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % % % Editor: The Desert Fox D E R % % Co-Editor: Rev. Scott Free % % % % W E L T A N S C H A U U N G % % % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% August 19, 1991 Volume 1, Issue 6 SPECIAL RELEASE (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Material Written By Computer And Telecommunications Hobbyists World Wide Promoting the publication of Features, Editorials, and Anything Else.... To submit material, or to subscribe to the magazine contact one of the following net addresses below... %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Der Weltanschauung Distribution Site: % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % % % --=<* SPECIAL ISSUE *>=-- % %%%%%% The Dickinson Nightlight % % % % (713)337-1452 % % The Wrath Of The SS % % 12/24/96+ Bps *24 Hours/7Days % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Fido: The Desert Fox@1:106/995 % % InterNet % Why the World View Was Put On Hold! %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% "WELCOME TO THE MACHINE" -Pink Floyd "Let us arise, let us arise against the oppressors of humanity; all kings, emperors, presidents of republics, priests of all religions are the true enemies of the people; let us destroy along with them all juridical, political, civil and religious institutions." -Manifesto of anarchists in the Romagna, 1878 @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ The World View Staff: InterNet Address: The Desert Fox [Editor] Rev. Scott Free [CoEditor] Bryan O' Blivion The Sorcerer (REV) Modok Tarleton BRYAN O'BLIVION is the Net handle of a Texas attorney who has practiced law for more than 11 years in private law firms and in governmental practice. He is a published (print) author, and a computer user and programmer since 1968. He is not a Republican, and takes his attorney's oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the State of Texas and The United States very seriously. Any legal questions can be directed to him. He would be happy to assist you. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Wrath............................................The Desert Fox 2. The Manifesto Of Der Weltanschauung..................Bryan O' Blivion 3. The Electronic Frontier Foundation Membership........EFF 4. We The People........................................The Desert Fox (*) 5. Time To License Those Evil Programmers...............Neuromancer 6. The Austin, Texas EFF Meeting........................John Quarterman Steve Jackson (*) "We The People" Is Reprinted From Issue 5 Of The World View. This was done because of the need to readdress issues from the previous issue concerning the issue of SS suppression. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ THE WRATH By The Desert Fox Well everyone, the World View is back after a short absence. Some of you might have not even noticed the late issue. Since the last issue, some of the World View staff were under surveillance by the SS. I cannot specifically say which ones suffered this wrath. However, I can say that the number was quite significant. Also, another friend of The World View staff and Editor of another very popular E-Mag was involved. I apologize for the lack of specific information here. However, we feel that by giving information such as this, we could very well compromise security. I can assure the readers of our publication and other curious cyberpunks, that all persons involved in this matter is completely innocent of any crime. We have the best cyber lawyer in the business and we feel secure. In time, we will be vindicated of any suspicions (whatever they might be). Those who are associated with this publication are not hackers, phreakers, or trouble makers. We are JOURNALISTS! And nothing more. The World View staff were forced to 'drop carrier' for a while in order to evaluate the current security level. Several 'War Councils' were held in order to assess the situation. As I am writing this article, it still remains the opinion of the World View that the SS and/or FBI are still conducting operations against members of this publication. If these actions of harrassment continue, charges may be filed in a court of law. We have gathered information as it has become available. We have reason to believe that the Constitutional right of Attorney/Client privilege to confer in private has been violated. Other rights may have been violated, but have not yet been fully documented. We are prepared to take action as the situation warrants. It is a 'hurry up and wait' situation at this point. We will inform our readers as we can. The World View will not be interrupted anymore than necessary. The repercussions of this incident have been tremendous. It has caused everyone to go underground for more than a month. It has caused us to be more careful when we leave our homes. We must now look for a car that might be following us. (And believe happened!). It has caused the online database for the World View to be taken down. (Note: this is not the Dickinson Nightlight). I operated some software where my staff could call in and pick up and deliver news, etc...I had my system removed from my home immediately. I did not have any illegal or unauthorized