Ultrasound Daily Digest Sat, 10 Apr 1993 Volume 3 Issue 10 Today's Topics CheebA's OS2 bas

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Ultrasound Daily Digest Sat, 10 Apr 1993 Volume 3 : Issue 10 Today's Topics: CheebA's OS/2 bashing DIGEST ADMIN: New version of GUS FAQ missed THE POINT?? os2 bashing!! Registration sbos 2.04 and xwing SBOS PROBLEM - NMI PROCED Ultima7 with SBOS Ultrasond 2.01 .zip files too big for a floppy? Ultrasound Daily Digest V3 #9 (3 msgs) Information about the UltraSound Daily Digest (such as mail addresses, request servers, ftp sites, etc., etc.) can be found at the end of the Digest. *** HEY!!! *** Before you ask a question, *** READ THE FAQ ***. It's available on the request server and the ftp sites, or check the newsgroup archives. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 09 Apr 1993 08:58:20 -0500 (EST) From: DEATH BEFORE DISCO Subject: CheebA's OS/2 bashing Message-ID: <01GWSV26CD9Q90OJH8@ritvax.isc.rit.edu> Hey: 1) If you want to bitch about something that you know NOTHING AT ALL about, take it to the Windosw.advocacy group on netnews. Assuming you know waht that is. 2) OS/2 has 256 color support on all video cards. As well as MMPM/2. In fact, your insistence on OS/2 using Windows 3.1 code has made IBM decide to support it. But now it runs FASTER than a similarly equipped DOS (Dumb Old @##$) machine. I hope you use a modem, so you can truly appreciate the lovely pseudo-multitasking Win 3.1 does. 3) As an owner of the GUS, you should realize IBM included Windows 3.1 support for the same reason Forte/Gravis has SBOS. There's no software available for anything until a few months after it comes out. 4) I can't seriously believe anybody that uses a computer thinks Micro$oft makes good code. "Wow, a _DELTREE_ function in DOS 6.0!!" Yeah, that was only 10 years too late. Maybe if you use an OS other than DOS you'd open your eyes. There's still hope. 5) Direct your replies to me. This flaming stuff is a waste of resources, especially if somebody using Windows decides to extract and download these digests. 6) Any more questions? Call 1-800-DOS-(last 4-letter-word deleted) jks4675@ritvax.isc.rit.edu ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 17:44:36 MDT From: ddebry@itchy (Dave DeBry) Subject: DIGEST ADMIN: New version of GUS FAQ Message-ID: <9304092344.AA13406@itchy> The GUS FAQ has been upped to version 1.25, and is now available from the request server and the FTP sites. I added the following questions/answers: 25] What are the pinouts for the CD Audio IN on the GUS? 26] I'm having trouble with... GENERAL TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS 27] I can't seem to fit the new disks onto a floppy. Plus, I added information to several existing questions. The FAQ is now 77k in length. If you have a little time, please get a copy and read it over, to see if you find any errors or things that need to be added or removed. Thanks! -- Dave ddebry@ debry@ \ "Rick VonSlonacker is tall, rich, good looking, DeBry dsd. peruvian. | stupid, dishonest, conceited, a bully, liar, es. cs.utah. | and thief, an egomaniac and probably a psychotic. com edu / In short, highly attractive to women." ------------------------------ Date: 09 Apr 1993 11:29:56 -0500 (EST) From: CheebA Subject: missed THE POINT?? Message-ID: <01GWT0CWWP9E91WECE@ritvax.isc.rit.edu> OK Im sorry if I affended anyone, I know that OS/2 only has the consumer interest in mind with windows, and now I know that It does run 256 colors , and that it is a GUI and all that.. BUT The point was that this daily digest is for ultrasound, not for how bad windows or os/2 is or isnt . I would like to comment though that some people can dish it out but can't take it. funny huh??? -- thanx - dave ps to lavcgoo@dmi.ushub.CA - "Next time you post something like this on the digest I will make sure that the reply is send to the digest"(your quote) ---- GROW UP....... ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1993 09:27:18 -0500 From: ken@austin.ibm.com (Ken Goach IBM) Subject: os2 bashing!! Message-ID: <9304091427.AA16006@daedalus.austin.ibm.com> >if windows 3.1 is sooo bad why is IBM so concerned about making windows 3.1 >work fully on OS2 2.1. Can you say money? Can you say market share? If there are as many Windoze users as Microsoft claims, then it is in IBM's best interest to make OS/2 work with Wind-woes. See, the de facto standard isn't always the best. As much as I hate to admit it, Windows has developed into an industry standard, but that doesn't make it the be-all, end-all. For a similar analogy, consider the Sound Blaster.... 'nuff said. Ken ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1993 14:23:22 +0800 (WST) From: aboyt@tartarus.uwa.edu.au (Adam Boyt) Subject: Registration Message-ID: <199304090623.AA11145@tartarus.uwa.edu.au> Hey good people! I am sending this from Perth Western Australia - there are only a couple of GUS people in this city. Were pretty isolated and we've got bugger all info from Gravis (yes I have sent of my registration - 2 months ago!). I tried to use their internet address - Gravis.com but FTP spits the dummy - "unknown host". If this isn't their address, what is it. HELP!. P.S. Has anybody received any new installation disk and/or patches yet? Ferrous ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 07:56:05 -0700 From: paladin@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Robin Yang) Subject: sbos 2.04 and xwing Message-ID: <9304091456.AA25320@ucscb.UCSC.EDU> Sbos 2.04 is supposed to fix problems with xwing, right? 