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Der Weltanschauung Magazine (The WorldView) Originating From Houston, Texas %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % % % Editor: The Desert Fox D E R % % Co-Editor: Rev. Scott Free % % % % W E L T A N S C H A U U N G % % % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% July 5, 1991 Vol. 1, Issue 5. Honesty Is Our Only Excuse (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Material Written By Computer And Telecommunications Hobbyists World Wide Promoting the publication of Features, Editorials, and Anything Else.... To submit material, or to subscribe to the magazine contact one of the following systems... NOTICE: THE NEW Weltanschauung Distribution Site: The Dickinson Nightlight ********************************* (713)337-1452 * OFFICIAL Distribution Sites: * 3/12/2400 Bps *24 Hours/7Days * * Fido: The Desert Fox@1:106/995 * The Dickinson Nightlight * InterNet * (713)337-1452 FIDO: 1:106/995 * * * Send Net Subscriptions to 1:106/995 * PC Nowhere BBS * Your copy will be mailed upon release! * (713)242-9766 * * * * Ringworld BBS ********************************** * (713)681-6634 The USS Enterprise * * (713)466-0778 FIDO: 1:106/1701 * * The Apocalyptic Funhouse * * (Note New #) (713)242-8453 The Enigma * * (713)852-7121 * * The Circuit Board * * (713)664-9955 FIDO: 1:106/8 Griff's Tavern * * (713)550-5999 FIDO: 1:106/5999 * ****************************************************************** "Let us arise, let us arise against the oppressors of humanity; all kings, emperors, presidents of republics, priests of all religions are the true enemies of the people; let us destroy along with them all juridical, political, civil and religious institutions." -Manifesto of anarchists in the Romagna, 1878 @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ The World View Staff: InterNet Address: The Desert Fox [Editor] Rev. Scott Free [CoEditor] Bryan O' Blivion Der Grosste Ein The Sorcerer (REV) Modok Tarleton BRYAN O'BLIVION is the Net handle of a Texas attorney who has practiced law for more than 11 years in private law firms and in governmental practice. He is a published (print) author, and a computer user and programmer since 1968. He is not a Republican, and takes his attorney's oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the State of Texas and The United States very seriously. Any legal questions can be directed to him. He would be happy to assist you. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ Table Of Contents (1) StEvE_jAcKsOn: Taking The Secret Service To Court..........Submitted* (2) We The People...Of The Telecom Community: An Editorial.....The Desert Fox (3) Random Thoughts From The Garbage Can.......................Modok (4) America, Where Are You?....................................Rev. Scott Free (5) Final Comments On This Issue...............................The Desert Fox (6) Freedom Infringement Alert: A Comment By The Rev. Free.....Rev. Scott Free Articles With '*' attached indicates preface reprinted from the EFF. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ EXTENDING THE CONSTITUTION TO AMERICAN CYBERSPACE: TO ESTABLISH CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION FOR ELECTRONIC MEDIA AND TO OBTAIN REDRESS FOR AN UNLAWFUL SEARCH, SEIZURE, AND PRIOR RESTRAINT ON PUBLICATION, STEVE JACKSON GAMES AND THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION TODAY FILED A CIVIL SUIT AGAINST THE UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE AND OTHERS. On March 1, 1990, the United States Secret Service nearly destroyed Steve Jackson Games (SJG), an award-winning publishing business in Austin, Texas. In an early morning raid with an unlawful and unconstitutional warrant, agents of the Secret Service conducted a search of the SJG office. When they left they took a manuscript being prepared for publication, private electronic mail, and several computers, including the hardware and software of the SJG Computer Bulletin Board System. Yet Jackson and his business were not only innocent of any crime, but never suspects in the first place. The raid had been staged on the unfounded suspicion that somewhere in Jackson's office there "might be" a document compromising the security of the 911 telephone system. In the months that followed, Jackson saw the business he had built up over many years dragged to the edge of bankruptcy. SJG was a successful and prestigious publisher of books and other materials used in adventure role-playing games. Jackson also operated a computer bulletin board system (BBS) to communicate with his customers and writers and obtain feedback and suggestions on new gaming ideas. The bulletin board was also the repository of private electronic mail belonging to several of its users. This private mail was seized in the raid. Despite repeated requests for the return of his manuscripts and equipment, the Secret Service has refused to comply fully. Today, more than a year after that raid, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, acting with SJG owner Steve Jackson, has filed a precedent setting civil suit against the United States Secret Service, Secret Service Agents Timothy Foley and Barbara Golden, Assistant United States Attorney William Cook, and Henry Kluepfel. "This is the most important case brought to date," said EFF general counsel Mike Godwin, "to vindicate the Constitutional rights of the users of computer-based communications technology. It will establish the Constitutional dimension of electronic expression. It also will be one of the first cases that invokes the Electronic