information on my system. However, as soon as the 'shit hit the fan', thoughts of Steve Jackson getting his equipment seized popped into my brain. Other thoughts included the many people around the country who have suffered the same wrath and never got their systems back. So, I did it as a precautionary measure. I was never too worried. Cautious: Yes... One can never be too cautious. This wrath also caused members of the Weltanschauung to quit communicating over the phone for long periods of time and caused some of us to leave the state. I guess the general reaction among the individuals involved was that of a 'pissed off' attitude. Understandably so. But as the wrath continues, the World View keeps on ticking. I would like to take this time to congratulate all the great users who knew about this incident and did not back off. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone also. We found out who our true friends were. And most of all, I would like to publicly say that our attorney, and partner through thick and thin, Bryan O' Blivion, was instrumental in this issue. We could not have made it through this with out him. Invaluable friends are hard to come by...and if he is not one, then no one is! We still live in fear because of this. But he has made it 99% better. If you want to thank anyone...thank him. Don't send me mail thanking us for publishing this stuff. Send him some thanking him for keeping the World View alive! I have good reason to believe that if it weren't for him, I'd probably be in a small wooden chair in a cold dark room screaming 'Fu*k you! I wanna talk to my lawyer!' "Everyone Will Be Famous For 15 Minutes" -Andy Worhol "We Were Famous For About A Month!" -The Desert Fox @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ THE MANIFESTO OF DER WELTANSCHAUUNG By Bryan O' Blivion We, the persons who have associated ourselves voluntarily under the above name, declare and announce to all persons the following statement of our beliefs and purposes: We, the undersigned of the WELTANSCHAUUNG believe: That all free persons have the basic right, inalienable by rule of government, law or man, to think, to speak their thoughts, to write and publish their thoughts, and to associate with any person or organization they so desire. That the above rights of freedom of association and of expression are forever expressly and irremovably enshrined in the Bill of Rights and in the Constitution of the United States of America. That any governing person, law, or regime which, on any basis or pretext, suppresses the free flow and exchange of information, or public or private speech, or human thoughts fixed or expressed in whatsoever medium, is contrary to the purpose and intent of the United States Constitution, and is historically doomed to fail, oppress, and injure. That these Constitutional rights are applicable, in their fullest extent and highest purpose, to all forms of freedom of expression and association which occur by electronic means. That full protection and of adherence to these rights, even if we find the particular ideas being expressed distasteful, is essential as a wellspring of our free, creative, and advancing society. That certain governmental, commercial, and other interests in contemporary society have an interest in actively opposing and repressing the free exercise of these Constitutional rights by United States citizens. THEREFORE, BY THESE PRESENTS WE, AND EACH OF US, DO SOLEMNLY AFFIRM: That we will support, uphold, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and all of the Amendments thereof, to the fullest extent of our individual abilities; That we will at all times so act as to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitutional liberties granted to every citizen of the United States; That we will, by word and deed, encourage others to express themselves freely, and to tolerate the free expression of others; That as journalists, thinkers, writers, and publishers we will never tolerate, condone, or ignore unConstitutional activities by any person or organization, public or private, which operate to chill and diminish the free flow of information between the citizens of our society, or which act to punish or persecute persons who exercise their Constitutional rights. That we will oppose and will challenge, by every lawful means, any attempt by any person or organization, public or private, to inhibit the exercise of any person's Constitutional rights of freedom of expression and of association; That we shall forever adhere to the United States Constitution and to these principles, willfully and freely, putting them before any allegiances asked of us by politicians, governments, territories, economic interests, or any other persons or organizations, public, private, or religious. WITNESS OUR HANDS THIS 16th DAY OF AUGUST, 1991. Your friends of The World View Magazine And all other communications hobbyists worldwide @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ Please Cut This Out Print It. Help This Worthy Cause!!!! (print this) BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION A new world is arising in the vast web of digital, electronic media which connect us. Computer-based communication media like electronic