'Cause it doesn't work for me except in adlib mode and now it won't let me change the soundcard option to adlib. For some reason when I select adlib it installs soundblaster. Help? ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1993 11:30:00 -0800 From: john.smith@gravis.com (John Smith) Subject: SBOS PROBLEM - NMI PROCED Message-ID: <734352918.AA02092@ship.net> ReprintFrom: comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard Here is an explanation of the NMI error. NMI stands for Non Maskable Interrupt. When an NMI is generated the PC will finish executing its current instruction then go and handle whatever called the NMI. This is usually caused by the parity checking circuitry of your PC when an ONBOARD PARITY ERROR has occured. SBOS requires a way of latching onto the PC in such a way that games won't interfere with it. By hooking onto the NMI, SBOS has a chance to run. This type of emulation works great for any games that don't try and do something wierd with the NMI (F15 II for instance). There was problems with older versions of SBOS (1.x) where the user would get NO sound at all out of SBOS. This was eventually narrowed down to an NMI problem with a FEW motherboards. It seems the NMI never got generated on these PC's or if it did the CPU wasn't responding to them. Hence, SBOS never had a chance to run. So instead of SBOS simply giving the user NO sound it gives users the following message, "NMI procedure on this P.C. is disabled". The only known ways to correct this problem are to: 1) Make sure the parity circuitry on your PC is enabled. This can usually be done by making sure PARITY is enabled in your extended CMOS 2) Replace the motherboard. NOTE: You don't need to replace the CPU. A new motherboard will range from $100-400 on average. Remember, there is nothing wrong with your GUS or SBOS. SBOS is simply reporting a problem which has always existed with your PC and is just bringing it to light. Hope this helps. John ~ QMPro 1.01 05-8925 ~ Time flies like wind. Fruit flies like pears. ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 09 Apr 93 10:09:04 EDT From: tmcreek@eos.ncsu.edu Subject: Ultima7 with SBOS Message-ID: <9304091409.AA17917@c00477-224wi.eos.ncsu.edu> If you don't like the music from Ultima 7, put SBOS 1.22 back on your machine. Before I put my SBPro back in, I had two versions of SBOS on my HD. I wrote two batch files (one called sbos and the other sbos122). Then I put the 2.04 executables in the \ultrasound dir, and put the 1.22 execs in the \ultrasound\sbos directory and had it's batch file explicitly specify the path. Then I put all of the .sbs files in the sbos dir. IMHO, 1.22 for most games has better music. Prince of Persia and Ultima 7 (both) come to mind right away. For X-Wing, you are better off with 2.04. -- tmcreek@eos.ncsu.edu \ These views respresent no one. / Now you creek-tm@aza.csc.ncsu.edu \ Even I won't claim them. / are here --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #include "std_funny_stuff.h" /* This is where I include some witty tripe */ ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1993 16:35:23 MST From: "Dave Bakken" Subject: Ultrasond 2.01 .zip files too big for a floppy? Message-ID: <199304092335.AA19759@centennial.cs.arizona.edu> I ftp'd gus0017.zip through gus0021.zip but had no success writing them to a floppy. The error message seemed to indicate that the floppy copying program on my Sparcstation IPC felt that gus0018.zip would fill up the empty floppy. I then noticed the size of gus0018.zip, about 1.45MB, which is a tad bigger than what 3.5" floppies are supposed to hold. Has anyone else had problems like this? Any workarounds besides the very laborious process of unzipping on my workstation and then rezipping (with fewer files) or whatever to get them on my floppies? Thanks for any help on this. Maybe I'll get lucky and get the disks in the mail. Dave Bakken ------------------------------ Date: 9 Apr 93 20:11:17 U From: "zz Paul Murgatroyd" Subject: Re: Ultrasound Daily Digest V3 #9 Message-ID: <9304091012.AA05202@kirk.bu.oz.au> To: Ralph RE: Below >Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 09:47:01 -0500 >From: graham@cs.utexas.edu (A student of life) >Message-ID: <9304081447.AA05525@bovina.cs.utexas.edu> >Matthew Spewak mentioned that one can send the original Chuch Yeager >diskettes to EA to receive the GUS version for free. If that is indeed Actually, it wasn't Matthew, it was me. >They told me that only Advanced Gravis was handling the GUS version and >I had to buy it from them. I replied that I had been told at the outset >that the GUS version would be a free upgrade and that s the sole reason >I purchased Yeager to begin with. EA