Communications and Privacy Act as a shield and not as a sword -- an act that guarantees users of this digital medium the same privacy protections enjoyed by those who use the telephone and the U.S. Mail." Commenting on the overall role of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in this case and other matters, EFFs president Mitch Kapor said, "We have been acting as an organization interested in defending the wrongly accused. But the Electronic Frontier Foundation is also going to be active in establishing broader principles. We begin with this case, where the issues are clear. But behind this specific action, the EFF also believes that it is vital that government, private entities, and individuals who have violated the Constitutional rights of individuals be held accountable for their actions. We also hope this case will help demystify the world of computer users to the general public and inform them about the potential of computer communities." Representing Steve Jackson and The Electronic Frontier Foundation in this suit is James George,Jr. of Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody of Austin, Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky & Liberman of New York,and Harvey A. Silverglate and Sharon L. Beckman of Silverglate & Good of Boston . Copies of the complaint, the unlawful search warrant, statements by Steve Jackson and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a legal fact sheet and other pertinent materials are available by request from the EFF. --- Also made available to members of the press and electronic media on request were the following statement by Mitchell Kapor and a legal fact sheet prepared by Sharon Beckman and Harvey Silverglate of Silverglate & Good, the law firm central to the filing of this lawsuit. WHY THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION IS BRINGING SUIT ON BEHALF OF STEVE JACKSON. With this case, the Electronic Frontier Foundation begins a new phase of affirmative legal action. We intend to fight for broad Constitutional protection for operators and users of computer bulletin boards. It is essential to establish the principle that computer bulletin boards and computer conferencing systems are entitled to the same First Amendment rights enjoyed by other media. It is also critical to establish that operators of bulletin boards JQJ whether individuals or businesses JQJ are not subject to unconstitutional, overboard searches and seizures of any of the contents of their systems, including electronic mail. The Electronic Frontier Foundation also believes that it is vital to hold government, private entities, and individuals who have violated the Constitutional rights of others accountable for their actions. Mitchell Kapor, President, The Electronic Frontier Foundation --- LEGAL FACT SHEET: STEVE JACKSON GAMES V. UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE, ET AL This lawsuit seeks to vindicate the rights of a small, successful entrepreneur/publisher to conduct its entirely lawful business, free of unjustified governmental interference. It is also the goal of this litigation to firmly establish the principle that lawful activities carried out with the aid of computer technology, including computer communications and publishing, are entitled to the same constitutional protections that have long been accorded to the print medium. Computers and modems, no less than printing presses, typewriters, the mail, and telephones -being the methods selected by Americans to communicate with one another -- are all protected by our constitutional rights. Factual Background and Parties: Steve Jackson, of Austin, Texas, is a successful small businessman. His company, Steve Jackson Games, is an award- winning publisher of adventure games and related books and magazines. In addition to its books and magazines, SJG operates an electronic bulletin board system (the Illuminati BBS) for its customers and for others interested in adventure games and related literary genres. Also named as plaintiffs are various users of the Illuminati BBS. The professional interests of these users range from writing to computer technology. Although neither Jackson nor his company were suspected of any criminal activity, the company was rendered a near fatal blow on March 1, 1990, when agents of the United States Secret Service, aided by other law enforcement officials, raided its office, seizing computer equipment necessary to the operation of its publishing business. The government seized the Illuminati BBS and all of the communications stored on it, including private electronic mail, shutting down the BBS for over a month. The Secret Service also seized publications protected by the First Amendment, including drafts of the about-to-be-released role playing game book GURPS Cyberpunk. The publication of the book was substantially delayed while SJG employees rewrote it from older drafts. This fantasy game book, which one agent preposterously called "a handbook for computer crime," has since sold over 16,000 copies and been nominated for a prestigious game industry award. No evidence of criminal activity was found. The warrant application, which remained sealed at the government's request for seven months, reveals that the agents were investigating an employee of the company whom they believed to be engaged in activity they found questionable at his home and on his own time. The warrant application further reveals not only that the Secret Service had no reason to think any evidence of criminal activity would be found at SJG, but also that the government omitted telling the Magistrate