mail and computer confrencing are becoming the basis of new forms of community. These communities without a single, fixed geographical location comprise the first settlements on an electronic frontier. While well-established legal principals and cultural norms give structure and coherence to uses of convential media like newspapers, books, and telephones, the new digital media do not so easily fit into existing frameworks. Conflicts come about as the law struggles to defineit it's application in a context where fundamental notions of speech, property, and take profoundly new forms. People sense both the promise and the threat inherentin new computer and communications technologies, even as they struggle to master or simply cope with them in the work place and home. Throughout 1990, law enforcement activities which were ostensibly aimed at "cracking down on crackers" were, in fact, seizing the computer systems of innocent parties like Steve Jackson and shutting down bulletin boards used by hundreds of utterly innocenty people. Wether through ignorance or malice, these actions were depriving manyof their legitament rights under the Constitution, and chilling the free expression and growth of the Net. The EFF was formed in response to these injustices. Our mission was to protect constitutional guarantees of free speech and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. This remains the core of our mission today. We believe that these fundamental civil liberties must apply to all users of computer networks. A threat to the rights of anyone is a threat to the rights of us all. Experience has taught us that these freedoms must be fought for if they are to be given a firm foundation in the online world. Constitutional guarantees, as we have seen by actions such as Operation Sun Devil, are not the default state online, but must be "designed" in from the start. To do nothing risks setting a series of precedents which will be difficult, if not impossible to reverse at some time in the future. Today, the EFF has evolved to become an advocacy organization, with broad concerns in the area of information technology policy, including, but not limited to civil liberties, which represent the interests of it's members and serve as a bridge between "Cyberspace" and other exotic locales, like Washington D.C. In order to continue the work already begun and to expand our efforts and activities into other realms of the electronic frontier, we need financial support of individuals and organizations. If you support our goals and our work, you can show that support by becoming a member now. Members receive our quarterly newsletter, EFFector, our bi-weekly electronic newsletter, EFFector Online (If you have an electronic address that can be reached throught the Net), and special releases and other notices on our activities. But because we believe that support should be freely given, you can receive these things even if you do not elect to become a member. Your membership/donation is fully tax deductible. Our memberships are $20.00 per year for students, $40.00 per year for regular members. You may, of coures, donate more if you wish. Our private policy: The EFF will never, under any circumstances, sell any part of it's membership list. We will, from time to time, share this with other non-profit organizations whose work we determine to be in line with our goals. But with us, member privacy is the default. This means that you must actively grant us permission to share your name with other groups. If you do not grant us explicit permission, we assume that you do not wish your membership disclosed to any group for any reason. Please copy this notice to any appropriate forum, and distribute hardcopies to anyone who is interested! ======================= cut here ========================================== EFF MEMBERSHIP FORM Mail to: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc, Online office 155 Second st. Cambridge, MA 02141 I wish to become a member of the EFF. I enclose: $ ________ $20.00 (Student or low income membership) $40.00 (Regular Membership) [ ] I Enclose an additional donation of $_______ Name: _________________________________________________________________ Organization: _________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________ City: _______________________ State: _______________ Zip: _____________ Phone: ( ) _________________________(optional) FAX: ( ) ___________ Email Address: ________________________________________________________ I enclose check [ ] Please charge my membership in the amout of $_______ to my [ ] Mastercard [ ] Visa [ ] American Express Number: _________________________________________ Exp. Date: ___________ Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ________________ I hereby grant permission to the EFF to share my name with other nonprofit groups from time to time as it deems approprite. [ ] Initials: ________ * The EFF is a non-profit, 501c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ Reprinted from issue 5... Why? Because We feel the need to readdress this issue. It seems kind of funny that we wrote about this crap before it ever happened to us... We The People...Of The Telecom Community An Editorial By The Desert Fox