told me I had been misinformed and >repeated that I needed to purchase it from Advanced Gravis (and that it was >not free). So I ordered it from Advanced Gravis, paid the $15US and the $5US >shipping and received the game about 2 weeks ago. I now have paid for both >versions of the same game. Is is true that EA is now offering the free >upgrade? Can anyone confirm this? If so, can anyone suggest a possible >recourse for me to get a refund? I was not aware of the GUS version of Chuck Yeager until I saw it appear in the "GUS Native Support" part of the SBOS Parameter list. Being an owner of the previous version (I had a SoundBlaster at that stage), I gave EA a call and asked what the deal was. They said that there was indeed a GUS version, and that upgrade was free. All I had to was mail them my original disks. I had the free upgrade in 4 days. Shipping was free as well. I can only say from my experienc that the upgrade is indeed free, but take a look at my e-mail address. I am in Australia, and perhaps by coincidence, EA is the Australian distributor for the GUS (and all Gravis products in fact). Still, I was not charged for the upgrade, so either way you look at it, it cost me nothing at all. ------------------------------ Date: 9 Apr 93 20:25:55 U From: "zz Paul Murgatroyd" Subject: Re: Ultrasound Daily Digest V3 #9 Message-ID: <9304091026.AA06259@kirk.bu.oz.au> >My config. >486 33MHz, 256KB, 20MB RAM, AMI Bios, C&T chipset. >Adaptec 1542B on IRQ9, DMA 5 >Ultrasnd (rev 2) on 250, IRQ 11, 12, DMA 7 >Soundblaster 2.0 on 220, IRQ 5, DMA 1 Wayne, Do you still have problems if you remove the SoundBlaster? When I first got my GUS, I also left my SoundBlaster installed (against the instructions in the manual). The SoundBlaster caused me all sorts of trouble once the GUS was installed, even when both boards were assigned completely different Base Address, DMA and IRQ numbers. This may be the source of your problem. Running SBOS with a SoundBlaster installed seems pointless, and was the major cause of my problems. >On another point. When the GUS came out last year I rushed out and bought one >(got it sent over from Canada) thinking "Wow, this is going to be great for >games". That sounds very familiar :-) >I hope that by August or September more >software support appears for the GUS, otherwise I'm going to have a LOT of >people pissed off at me. I'm sure it will come but slower than we had all >hoped. I won't be buying any software (which uses sound cards) which has >no GUS support. On the other hand, I won't be advocating the GUS so loudly >either till the support is there... In all fairness to Gravis, the GUS has not been around for very long. I bought mine in mid November, and was surprised to find that the readme files were only a week old. You have to keep in mind that games are usually in development for 1 year or more, and with the GUS being as new as it is, you have to allow a decent amount of time for the GUS to be included in a game during development. The Pro Audio Spectrum boards have only just started getting decent support over the last few month, and support for the SoundBlaster Pro is still minimal. Hopefully the GUS will not be far behind these. I will not be buying any more games unless they have direct GUS support. If we all do that, and we have a wide user base, games makers will have a choice to make: support the GUS, or kiss goodbye to one segment of the games market. ------------------------------ Date: 9-APR-1993 12:29:01.06 From: Richard Wyckoff Subject: Re: Ultrasound Daily Digest V3 #9 Message-ID: <01GWT2YUM5K08Y5D31@EAGLE.WESLEYAN.EDU> > Date: 08 Apr 1993 09:14:48 -0500 (EST) > From: CheebA > Subject: os2 bashing!! > Message-ID: <01GWRHIXSF5I91W5SX@ritvax.isc.rit.edu> Dave "Id [sic] rather die than install OS2" flames: > Just to even out for all the window bashing that someone(s) on the Daily > digest insists on doing... > and when OS2 can handle more than 16 colors, well start calling it a > GUI.!!! Just a reminder to all those on this list who would start petty flamewars (especially when they are as uninformed as this one): The GUS digest is for information and questions about the GUS *only*. (Bad enough that we get 2-3 "unsubscribe" messages a week.) -- Multimedia: You mean I could fill up my hard disk annotating spreadsheets with digitized voice when I'd been foolishly conserving space by using text? Why didn't *I* think of that! Bill Gates, my hero! **Richard Wyckoff**RWYCKOFF@EAGLE.WESLEYAN.EDU** ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 09:39 GMT From: walhu@pc5570.mod.siemens.co.at (Walter Huber) Message-ID: send help ------------------------------ End of Ultrasound Daily Digest V3 #10 ************************************* Digest Address: ultrasound@dsd.es.com To post to tomorrow's digest Request Server Address: ultrasound-request@dsd.es.com To subscribe, unsubscribe, and request files Owner Address: ultrasound-owner@dsd.es.com To contact a human if the server has troubles FTP Sites: archive.epas.utoronto.ca pub/pc/ultrasound wuarchive.wustl.edu systems/msdos/ultrasound


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