who issued the warrant that SJG was a publisher and that the contemplated raid would cause a prior restraint on constitutionally protected speech, publication, and association. The defendants in this case are the United States Secret Service and the individuals who, by planning and carrying out this grossly illegal search and seizure, abused the power conferred upon them by the federal government. Those individuals include Assistant United States Attorney William J. Cook, Secret Service Agents Timothy M. Foley and Barbara Golden, as well Henry M. Kluepfel of Bellcore, who actively participated in the unlawful activities as an agent of the federal government. These defendants are the same individuals and entities responsible for the prosecution last year of electronic publisher Craig Neidorf. The government in that case charged that Neidorf's publication of materials concerning the enhanced 911 system constituted interstate transportation of stolen property. The prosecution was resolved in Neidorf's favor in July of 1990 when Neidorf demonstrated that materials he published were generally available to the public. Legal Significance: This case is about the constitutional and statutory rights of publishers who conduct their activities in electronic media rather than in the traditional print and hard copy media, as well as the rights of individuals and companies that use computer technology to communicate as well as to conduct personal and business affairs generally. The government's wholly unjustified raid on SJG, and seizure of its books, magazines, and BBS, violated clearly established statutory and constitutional law, including: . The Privacy Protection Act of 1980, which generally prohibits the government from searching the offices of publishers for work product and other documents, including materials that are electronically stored; . The First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech, of the press and of association, and which prohibits the government from censoring publications, whether in printed or electronic media. . The Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable governmental searches and seizures, including both general searches and searches conducted without probable cause to believe that specific evidence of criminal activity will be found at the location searched. . The Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Federal Wiretap statute, which together prohibit the government from seizing electronic communications without justification and proper authorization. - - Mike Godwin, |"Most pernicious of French imports is the notion that | there is no person behind a text. Is there anything more (617) 864-0665 | affected, aggressive, and relentlessly concrete than a EFF, Cambridge, MA | Parisian intellectual behind his/her turgid text?" @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ We The People...Of The Telecom Community An Editorial By The Desert Fox I look around today at all the articles, editorials, and features that are being written about how the government is suppressing the computer users of this country. It amazes me to see the priority that this nation's authority has in solving problems. Lately, those priorities seem to be to nail the silicon-generation first, and then nab the 'real criminals'. I do see the point in bringing true software pirates and so-called 'fone phreaks' to justice. I personally have no sympathy for those who risk loosing their right to be a couch potato because they are illegally using the phone service or they are just dying to get the latest 'warez'. The main reason why I do not sympathize with phone phreaks is simply because most of the phone system is so secure today. And it makes it much easier for the phone company to catch a perpetrator. So, if they are so incompetent as to use the phone system for illegal purposes, then they are sealing their own fate. But, as of late, I have heard numerous stories about the Secret Service, and other government agencies raiding establishments, seizing equipment, and prosecuting individuals with no concrete evidence. Take the Steve Jackson case as an example. Must the SS use an invalid search warrant, and a wrongful cause in order to arrest this man for a crime he did not commit? There are many documented cases about the government conducting operations against computer users with invalid warrants and without probable cause. I ask myself why an agency would have to resort to illegal means in order to incarcerate an individual. This brings up the issue of legitimate users being harassed by the agency. I am at ease with myself as far as the law goes. But it really angers me to think that the law can bust down my door and obtain my equipment just because they get some idea that I am trying to install Communism deep into the bowels of America, or because I simply call local bulletin boards. Because of cases like Mr. Jackson's, there has been an uprise in the visibility of groups like The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). These groups' purpose is to aid computer users who have been treated unfairly by the SS. The EFF has handled some landmark cases, including the Craig Neidorf case. Neidorf was found innocent of the crimes in which he was charged. Steve Jackson was also found innocent, and is now taking the SS to court for damages incurred during the farce engineered by the SS. The EFF, along with similar groups, I feel, will be the only savior for users such as you and I. The relentless onslaught of the government on computer users is not over. The users need to speak out against this suppression. Until