I look around today at all the articles, editorials, and features that are being written about how the government is suppressing the computer users of this country. It amazes me to see the priority that this nation's authority has in solving problems. Lately, those priorities seem to be to nail the silicon-generation first, and then nab the 'real criminals'. I do see the point in bringing true software pirates and so-called 'fone phreaks' to justice. I personally have no sympathy for those who risk loosing their right to be a couch potato because they are illegally using the phone service or they are just dying to get the latest 'warez'. The main reason why I do not sympathize with phone phreaks is simply because most of the phone system is so secure today. And it makes it much easier for the phone company to catch a perpetrator. So, if they are so incompetent as to use the phone system for illegal purposes, then they are sealing their own fate. But, as of late, I have heard numerous stories about the Secret Service, and other government agencies raiding establishments, seizing equipment, and prosecuting individuals with no concrete evidence. Take the Steve Jackson case as an example. Must the SS use an invalid search warrant, and a wrongful cause in order to arrest this man for a crime he did not commit? There are many documented cases about the government conducting operations against computer users with invalid warrants and without probable cause. I ask myself why an agency would have to resort to illegal means in order to incarcerate an individual. This brings up the issue of legitimate users being harassed by the agency. I am at ease with myself as far as the law goes. But it really angers me to think that the law can bust down my door and obtain my equipment just because they get some idea that I am trying to install Communism deep into the bowels of America, or because I simply call local bulletin boards. Because of cases like Mr. Jackson's, there has been an uprise in the visibility of groups like The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). These groups' purpose is to aid computer users who have been treated unfairly by the SS. The EFF has handled some landmark cases, including the Craig Neidorf case. Neidorf was found innocent of the crimes in which he was charged. Steve Jackson was also found innocent, and is now taking the SS to court for damages incurred during the farce engineered by the SS. The EFF, along with similar groups, I feel, will be the only savior for users such as you and I. The relentless onslaught of the government on computer users is not over. The users need to speak out against this suppression. Until then, the SS will conduct operations at will. If you are taken into custody for a crime that you did not commit, you need to take action! There are resources available. Please take advantage! The era of the silicon warrior is here! Electronically published magazines such as The World View, are here for good! The fraction of society that is up-to-date with the evolution of the computer generation should not have to be suppressed by those who are not. It is a shame that groups like the EFF even have to exist. However, as long as there are people who are out there promoting the progress of our cause, and condoning the will of the people, we will always be looked down upon by those who get nervous when someone makes an impact on society. Be different. Be unique. Eventually, those who choose to play off the silicon generation as a fad will succumb to the 'fad' of never-ending progress in our field. We are here to stay and will make the biggest impact of this generation. History is being made as we speak. So, if you are not yet on this train, I suggest you buy your ticket now. If you are, hang on tight. We're in for one hell of a ride. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ Time To License Those Evil Computer Programmers! More Suppression Submitted By: Neuromancer New Jersey, that state which has lately proved to be "the toughest in the nation" by trampling on its residents is once again attempting to reach all new lows. Now, what has this got to do with programming...? A bill has passed in the assembly that would require the licensing of computer programmers -- to protect the public interest, of course. Lord knows the number of times I've been accosted in pizza parlors, late at night, by renegade bands of unlicensed programmers. Well, now we'll be able to control these low-lifes. If you think I'm kidding, read on. What follows is Assembly Bill A-4414, which has already passed the assembly. AT&T has estimated that it would need to license over 5,000 people in New Jersey alone, and there is nothing in the bill that differentiates home from business use. So watch out: besides being arrested for legally buying a gun 20 years ago, you could also be arrested for modifying a DOS batch file! New Jersey and you. Perfect together? PS: I don't think there are any errors in what follows, but no promises. ===================== cut here ========================================= [SECOND REPRINT] ASSEMBLY, No. 4414 STATE OF NEW JERSEY INTRODUCED JANUARY 24, 1991 by Assemblywoman KALIK, Assemblymen CASEY, Spadoro and Mazur AN ACT providing