Ultrasound Daily Digest Sun, 4 Apr 1993 Volume 3 Issue 4 Today's Topics DOS 6 +amp; GUS op

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Ultrasound Daily Digest Sun, 4 Apr 1993 Volume 3 : Issue 4 Today's Topics: DOS 6 & GUS opinions guitar midi Sound File Support Information about the UltraSound Daily Digest (such as mail addresses, request servers, ftp sites, etc., etc.) can be found at the end of the Digest. *** HEY!!! *** Before you ask a question, *** READ THE FAQ ***. It's available on the request server and the ftp sites, or check the newsgroup archives. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 3 Apr 93 17:36:20 PST From: nestlero@khan.usc.edu (Mikeee) Subject: DOS 6 & GUS opinions Message-ID: <9304040136.AA08023@khan.usc.edu> First off, didn't get a Sat. Digest.... any problems? OK, I bought DOS 6 on the 1st, and installed it last night... I was on the tail end of an all-nighter, so I wasn't thinking too well, but I finally got things working. Actually, when I went to bed Fri. pm I could've sworn I was still having problems, but this morning everything was fine?!?!?! Installation of DOS is great, it does all the work...except changing floppies :) DOS itself is kinda neat... freed up quite a bit of extra memory for me.... and I haven't even run that mem manager thing yet! I had just installed STUNTS, so I gave that a try.. works fine.. Tried wolfenstein (fine), and Comanche (fine)....so now the REAL test... I wanted to see how much extra space I could get on my hard drive using that doublespace compression, but I didn't want to risk my entire 210 Mb just yet, so I sacrificed the games partition (50 Mb total, with 20 Mb free at the time... It also houses my ~8 Mb permanent swap file, which can't be compressed... as noted in the new DOS manual) So I did a custom compression, telling DOS to leave 15 Mb uncompressed (for the swap file and ultrasound stuff, in case the compressed ultrasound stuff didn't work) Well, I figure that leaves 35 Mb for Doublespace to play with, of which ~13 Mb is totally empty.... I'm confusing this aren't I? (Total = 50 Mb) = (8 Mb swap file) + (20 Mb Free ) + (22 Mb games and ultrasnd) dblspace will create a new uncompressed drive = 15 Mb which will have the 8 Mb swapfile + 7Mb free (to be used later... maybe) and it will compress whatever's left on the original... Here's what I got... New partitioned drive... = 15 Mb (8 Mb swap + 7 Mb free) Original drive : 30 Mb (free, compressed ) + 22 Mb (games/ultrasnd, compressed) So, I was pretty happy with that... looking forward to doing the rest of the drive (and playing with an extra 100 Mb :) ) Now the stuff that pertains to this group: for the next 3 hours, I couldn't get one damn thing to work! No games, no music, no demos (flidemo coughed, choked, and hung my computer), windows killed my computer 3 times, eventually let me in, but choked on a midi and kicked me out. My mood at the time? ready to kill anyone near, too bad my roommate's fiance didn't bring her dog over }) So I spent a LOT of time changing things in autoexec and config, with few victories... (Note: I'm still using SBOS 1.4B3, et al..... don't have the free disks to d/load the new stuff... waiting for Gravis to send me mine... think Christmas time is expecting too much? :) ) Eventually, I got windows up again, but nothing was recognizing the sound board. Even had problems with setgus... It always had DMA(read) conflicts, and never passed the tests... it passed the blaster tests, but no others.. and told me I had dram problems... which I have NEVER had.. ( I have 1 Mb of 70 ns from ElkCo (sp ?) ) Anyway, I don't think setgus EVER worked for me.. so I started playing with the setups by hand... When I finally got some sounds out of the board, they were WAY out of tune, overlapping each other, and would break into LOUD static every now and then... Flidemo, and mididemo were the same. Eventually, and don't ask me what I did (remember, I was on an all nighter, and I honestly can't remember too much about the specifics) things started to work decently. I thought I still had problems when I went to bed (there's that memory thing again!) but when I got up this morning, windows works great, flidemo amd mididemo are fine, I played wavs and mids in windows, Wolfenstein worked great, I even had one of the jukebox things running while I went to afterdark (WITH the crickets and wolf howls) and I played mahjong in a DOS window with the mids going! Granted, whenever two things access the drive at the same time there's a slowdown (isn't there always?) but everything worked pretty much flawlessly. Have I tried Comanche, Zone66, Falcon, etc... ? Not yet. Actually, since this thing is working, I've been afraid to reboot :) I tried Comanche early on, when I was having all those problems... but I need a boot disk for that, which you have to redo with the new DOS (it includes the dblspace stuff), and I never got that to work... I know you can have multiple configs with the new DOS, but I wasn't ready to start fooling with that yet... maybe next weekend, schools starting up again.... So that's all for now, I'm sure many others have had different experiences, so lets hear 'em! I'd be happy to test anything I have, if there are specific concerns out there. Any suggestions? I'll do what I can, when I can... My system is: Comtrade 486/33 Local Bus Non-Vesa LB Video (S3) 1Mb 70 ns GUS 4 Mb RAM 210Mb HD Don't remember my GUS settings, I'm sure I changed them 20 times last night! I'll post those when I can. Mikeeeee nestlero@spock.usc.edu ----- End Included Message ----- ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1993 22:32:08 -0500 (EST) From: Philip Andrew Nemec Subject: Re: guitar midi Message-ID: About converting incoming sound to MIDI - please post what kind of responses from comp.dsp etc. about the amount of number crunching needed... It sounds like if the math is fast enough the program wouldn't be too tough - you got me interested! ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 3 Apr 93 22:00:50 PST From: Vincent Poy Subject: Sound File Support Message-ID: <9304040600.AA13415@nic.cerf.net> I was wondering if someone can point me out to some utilities for the GUS to play things (sound files) besides, MIDI, MOD, SND, WAV files since I know there are more than that which I've seen on BBS's that have stuff like the CMF and ROL stuff but how would I be able to play those? atleast what the SB/Adlib boards can play for Music files... I would appreciate any help! 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