then, the SS will conduct operations at will. If you are taken into custody for a crime that you did not commit, you need to take action! There are resources available. Please take advantage! The era of the silicon warrior is here! Electronically published magazines such as The World View, are here for good! The fraction of society that is up-to-date with the evolution of the computer generation should not have to be suppressed by those who are not. It is a shame that groups like the EFF even have to exist. However, as long as there are people who are out there promoting the progress of our cause, and condoning the will of the people, we will always be looked down upon by those who get nervous when someone makes an impact on society. Be different. Be unique. Eventually, those who choose to play off the silicon generation as a fad will succumb to the 'fad' of never-ending progress in our field. We are here to stay and will make the biggest impact of this generation. History is being made as we speak. So, if you are not yet on this train, I suggest you buy your ticket now. If you are, hang on tight. We're in for one hell of a ride. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ Random Thoughts From The Garbage Can By: Modok Tarleton As you have probably already figured out, there is a certain amount of risk involved in participating in the world of telecommunications. If you're lucky, you might get a prank call from some young sysop who has your phone number. You could even get phone calls from deep-voiced men claiming FBI credentials, scaring both you and your parents. Or in the case of Steve Jackson, the Secret Service could come knocking down your door. There is no reason to rehash the story. There is really not even a need to comment on it. It speaks for itself. It just makes obvious that there is no contract between us and the United States government. What restrains us as a public from conducting ourselves in the same manner as our so-called "leaders"? It is a naive and phony moral contract. It is a psychological stranglehold that tells the public that what the leaders do is always alright. Its the thing that makes the public consent to government lies and deceit. A small number of people in charge make the rules and they expect us to obey. When we (the public) break the rules, we are excepted to sit back and take punishment. When the people in charge break them, they act like they are impervious to all law and order. What do they take us as? They see as nothing but goddamned fools. Who else would illegally seize someone's property and then write it off like it was some kind of fucking minor mistake? If this kind of Edgar Hoover styled mania is going to be a continued thing, we should all brace ourselves for a long ride. @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ America, Where Are You? Another Ramble by the Rev. Scott Free Well I write this, I am just returned from another spectacular 4th of July if all the other celebrations of national pride and homecomings aren't is the time to really let it all hang out for "Independence Day". A time to celebrate and reflect upon all the things that this country stands for. These reflections often include all the great achievements our beloved U.S. of A. that have occurred in the last 200+ years....things like the "Declaration of Independence", "The Boston Tea Party", "The Revolutionary War", "World War I", "World War II" , "Apollo 11"...all the "GREAT" accomplishments of this once proud nation.... But, sadly, my thoughts turn to the farces..."The Gulf War", "The Iran-Contra Scandal", and the most pressing issue facing those of us in the cyber-world, the total repression of the very freedoms we celebrate on this day...FREEDOM OF SPEECH. As you are probably aware, Steve Jackson stands as a glaring example of how our very government is, even now, attempting to infiltrate and control our relatively newfound cyber/reality... "The Net"... The very conspirators I have ranted about before are attempting to label us as conspirators, threats to society and "FREEDOM", threats to the AMERICAN WAY....and in the process, they are setting about, in a very methodical way, to destroy our freedoms... I was at a good friends house, when he logged on to the recently reinstated BBS of Steve Jackson in Austin, TX...and I was thinking to we are...logging on to a perfectly legal bulletin board...and we are, more than likely, being monitored by the Feds... Files are being created that concern at least the person logging on...all transactions are probably monitored and scrutinized by advanced, technical means of eavesdropping, electrical surveillance equipment. Hungry feds...looking for the cue to run back in and bust someone... As I pondered this...I thought "Gee...Am I paranoid?..or what?" Yes, I'm paranoid...absolutely...but anyone who has read up on the Steve Jackson incident...or any of the other F.B.I. electronic stormtrooper farces, knows the lengths that the federal government is willing to go to, just to suppress this medium. Why are they doing this?...what is they're motivation?....the only thing that I can figure that "THEY" believe that this is dangerous...and the only "danger" I see, is that people are waking up...people are using they're minds...people are questioning they're reality....and this is bad news for those who wish to manipulate you and I... As I sit here, On July 4th, a day for celebrating "FREEDOM", I am saddened by the fact that it is slowly being stripped away... The Supreme Court is now firmly in the hands of the "Right", the Drug War marches on, Federal agents are