for the licensure of software [engineers] designers' amending P.L.1971, c.60, P.L.1974, c.46 and P.L.1978,c.73, and supplementing Title 45 of the Revised Statutes. FidoNews 8-31Page 45 Aug 1991 BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey: 1. (New section) This act shall be known and may be cited as the "Software [Engineers'] Designers' Licensing Act." 2. (New section) The Legislature finds and declares that the public interest requires the regulation of the practice of software [engineering] designing and the establishment of clear licensure standards for software [engineers] designers' and that the welfare of the citizens of this State will be protected by identifying to the public those individuals who are qualified and legally authorized to practice software [engineering] designing. 3. (New section) As used in this act: "Board" means the State Board of Software [Engineers] Designers' established pursuant to section 4 of this act. "Licensed software [engineer] designer"' means any person who practices software [engineering] designing and who represents himself to the public by title or by description of services under any title incorporating such terms as "software engineer," "software' designer'," "chartered engineer," or "CEng" or any similar title or description of services, who is duly licensed pursuant to this act. "Software [engineering] designing"' means the process of creating software systems and applies to techniques that reduce software cost and complexity while increasing reliability and modifiability, which includes, but is not limited to, the elements of requirements [engineering] designing design specification, implementation testing and validation, operation and maintenance and software management. 4. (New section) There is created within the Division of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Law and Public Safety the State Board of Software [Engineers] Designers'. The board shall consist of nine members who are residents of the State who shall be appointed by the Governor. Six members shall be licensed software [engineers] designers' who have been actively engaged in software [engineering] designing for at least five years immediately preceding their appointment, except that the members initially appointed shall be licensed pursuant to this act within 18 months of appointment. Of the remaining members, two shall be public members, and one shall be a member of the executive branch, all of whom shall be appointed pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1971, c.60 (C.45:1-2.2). 5. (New section) Each member of the board, except the members first appointed, shall serve for a term of five years and shall hold office until the appointment and qualification of his successor. The initial appointment to the board shall be: two members for terms of two years, two members for terms of three years, two members for terms of four years, and three members for terms of five years. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term only. No member may be appointed for more than two consecutive terms. 6. (New section) Members of the board shall be compensated and reimbursed for expenses and provided with office and meeting facilities pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1977, c.285 (C.45:1-2.5). 7. (New section) The board shall annually elect from among its members a chair, vice-chair and a secretary. The board shall meet twice per year and may hold additional meetings as necessary to discharge its duties. 8. (New section) The board shall: a. Review the qualifications of applicants for licensure; b. Insure the proper conduct and standards for examinations; c. Issue and renew licenses to software [engineers] designers' pursuant to this act; d. Refuse to admit to examination, refuse to issue, or suspend, revoke or fail to renew the license of a software [engineer] designer pursuant to the provisions of P.L.1978, c.73 (C.45:1-14 et seq.); e. Maintain a record of every software [engineer] designer licensed in the State, their places of business, places of residence and the date and number of their license; f. Establish fees pursuant to P.L.1974, c.46 (C.45:1-3.1 et seq.); g. Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations pursuant to the "Administrative Procedure Act," P.L.1968, c.410 (C.52:14B-1 et seq.) necessary to effectuate the purposes of this act. 9. (New section) No person shall practice, or present himself as able to practice, software [engineering] designing unless he possesses a valid license as a software [engineer] designer in accordance with the provision of this act. 10. (New section) The provisions of this act shall not be construed to prevent the following provided that no word, letter, abbreviation, insignia, sign, card or device is used to convey the impression that the person rendering the service is a licensed software [engineer] designer': a. Any person licensed to practice in this State under any other law from engaging in the practice for which he is licensed; b. Any person employed as a software [engineer] designer by the federal government, if the person provides software [engineering] designing services solely under the direction or control of his federal employer; or c. Any person pursuing a course of study leading to a degree or certificate in software [engineering] designing at an accredited or approved educational program if the person is designated by a title which clearly indicates status as a student or trainee. 11. (New section) To be eligible for a licensure as a software [engineer] designer an applicant shall submit to the board satisfactory evidence that he has: a. Graduated from a program in software [engineering] designing which has been approved for the education and training of software [engineers] designers' by an accrediting agency recognized by the Council on Post-Secondary Accreditation and the United States Department of Education; or Work experience in a current or previous position of employment utilizing the theory and procedures of software designing for a sufficient period of time as determined by the board; and b. Successfully completed a written examination administered by the board pursuant to section 14 of this act to determine his competence to practice software [engineering] designing. 12. (New section) An applicant for licensure who is a graduate of a foreign school of software [engineering] designing shall furnish evidence satisfactory to the board that he has: a. Completed a course of study in software [engineering] designing which is substantially equivalent to that provided in an accredited program described in subsection a. of section 11 of this act; and b.Successfully completed a written examination administered by the board pursuant to section 14 of this act. 13. (New section) A fee shall accompany each application for licensure. Licenses shall expire biennially on January 31 and may be renewed upon submission of a renewal application provided by the board and a payment of a fee. If the renewal fee is not paid by that date, the license shall automatically expire, but may be renewed within two years of its expiration date upon payment to the board of a sum determined by it for each year or part thereof during which the license was expired and an additional restoration fee. If a license has not been renewed within two years of expiration, the license shall only be renewed by complying with the provisions of section 16 of this act or successfully completing the examination administered pursuant to section 14 of this act. 14. (New section) The written examination required in section 11, 12, or 13 of this act shall test the applicant's knowledge of software [engineering] designing theory and procedures and any other subjects the board may deem useful to test the applicant's fitness to practice software [engineering] designing. Examinations shall be held within the State at least once every six months at a time and place to be determined by the board. The board shall give adequate written notice of the examination to applicants for licensure and examination. If an applicant fails the examination twice, the applicant may take a third examination not less than one year nor more than three years from the date of the applicant's initial examination. Additional examinations shall be in accordance with standards set by the board. 15. (New section) The board shall issue a license to each applicant for licensure as a software [engineer] designer who qualifies pursuant to the provisions of this act and any rules and regulations promulgated by the board. 16. (New section) Upon payment to the board of a fee and the submission a written application on forms provided by it, the board shall issue without examination a license to a software [engineer] designer who holds a valid license issued by another state or possession of the United States or the District of Columbia which has standards for licensure substantially equivalent to those of this State. 17. (New section) Upon payment to the board of a fee and the submission of a written application on forms provided by it, the board shall issue a temporary license to a person who has applied for licensure pursuant to this act who, in the judgment of the board, is eligible for examination. A temporary license shall be available to an applicant upon initial application for examination. A person holding a temporary license may practice software [engineering] designing only under the direct supervision of a licensed software [engineer] designer'. A temporary license shall expire automatically upon failure of the licensure examination but may be renewed for an additional six-month period, until the date of the next examination at which time it shall automatically expire and be surrendered to the board. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ The EFF Meeting In Austin, Texas By John Quarterman & Steve Jackson In case any of you haven't seen it, here is Steve's meeting report. It has previously appeared in EFFector Online, and I posted it to austin.general on USENET. Incidentally, a couple of people have already asked to be added to the list; people who hadn't heard about the meeting. This may indicate that there is a larger pool of interested people out there. John S. Quarterman Reply-To: An Austin meeting for those interested in the EFF and its mission was held July 19 at the offices of Steve Jackson Games. About 60 people (50 or so actively interested, and another 10 along for the ride) attended to cook hot dogs, drink sodas and beer, and talk about Constitutional freedoms in the electronic age. The meeting had been publicized almost exclusively over the net and local BBSs; some attendees read about it first on the Well. Local media were informed, but as far as we know, none mentioned it. I introduced the idea of an Austin EFF chapter by pointing out that the EFF *has* no local chapters, and one of the first missions of an Austin group - if we started one - would be to find out what a local chapter was good for. Suggestions from the group included: * Liaison with local law enforcement groups, both to influence their attitudes and to offer expert assistance and cooperation. * Liaison with media: offering information, correcting errors, and if necessary being ready to go to editorial boards if facts are consistently misrepresented. * Education and communication with others: speaking at schools and club meetings, writing opinion pieces for newspapers, and so on. * Education and communication among ourselves. The issue of "Just what ARE the laws regarding sysop liability?" was specifically raised. * Direct political action: querying candidates on their stands on EFF-related issues, and initiating legislation to preserve civil rights in the high-tech age. * More organized input into national EFF concerns, especially creation of "ethical standards and practices." * Recruitment of members for the national EFF. * General networking among people with common interests. (Earl Cooley, sysop of SMOF -an old and respected, but underutilized, local board) - volunteered to host a local EFF discussion. SMOF, the `World's Oldest Online SF Convention, can be reached at 512-467-7317. Four people - Bruce Sterling, John Quarterman, Matt Lawrence and myself expressed willingness to serve on a local EFF board "provided no one of us has to do all the work." Four seems to be about the *minimum* workable number; we'll certainly be looking for more organizers. Another attendee was a Houston civil-libertarian, representing a group of about 20 like-minded computer users; [This Is The World View] A Houston EFF chapter is probably in the offing. 10 people signed up as national EFF members at the meeting (several others had already joined), and many more membership forms were distributed. A signup sheet was passed around so that everyone could be contacted directly for further meetings. And there will be more meetings; the "sense of the crowd" was clear on that. Our four volunteers will now have to discuss the next step. Thanks go to Loyd Blankenship, for making sure that all the food, drink and furniture arrived at the right time and place; to Monica Stephens, Mike and Brenda Hurst, and John Quarterman for assorted help with cooking, cleanup and publicity; and to everyone who brought chairs and food!********************* The appended appeared with the above article in EFFECTOR ONLINE, The Electronic Newsletter of The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Volume I, Number 9, July 26, 1991, EFF, biweekly, eff@ "Think Globally, Act Locally" We are really encouraged and a bit overwhelmed by the spontaneous interest in forming chapters. In several other individuals offered to help organize local chapters in different parts of the country . Local activities to promote EFF causes can be a major factor in civilizing the frontier. Over the summer we will be thinking about what constitutes a good set of ground rules for chapters and how to coordinate and support activities from the already-busy EFF office. We'd certainly like to see more discussion on about possible roles for local chapters. Thanks to Steve Jackson for getting the ball rolling. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ Editor's Comments I hope this issue was informative! I am very pleased with the final draft. There are terrible things happening right now that need to be stopped. The Cyber-Generation that YOU are now apart of is being put down by the immoral values and ignorance of those who call themselves "The Authority". I beg of you to take part in the fight against this. It is a terrible thing. Please fill out the EFF form and send those guys a few bucks. It is a well spent investment and it is tax deductible. As we speak, the members of the World View are preparing to get legislation governing computer users changed. We have access to political officials who are willing to help us. And they have access to Ann Richards, the Governor of the great state of Texas. Hopefully developments will continue and we will be able to get an address for you to write to so YOU can take part and express your opinion. On a side note, I have heard of a certain individual who suggested that the editors of this magazine might be condoning the use of drugs in our writing. This is funny. I cannot remember where we ever wrote anything condoning or promoting the use of drugs. Hell, I'll take a piss test for you. Evidently, this person did not read the magazine and developed an opinion from here-say. Oh we do not condone drugs. I hope this answers your question. We are a free-speech/information/editorial based publication. I hope you all enjoy this issue. 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