terrorizing innocent goes on and on and on... However, I am heartened to see that those of us invested in this medium are fighting for it...and if the Federal Government has decided that it is a threat to them, then we must be doing something right... That makes me hopeful... I am pretty sure that the Feds have a few, if not all, copies of these very documents that we at "THE WORLD VIEW" are producing... I am certain that they are even now contemplating how to eliminate this and other electronic news sources that promote FREEDOM OF SPEECH But we here at "THE WORLD VIEW" are dedicated...we know our rights...we got some "GOOD GUYS" working with us... If I am committing a crime by speaking my mind...then I am guilty...but I see no crime here.... I do this because I care about MY country...I love MY country and I love my planet...I hope you love it too... SPEAK OUT! READ! WRITE! EDUCATE YOURSELF!! EDUCATE OTHERS!!! ACT OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!! Rev. Scott Free PARANOIA IS NOT A CRIME! IT'S AN ART! @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ ...And a final comment Greetings To all...I hope this issue enlightens some people as to what is going on in our society. What happened to Mr. Jackson is a total outrage. I feel that this kind of material needs to be distributed as much as possible. People need to be aware of this farce. If this happens to you, please do not lie dormant in your efforts to justify yourself. Contact the EFF, or whatever resources available if this does happen. Brian O' Blivion did not write an article for this issue. However, I understand that he is in close contact with Steve Jackson, and is making an attempt to do an interview with him. If it comes through, it will be published in full in the next issue. Also, the idea of an 'Ask The Lawyer' feature is being thrown around. Any questions about legal matters can be directed to any of our staff, and it will be forwarded to O' Blivion. These questions and answers will also be published. This is the second issue to be passed around the net. I am extremely happy about this. The power of mass distribution has it's positive effects. Many thanks to Kevin on the Nuchat system for help. If you, or anyone you know desires a copy of these magazines, please drop us a line somewhere. If you have anything to be published, once again, drop us a line. The legal document concerning the Jackson case was cut from this issue because of size. However, it is available in many places...including the EFF. If you would like a copy, and cannot find one, I will be happy to send you one. I believe that we have settled on a basic visual appearance for the magazine. This translates to the fact that the title screen, table of contents, etc...will remain in the same format. (It Looks Nice...). ** We are looking for comments on this magazine ** If you have any at all, please do your best to get them to us. We are just slamming these things out with little input from readers. I cannot tell if you are happy about it, or just don't care. Just don't ask us to stop! Comments & suggestions can be directed to The Desert Fox. Praise Bob Buy Bonds! Support Steve Jackson! Buy GURPS role-playing game material at your favorite bookseller. The Desert Fox @-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@-==-@ And Now, Ladies & Gentlemen...The Rev. Scott Free A SIDE NOTE FREEDOM INFRINGEMENT ALERT!!! There is a new bill, HR 4079, co-sponsored by Representative Newt Gingrich and Senator Phil Gramm, that would open the way for American concentration camps to be built, and thereafter permit the state to round up suspected drug users and force them to work without compensation for the state. The bill proposes suspending the Constitution for five years so that millions of illegal drug users could be held by the state in concentration camps. All internees would be forced to work and if anyone is caught with drugs in the camps, they would have one year added to their sentence each time...with no right to appeal HR 4079 calls for a declaration of a 5 year national state of essence martial law. It proposes reopening the Japanese Internment Camps used during WWII, using active and inactive military bases as prisons, and instituting a new privately owned prison system as well. To aid in accomplishing this, the 4th Amendment, the 8th Amendment, and habeas corpus are to be either superseded, redefined, or disallowed. A provision has been built in to allow the government to purchase goods manufactured by prison slave labor. To ensure the duration of this labor force, all previous maximum sentences would be changed to minimum sentences. New mandatory sentences would be applied, and probation, parole, and suspension of sentences revoked. To provide an even greater pool to draw from, mandatory drug testing of just about anyone above junior high school level has been included in the bill. Press releases regarding the bill were sent out to all the national and local news outlets by the Maryland Libertarian Party, however there has been practically no mention of the bill in the media. The state is evidently hoping to sweep this bill into law right under our noses while we are all preoccupied with other events. We at the "World View" encourage all American citizens to make phone calls and write letters. Direct your correspondence to the media and your representatives as well as Gingrich and Gramm. If they don't think you care about this bill becoming law...IT WILL!! Again...that's bill # HR 4079...this is no exaggeration..LOOK IT UP!............


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